(Closed) How do you feel about your new husband’s last name?

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    I really like it–it’s four letters and one syllable, which makes it easy to tack on to my multisyllabic maiden name, and best of all, it starts with the same letter as my maiden name so I don’t even have to change my initials!

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    Total updrade!! I am a teacher and my last name is hard to spell and pronounce. Plus, I don’t really have a good relationship with my dad or his side of the family. My FI’s last name is one of those everyday American names. I will actually have the same first and last name as one of our former president’s daughter! Can you guess it?

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    I don’t LOVE the Mr’s last name but I don’t hate it either… it does make my name shorter, which is nice and my initials will stay the same, which is also nice. But I don’t LOVE it b/c it isn’t my last name and I LOVE my last name 🙂 However, I am still changing my name.

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    I like his name, but don’t love it.  I am happy to be changing my name, as I have the same last name as my dad (who hasn’t been involved in my life at all since my parents divorce 25+ years ago).  I think if I had the same name as my mom’s, I’d have a harder time.  However, I don’t like that I have a pretty common name that everyone can spell.  With his name, I have to explain it a little more, spell it or pronounce it slowly.  Plus, I always liked that I’m towards the front of the alphabet for some reason.  Now I’ll be moving towards the end.

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    I don’t mind it…for him. Our last names are equally short (2 syllables each), equally easy to pronounce and spell. It is mildly amusing that my initials would change from JAM to JAR, though, but I’m still not sold on changing my name because I don’t like how my new name would flow (too many Ys!), it would be the same as a girl I can’t stand, and other misc. reasons. *sigh*

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    I like my maiden name better as it is very unique and his is very common, plus mine of course sounds better together & represents my heritage better…

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    FH’s last name could be a verb, a noun, or an adverb… it’s weird. lol. I want to keep my last name, but it hurts his feelings. i even offered to hyphenate, but i think he was sad i seemed not into his last name. So i’m definitely gonna take his… even if i like mine better

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    My full name sounds very Chinese, and it gets mispronounced all the time.  I love my name for the shortness and simplicity of it, and when I get married it will stay the same length.  Unfortunately, I might get mistaken for a boy…  My fiance’s last name is a common first name (Dan).  Many people will assume that the documentation is wrong, and they’ll flip his name around.

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    I like his last name… but it sounds very um… bland.  It’s a common English last name.  But since I’m not taking it as my last name, I can love it on him!  (I’ll take his last name as a middle name and he’ll take my last name as a middle name).

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    This is a fun question!


    I really like it, but it still will be sad to part with my last name.  The bonus is that it will be easy to pronounce unlike my last name that is always said wrong. Although, he keeps talking about changing our last name altogether to something like "danger" so that the pastor can say "I now introduce Mr. and Mrs. Danger"….yeah not so much. 

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    I like my Fiance last name but I don’t love it.  His last name is very common where as my last name is unique but not all hard to pronouce or spell.  My last name is directly linked to my hertiage but his is a lot more generic.

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Mine is Czech and soooo hard to spell or pronounce. After years and years of everyone I meet saying "how do you say it?" or "oh, it has a J and then a D?!?" or "wow, what nationality is it?" I’m really excited to switch to something phonetic and easy. Except that my married name is already taken as a gmail username. 🙁

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    • Wedding: October 2009

    I love my FI’s last name, but I’m not taking it.

    We both have names that virtually everyone mispronounces – mine is french, his is dutch – but after 29 years I’m a bit attached to my name! I’d hyphonate but it would be a tad ridiculous considering our names. 

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    I really like it. It’s common, but not Smith or Jones common. Common enough that I will no longer have to spell it out every time I pick up a prescription, or have people misprounounce it.

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