(Closed) How do you fit your clothes and hubbys clothes all in one bedroom? Help

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Well, I have a large dresser, and he has a smaller taller dresser, so we store what we can in there.

We also bought a storage solution thing that doubles the space [adds another bar lower in the closet to hang things].

Sadly, it’s still not enough room so we always have a basket of dirty laundry around because if we washed it, it literally WOULDN’T fit in the closet.

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Busy bee

I have 1 1/2 wardrobes and 2 drawers. He has 1/2 a wardrobe and one drawer. Teehee Smile

We have those plastic bags where you suck all the air out of for storing old clothes that we don’t wear at the moment under the bed.

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Our bedroom has no closets. True story. Our clothes are stashed in the guest room closets, hall closet, and utility closet (this one is mine since it was the only reasonably empty one when I moved in… there is barely any space though). Dunno what the heck we’ll do when we have a kid! We store our out-of-season clothes under the bed and on the top shelves of the closets. I viciously go through my clothes and donate ones I no longer wear once or twice a year – if he did that our clothes would probably fit in two closets instead of four. He is 35 but still has clothes from college, when he was about half the size he is now. That shit ain’t wearable.

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We have two sets of these to raise the bed and then we put storage drawers underneith the bead.  We got six drawers on each side.  Plus, climbing into bed is kind of fun/romantic/dream come true. (Disclaimer, we keep meaning to get another set so we can put them under the middle bed post, but we having and are still using a stack of books that we duct taped together.  Eh, no one can see the books!)

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It can be tough… especially so if you only have a one bedroom house / apartment and therefore limited closet space to begin with.

(I know lots of couples, where the Gal has her clothes stored in multiple places within the house… the Closets in other Bedrooms, Storage Racks in the Basement, Out of Season Stuff in Rubbermaid Totes etc)

To be honest, we could all give you a zillion tips, and there would be no guarantees that what we suggest would work for your space or your lifestyle…


Join Pinterest…

And check out all the cool things you can find on there in regards to storage solutions… there are like ZILLIONS… a lot more than any of us can give you in a brainstorming session here on WBee.

I am seriously in love with Pinterest now… and one of the main reasons is all the cool stuff I’ve found on this particular topic !!

Bedroom Closet Storage – Linen Closet Storage – Laundry Room Storage – Bathroom Storage – Kitchen Storage – Pantry Storage – Garage Storage… it is seriously amazing stuff.


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@distracts: “He is 35 but still has clothes from college, when he was about half the size he is now. That shit ain’t wearable.”

HAHAHAHAHA!!! My Darling Husband is the same exact way! He’s almost 33 and still has crap from when he was in the Army (he went in right out of high school!) I’m always asking when he’s planning on wearing his desert camo stuff that is like 10 sizes too small 😉 

 @SamanthaLovesJames:  We actually lucked out and found a house that has a HUGE master walk in closet. I always joke that its big enough to turn into baby nurserY, all it needs is ventilation. For reals, we have a queen size mattress in there. Anyhoo, not all the closets in the house are as ginormous and I’ve found that closet solution type kits are a God send 🙂

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I threw out a bunch of stuff when we moved in together, in fact we both did as we were moving overseas and shipping was crazy.  We still struggle though.

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We turned a spare bedroom into a closet, still not enough space :-/

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We have a “step-in” closet, not really big enough to be considered a walk in but bigger than a regular closet. We share this but I use most of it. We also have a tall dresser that SO uses for t-shirts (he has a million! Lol) I got some great closet organization cubes from ikea. And really just find its all in the way you fold things. Search for closet organization and folding tips to find what works best in your space. Good luck! 🙂

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First house, when he moved in I kept the walk-in and we bought an armoire for his clothes.  Fortunately his wardrobe wasn’t too big, so it worked fine.

At the new house, the walk-in is bigger and there’s an extra smaller closet in the master, so he still has the armoire, but I’ve also given him one of the closet racks to spread out a little.

If you have room for it though, the armoire was a life saver.  They’re what people used before closets became standard anyway, y’know.

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I think I’m going to have to get rid of a lot of clothes.

I have a big walk-in closet at home that is full.  FI has a big walk-in closet that isn’t full, but I don’t think I’d feel like I could take up more than half of it once I move in.  I do also have one highboy dresser that I’ll probably make use of, and he has a dresser that I get a couple drawers in.

The interesting thing is that I kind of live at his place now, with a much reduced set of clothes, and really, it is fine and I haven’t felt like I’m missing much, even though my closet at home is packed.  It’s even a little freeing in some ways.

It is hard for me to get rid of things, but hopefully this experience will help me to let go of at least some of the excess.




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Well we have a large walk in closet. And we keep all the underwear/socks/pjs in a dresser.

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i keep going through my clothes constanty and getting rid of things i do not wear, and now i can fit all my stuff in my drawers and my half of the closer (but i do use our nightstand as a mini dresser!!) My lovely fiance will not get rid of any clothes.. hes 30 and still has clothes from High school and everytime we go to visit his dad he brings home more clothes from his bedroom there!!! SO i put the ones i have never seen him wear in a big tubberware bucket, and stashed them in the attic.


but seriously, I never thought sharing a room/closet space would be so hard!!!

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We keep most of his clothes in a dresser (my Darling Husband really doesn’t have that many clothes). Honestly, our walk-in closet is 80% mine! LOL he is not okay with this…It’s super hard to share the space!

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