(Closed) How do you feel about dogs hanging out of car windows?

posted 4 years ago in Pets
  • poll: How far do you roll your window down for your dog?
    All the way, my pup will be fine! : (18 votes)
    10 %
    I don't roll it down at all, it's a scary world outside that car! : (33 votes)
    18 %
    Just enough for my pup to poke his head out and get some fresh air. : (124 votes)
    66 %
    Other : (13 votes)
    7 %
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    I have had two convertibles in the time I’ve had our dog.  She’s a lab and got pretty big pretty quickly.  She actually loves the top down, and wont STOP barking until its down.  She’s normally in the back seat with her front paws on the middle console with her ears flying in the wind, it’s hysterical.  The first convertible I had was more sporty and she put her front paws on the top of the windshield showing the world her “bits” lol.   

    We live in a small college town, where the speed limit at most is around 35mph, but we never take her on the highway with the top down, jsut regular streets. She’s far from 10lbs but if she was smaller I wouldn’t put the top down or the windows lower. 

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    I roll mine down most of the way down (like more than halfway, maybe about 3/4 of the way), but I also keep my puppy on a leash.  My husband kind of thinks I’m crazy haha, but I buckle the seatbelt with his leash in it & lock the leash enough for him to move, but not enough for him to be able to get over the window.  I’ve even looked into getting a car seat for my puppy, but he’s not in the car that much & half the fun for him is looking out the window anyway. 

    ETA: I still voted for the first option because I think most owners know their dog well enough to know that they won’t jump out or anything.  That doesn’t discount the idea of getting into an accident (which is my fear as I would never forgive myself if something happened), but each to their own in that sense.


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    Ha ha I don’t even roll it down enough for their heads , but enough just for their snouts :p . Unless they are tied down. & never seen a tiny dog hanging out but I agree I’d worry it’d jump out. 

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    It depends on the dog 

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    Depends on the dog, but you absolutely never know. 

    I say this because my boss’s dog jumped out of her car window going 65 down the highway. She’d had her for like 7 years at that point and she had never done anything like that. She’s pretty big too–some sort of australian shepherd/lab something mix. My boss had to run out into traffic and pick her up-all broken and bloody. Got her to the vet and she made it and is fine today!

    That said, I let my dog hang her head out the window, I’m just mindful. She’s not allowed to put her paws up, and if I get going too fast she usually runs to the other side of the backseat anyway. If I’m on the highway I let her have her snout out, so like 1/3-1/2 open. If I’m in the home neighborhood I roll it all the way down and she sticks her whole head out. 

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    @StephieBee:  yes i agree!! it would scare the hell out of me! i have two little yorkies (about 5-7 punds each) at my parent’s house, and when I take them for a car ride I actually buckle them in! LOL. I have those mesh harnesses that go across the chest and back, and a “seatbelt” that attaches to it and buckles into the car seatbelt. don’t want them getting hurt!

    With big dogs its okay…but still makes me nervous sometimes that they might hit their little heads on something as you’re driving.

    maybe i’m just overprotective lol

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    It stresses me out seeing dogs hanging out of windows when I’m driving, because it’s so unpredictable and you really have to trust that the driver knows their dog. Our dog is usually seatbelted in the back (windows all the way down in nice weather), but if she is up front on the passenger’s lap then she gets pretty much the whole window down, is on her leash, and is held by the passenger. She only weighs 10lbs so it’s not hard to hang on to her aha.

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    I have a big dog, and I’ll roll it down all the way for him, but he doesn’t put more than his head out the window (he actually rests it on the sil), I also drive like a grandma when he’s in the car so I drive extra careful. If I’m going long distance or on the highway I don’t roll down the window though.

    That said, I don’t like when I see the dog half hanging out the window or in the back of a truck.

    I did leave it down all the way once when I was working on a horse farm and I didn’t trust him to stay out from under my wheels like the other dogs so I put him in and let the other dogs run (they are used to the car situation, my dog isn’t and is deaf), well he was hanging out the window watching the other dogs and I went over a bump and next thing I knew he was gone. I think he part jumped and part fell but it scared the tar out of him AND me. Luckily I was going about 2 miles an hour since it was a huge bump off road and I was able to stop IMMEDIATELY, so he wasn’t hurt (though he did have a mouth full of dirt).  It was enough that he learned his lesson, though I didn’t roll the windows down all the way again for like a month!

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    What stresses me out is dogs in the bed of pickup trucks. Especially when they put their paws up on the wheel well. Makes me nervous as all get out!

    my dog rides in the cargo area of my SUV. If he is ever lucky enough to get near the window it’s only down enough for his head to poke out which I  find hilarious to see in my rear view 

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    My first Springer Spaniel was a “car dog”. He loved riding in the car better than almost anything in the world — except maybe tennis balls. I’m from a fairly rural place, so I always drove with the window down for him. He loved it. I never even gave it a second thought.

    Until …

    One day, I turned a corner too quickly while he was leaning too far out of the window, and he almost fell out of the car! He was not a small dog, either. He weighed about 50 pounds. He was grabbing onto the window sill with his claws, and the only thing that kept him from sliding out of the window was the fact that I thought quickly enough to reach over and grab hold of a big chunk of his hair. (It was the only thing I could reach in that moment.) It scared me to death!

    After that, he rode in the car with the window just cracked enough for him to stick his nose against it and smell the fresh air. And my current dogs (who are not “car dogs” and, thus, seldom ride in the car)  never go with the windows open. One of them rides in his crate, which is secured in the back of our car. And the other one rides with a doggie seat belt.

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    Dogs can receive severe cornea damage from hanging their heads out windows. Bugs, rocks, dirt, and other debris are very dangerous if you’re going over 20 mph or so. So no, I do not let my dogs’ heads hang out of the window but not because I think they will jump out. They’ll never get that chance!

    I actually confine them in the very back of my car to make sure they are extra safe.

    I hate it when I see dogs on drivers’ laps with their heads hanging out the window. There are all the dangers associated with that plus the risk of distracting the driver and endangering others. Idiots.


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    Eeeeeeeek that always terrifies me too! We have huskies that are known for jumping and running so they only get enough for their snouts to stick out! They get annoyed and want more but nope I’m way too cautious!!

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    My German Shepherd wears a seatbelt in the car and I still won’t roll the window down more than 1/3 in the back, even though there is no way for her to get out of it. The harness is larger than your typical webbing harness, covering her entire chest, and clips directly into the seatbelt itself so she can sit or lay down but not move around. I won’t take the chance that something could happen.

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    I’m not a fan of letting dogs hang their heads out of vehicles at all. I think it’s unnecessary and dangerous.

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