(Closed) How do you feel about your new husband’s last name?

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  • poll: How do you feel about your new husband's last name?

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    I dislike my last name. I think it has something to do with being teased in second grade =(  But at the same time, its my name.. My FI’s name is alright, but I’m not crazy about my new initials MKM.

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    Mine is verrrry common, and his is pretty unusual. I picked "love it!"

    Even though it means that I’ll be going from an easy, short last name that everyone can pronounce and spell, to a 4-syllable name that needs a couple of full spellings before anyone gets it right… I love it. I already spell my first name all the time, so why not my last name too? lol.

    And taking it will make me the only person (that I can find) anywhere (within Google’s bounds) with this particular First/Last combination. That’s pretty cool!

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    I’m a "like it" bride. I love my current last name, in spite of the difficulty people seem to have spelling and pronouncing it. His last name is nice, simple to spell and pronounce, and is only 4 letters long. I’m definitely looking forward to taking it, but I’m not ditching my maiden for it.  Plus since I’m a writer, I’m keeping my maiden for my byline. Best of both worlds!

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    • Wedding: December 2010

    Love it- definitley an upgrade from the maiden name. 

    I was suprised, however, at how I felt changing my name.  Since it was an upgrade and I never liked my old one- I didn’t think I’d be sad. 

    @nixl- my new name is Dutch as well! 

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    i’m also a "like it" bride… i like my current last name because its short, easy to spell and i never have to explain it to anyone. My Fiance last name is longer, hard to spell, and i swear everyone i tell what my married last name will be they are like, "zalinsky?? like zalinsky auto parts from Tommy Boy!!!" then i laugh and have to re-spell it for them!! 

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    I’m kinda "meh" about it, don’t love it, don’t hate it. I’ve decided to go the hyphenated route. When I was little I always thought I’d change my name but once my Dad passed away I decided I wanted to keep my maiden it because I love my last name, and I’ve been this name for 26 years, I don’t want to change that now! LOL

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    I voted for love it.

    But the hilarious part is my first name (a guy’s name…is my first name..think of Katie Holmes on Dawson’s Creek and a certain guy on Friends) combined with his last name (of Italian descent) makes me sound like one of the lesser characters that gets killed off in one of the episodes of "The Sopranos".

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    It’s honestly, just ok. 

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    I am soo torn on this one! I don’t know what to do.  FI’s last name is 11 letters, 4 syllables and hard as heck to spell.  Mine is 4 letters and so simple!  My first name is a hard one anyway and I constantly have to correct people on it.  It’s going to make things so difficult.  I’m getting ready to go back and get my teaching certificate and I hate to go to a hard name when I’m going to go by it ALL of the time.  But he feels strongly that I should take his long and painful last name.  woe is me… haha

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    I’m a ‘love it’ bride!  My FI’s last name is much easier then my current last name and for sure I won’t have people asking me all the time, ‘how do you pronounce you last name?’  I am a little sad to be losing my last name.  I probably will use it as a middle name for my kids someday 🙂

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    I have a very cool Irish maiden name.

    His last name is Sty. Yes, as in “pig sty.”

    Need I explain why I will be keeping my maiden name?

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    I voted love it. His name is 4 letters and seems like it will be easier for other people to spell, whereas my last name is uncommon and people always mistake it for another common surname, at which point I have to go back for a second round and say, "No- with an H, not a C."

    The only drawback is that this name, while not Smith or Johnson, really is quite common. He’s actually got a first cousin with my same first name, so when she recently friended him on Facebook, he thought I had created a new account with my future last name or something- he was confused!

    At work, I had people start calling me my formal first name, rather than family nickname, about a year ago because my formal name doesn’t flow very well with his last name. 

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    I used to think my sweetie’s last name was a little bizarre.. now I love it!  It’s really unusual, and I’ll be the only one in the world with that name. 

    My last name now is pretty easy and unspectacular… people still spell it wrong.   With his name, they don’t even try.  They try pronouncing it, stop halfway and wait for advice.  


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    Can I ask why those of you who say that you ‘like, but don’t love your FI’s last name’ why are still planning on changing it? This is how I’m feeling right now. My F seemed a little hurt that I told him I might not change my last name, but no one is asking him to give up his last name so I don’t think he can give a fair answer.

    I kind of also hate the origins of women changing their last names…

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    I voted "love it." I went from an ethnic, always-misspelled, always-mispronounced last name to a not particularly common but easy-to-spell and pronounce non-ethnic last name. Since my first name is actually of the same ethnic origin as my Fiance, my name actually sounds more natural now, but I wonder if people are ever surprised by the disconnect between my full married name and my appearance. Even for the first few months, my name didn’t "look like" my name to me, you know what I mean?? It had lost some "flavor." It really started sounding natural when my husband started identifying me as Firstname Lastname. I remember the moment – he was commenting on something of mine and said, "This belongs to Firstname Lastname!" and I was like, "Wow, that’s me. and that sounds really great!"

    As far as changing it goes – it’s not that I don’t love my maiden name, but it was about establishing a family identity (that’s a big part of the "love it" feeling), as well as the fact that in my profession, having a pronounceable name has certain advantages. I do also LOVE the fact that I no longer have to do the "V as in Victor, D as in David) process of spelling out my name anymore.

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