(Closed) How do you feel about friends asking to borrow your clothes?

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  • poll: How would you feel if a friend asked to borrow a nice dress?
    Fine - as long as it came back cleaned and in the same condition : (21 votes)
    54 %
    Strange - I don't want anyone wearing my stuff! : (4 votes)
    10 %
    Ok - I'd do it, but I wouldn't really wan to : (5 votes)
    13 %
    Annoyed - go buy your own dress! : (9 votes)
    23 %
    Other.... : (0 votes)
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    I think it depends on the situation.  If my friend had an expensive, fancy dress that I was pretty sure she wasn’t going to wear again, I wouldn’t feel wierd borrowing it.  But things like my shoes, etc. that fit me right, I don’t want other people to borrow and mess them up.  A girl I know was complaining this weekend how she let someone borrow her $200 boots and they no longer fit.  That’s not cool!

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    I have a strict “no sharing clothes policy” as a teenager many of my friends were always borrowing each others clothes and I hated it, because there were always issues with people stretching the clothes or keeping them too long or returning them dirty or shrunk in the wash.  A room mate of mine wore an expensive beige blazer of mine once without asking and returned it days later with a huge lipstick stain around the elbow of the sleeve. we couldnt get the stain out and for me that was the end of lending clothes to people. I personally have NEVER asked to wear anyones clothes other than my sister and I dont see why some people have made it such a habit of theirs.


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    I grew up with two younger sisters who are now both bigger than me. And on a few occasions, I had to give them clothes they borrowed because they had stretched them out so much (including my favorite shirt, which I subsequently drowned in because I had no boobs at the time, and my younger sister did). So in general, I don’t really swap clothes with friends unless we’re already basically the same size. 

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    Ah, I’m on the fence. No one has really asked to borrow anything NICE of mine. I did lend my uncle in law’s fiance a pretty shirt of mine to wear for her engagement pictures. (I haven’t got it back yet.) Eeeek. But I see her all of the time & hopefully it will be returned. Other wise no one has asked. If someone asked to borrow something pricey or something my husband bought for me I would have to say no. 

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    My best friend and I are always borrowing each others clothes. If I had an expensive dress, I trust she would take care of it and she would do the same for me 🙂 we are the only ones who do it though since we are the same size… I dont do it with anyone else.

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    I’m totally fine with lending clothes to my sisters. And if it was a situation where I had a good friend over and we were going out and they wanted to borrow something, I’d most likely be totally cool with that too. However, I’d be annoyed if a friend asked specifically to borrow something I had and would say no. I used to be more open but I’ve had items disappear or be damaged too many times, so now I’m more posessive.

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    I don’t have a problem with it at all… and I didn’t choose the first option on the poll, b/c I don’t expect to have it cleaned (although I’m sure the friends that would borrow from me would do that).  The only friends that would ask are the ones I’ve known my entire life, so I wouldn’t think twice.  When I was trying to find something to wear to a formal Christmas party, a wonderful friend literally brought over every dress she owned, in their protective bags, and left them in my closet so I could try them on and see if I liked anything.  It was so thoughtful… and I know she didn’t hesitate or worry about what condition I would return them in. 

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    i haven’t actually had any friends ask to do this since i had roommates in college, and i was fine with it then, but once we’re living on our own i feel like it’s a bit different and i’d say yes because i wouldn’t want to be awkward, but i would feel a bit off about it. that said, one of my bms has told me that she’s lent her bm dress from my wedding out to others to wear, and i LOVE the idea that the dress i picked out was apparently so rewearable that multiple people have worn it since

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    I can’t remember anyone ever asking this of me… (I must have pretty boring clothes…) but the only people I can imagine asking are really close friends of mine, so of course I’d say yes. I borrowed a dress from a friend once and was able to use it as a bridesmaid dress!

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    I find it a compliment. She likes my style… just make sure it comes back to be in good condition.

    My old roommates and I used to always share. 

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    I wouldn’t mind so long as it came back in the same condition (and I wouldn’t even mind if it wasn’t washed since I can be kind of particular with how I wash clothes).

    But currently, none of my friends are my same size so this doesn’t come up with us.

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    I dont like to share drinks or clothes or anything really.  I just think its weird.  I wouldnt ask anyone to borrow anything of theirs either.

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    I’m too much of a control freak to loan out anything nice of mine. Too many people have lost things I’ve lent them, so I just stopped letting people borrow stuff.

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