(Closed) How do you feel about people trying to pass of their Moissanite as a Diamond?

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I think its tragic they are so insecure lol. For all the “but but but it is its OWN STONE” but then to pass it off ehh. IF youre secure in your choice you wouldn’t need to do that. By trying to hide it you obviously feel its inferior and ashamed, so *shrug*, you do you. 

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I have a moissy. I think I told all my family that it’s not a diamond but I don’t tell strangers who compliment my ring. I just say thank you! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with moissanite. 🙂

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When I was married, I had literally not one person ask me what my stone was. PP who compared this to plastic surgery was spot-on. If I walked up to someone and said, “Great boobs! Real or fake?” it would be considered extremely rude, at the very least. I feel the same way about jewelry.

Also, I’ve never had someone tell me their ring was a diamond when I complimented it, so I wouldn’t expect any non-diamond owners to disclose, either.

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wineosaur :  Exactly, like I’m really curious how a scenario like this would even go down in real life. I’d love if someone who’s experienced this would share. Do you ask the person if the stone is “real” or not? Or do they just suddenly start bragging about what an awesome diamond they have but you somehow can tell it’s moissanite? 

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I don’t really care what anyone says about their rings, I don’t think I’m entitled to the specs. 

The only time I encountered anything like this in real life was super annoying, though. I’d taken a diamond rhr to this jewelry store to confirm it was diamonds when I was selling it. This sales rep went on an on to the guy who was buying my ring about how it was low clarity and “sooo included” (it was si1, with a feather under the prong, really not that bad) she kept showing him her ring as an example of an ideal, flawless diamond. It annoyed me, she wasn’t going to make a sale as there was no way she’d be able to match the price this dude was getting my second hand ring for, and she just made both of us feel shitty.

fast forward about a month, my friend goes into this same shop to find a setting for her loose moissy, the same sales associate apparently got super excited and they raved about moissy together, the sales rep shows my friend her ring and says “mine is  moissanite but I tell everyone it’s a flawless diamond, and no one knows the difference!”.

I was irritated when I heard that. 

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mrsmay07 :  What a jerk! THIS is the type of person that’s rude enough to ask if your stone is “real” and then shame you for it not being a diamond, when theirs isn’t even one! Sorry, we don’t all have the disposable income to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a ring, and aside from that fact, a lot of people prefer moissanite. I say if you like it, own it. If you’re ashamed of it enough to tell a bold faced lie, well, that’s a whole other problem that probably runs a lot deeper. I plan on moissanite, but if I’m ever asked about if it’s a diamond I sure as hell won’t lie. I’ll probably just get a lot of “Oh! I like your ring! It’s so pretty!” and I’ll say “Thank you” like a normal adult, and that will be the end of it. 

People suck, and that’s the whole point of this post. LOL

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I would never ever ask someone whether their diamond was real or not. If I was seeing someone’s ring and I was close enough to ask I might ask for details like who designed it and talk about how sparkly it is. I have friends with moissanite and they haven’t said that’s what they are but they discoball like crazy. It’s their ring, they have to wear it not me. I wouldn’t choose a moissanite for myself. 

I will however give a shit ton of side eye, to someone bragging up their big ass “diamond” that is either a terrible quality stone, a cz or a moissanite. Especially if I know you don’t have a lifestyle that would allow for a purchase like that. If you’re intentionally rubbing the size of your “diamond” in other people’s faces and we all know it’s not good quality or actually a diamond, you deserve to have the side eye for being a lying posing ignoramus.

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I know people like diamonds because they are sparkly and pretty, my mom and sister are like that. I never understood people that buy diamonds for social status. Diamonds are not rare or that special, they are not something to invest in.  I have met people that are like, “it’s a two caret diamond! My friend/ sibling/ neighbor/ etc. had a 1 3/4 carat, but it was too small.”  Really?! Who cares if someone has a diamond, moissante, cz, or literal cut glass as long as they like it. 

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I don’t care about other folks’ preferences in diamonds or diamond lookalikes.  They can wear what they want and I’ll be happy for them.  I do think it’s tacky and off-putting to deliberately lie about your non-diamond being a real diamond.  Still don’t care that much.

I have a blue sapphire egagement ring and have gotten a couple “huh why not a diamond” comments, but all I need to do is respond that both my mother and Princess Diana had sapphire engagement rings.  I don’t get people being all weird about diamonds being the thing to put in engagement rings.  They weren’t even that popular in engagement rings until the infamous and extremely successful marketing campaign by DeBeers.

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