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  • poll: How do you feel about your pregnancy?

    Love every minute of it

    Pretty good, for the most part

    Just okay

    Pretty miserable

    Hate every minute of it

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    I will be 32 weeks at the end of the week.  The first trimester was awful – not really morning sickness, but a lot of nauseau and no appetite.  Plus I had blood pressure issues (it would just drop with no warning).  2nd trimester I felt GREAT!!  I embraced my pregnancy and loved it.  3rd trimester can so far suck it.  Everything hurts including my feet.  Sleeping is awful and my blood pressure issues returned, BUT everytime I feel this little boy move its all worth it

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    Honestly, thus far I have not been impressed.  I’m super excited to be cooking a little one, but I have felt pretty crappy the entire time. The constant nausea and exhaustion is borderline unbearable.  And, I’m really not thrilled to have gone from a lifetime of perfectly clear skin to raging acne.  I feel ugly, gross and sick the majority of the time but still grateful.  It will all be worth it in the end but I do hope I don’t feel this way the entire time!

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    I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m 19 weeks tomorrow, & other than a bit lot of tiredness in the first trimester, It’s been really good. Most of the time I forget I’m pregnant until I catch a glance of myself from the side and think ‘Oh yeah!!’ 

    ETA : I used to have pretty bad acne & it cleared up right when I got pregnant. I got nice new boobs & everyone has told me that I’m ‘glowing’ so I can’t complain!


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    With my first pregnancy, I loved every minute of it. Had no MS, no aches and pains, almost no weight gain and just generally felt amazing

    This time it’s a bit more difficult. I’ve had SPD since week 15 that has made it hard for me to walk and I’ve been in physiotherapy since then to just get me through the week. I’m also constantly tired. But other than that, I feel great.

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    8wks and 2d today, and apart from the fatigue I feel pretty good. My nausea comes and comes each week, and I haven’t gotten sick, so I really can’t complain. It’s truly been easy for me. Sometimes it scares me when I don’t have any symptoms because then I think worst case senario though.

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    I have really enjoyed being pregnant!! I voted for the second choice because I am just now (30 weeks) getting to the point where I am kinda uncomfortable. Up until now it has been wonderful though! And honestly I am glad I am starting to look forward to the end, because otherwise I’m afraid I would be sad it’s ending, haha! 

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    I feel great!!!!!  The people around me are the problem!  🙂

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    I loved my 1st 2 pregnancies even though I was sick as a dog with morinign sickness all dal long for months.

    I started to like my 3rd pregnancy after I accepted it and was not so sick anymore but it was so tiring, so much more so than my 1st 2.

    I was pretty depressed the first 4 months of my 4th pregnancy.  After that, I was pretty Ok with being pregnant but my body wasn’t.  It was not easy on my body but there are days I miss being pregnant for just a second LOL.

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    like pp said, i consider it a necessary evil – something i have to do if i want a baby (which obviously i do)/.

    if i could skip the 9 months and just be presented with my child – id totally do it (for the purposes of not jinxing myself as im a weird paranoid prson, i will say i wouldnt want to skip the 9 months by getting amnesia or being in a coma or any of the actual posisble ways to do it. only if there was a magical solution)

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    @ExcitedScaredBee:  I’m not even TTC yet but damn I hope I sound like you when I’m pregnant, just gorgeous!

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    I feel okay. Happy to be pregnant but I’m not all a-glow. Neither am I totally miserable. I’ve been lucky enough to just have a smattering of the common annoyances — first trimester nausea, second trimester aching back, sore hips, swelling, etc. The carpal tunnel of the past few weeks has been the most annoying bit.

    I’m happy to be pregnant, touch my belly lots, etc. But I’m looking forward to meeting my kid on the outside. I don’t think I’ll be one of those women who miss the belly.

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    @Monny:  I have been pregnant twice before but didn’t carry to term. I didn’t get very far along so I don’t have a good sense of what it entails. However, I know I will be in the “hate every minute of it” camp. I do want kids, but I sure don’t want pregnancy. Absolutely no part of it appeals to me in the least…except the end result of having a kid. I’d rather hire a surrogate but my husband won’t let me.

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    I’m 32 weeks, and I voted for pretty miserable, but I could easily be in the hate every minute of it camp. I was extremely naseaus from weeks 6-17, my back kills me to the point where I can’t even walk after I get home from work, I have horrible stretch marks on my stomach that started appearing when I was still pretty small, pregnancy has made me anemic, and I’m pretty sure I was suffering some mild depression in the first trimester. I also agree that pregnancy is a necessary evil, and it will all be worth it once my baby is here. The one redeeming quality to me is when I feel her kick (as long as it’s not in the ribs!).

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    @sydneygal444:  Aw! That’s so sweet of you to say! Thank you!!

    I was actually discussing this with my DH last night, because at 38w4d, we went to The Eagels concert and had a really fun, late night out. I said “if you would have asked me last January where I would be at 9 months pregnant, I would never have guessed at a concert, but I’m so glad I’m feeling good enough to be here!”

    We started having a conversation about whether people saying “I”m preganant and I feel like crap” is more physical or mental. While we both agree that there are shitty parts of pregnancy and some people have really bad complications, we also notice that most of the people we know who are positive people in general pre-pregnancy seem to be having much easier, happier pregnancies.

    So I thnk a part of it might be your attitude going into it. It’s probably similar to people experiencing increased hormonal rage, or eating large amounts of crap food once they get their BFP. People seem to go into pregnancy with the attitude of “I’m pregnant, so it comes with the terrirory.” I just approach it all from a different place. I think “I’m pregnant, but I’m still me. I’m a happy, upbeat, extremely grateful person, and that’s not going to change.” And it really hasn’t.

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    @ExcitedScaredBee: Yeah, I’m going to have to strongly disagree with you on it being mostly mental. I have always been a very positive person, and I always thought pregnancy was beautiful and that I would love it. That didn’t turn out to be the case for me, and I’ve experienced a lot of physical pain.  I think feeling crappy during pregnancy is way more common than people realize because it’s so taboo to say that you don’t like pregnancy. I think it’s partially taboo because of the theory you’re presenting here that it’s mostly mental.

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