How do you get motivated/ out of a funk?

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I signed up for a half-marathon. Having something specific to train for has made a huge difference for me with actually getting my workouts in. 

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Busy bee

hockeybee0104 :   Can you work out on the weekend? Create a playlist on your phone, put your earbuds in, and commit yourself to a walk or jog this Saturday or Sunday (or both!). Run the school track after work. Can you hit a tennis ball against a wall for practice? I played tennis in high school, and that was how I practiced without a partner. I do believe you’re suffering from depression, but I also believe if you’re like me, one day of exercise will get you motivated to keep going, and the way you handle stress at work will improve. On my stressful work days, I can’t wait to get to my gym. Your general feeling of being unmotivated should start to turn around. 

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Helper bee
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I think it is possible to be happy with some aspects of your life while simultaneously depressed about others. I’m going through something very similar right now. I used to feel very fulfilled by my job, but after switching to a new location this past summer, I just don’t feel the same. My wedding is in May, so at a minimum I won’t even be looking to make a switch until after then, but more likely, I’ll be sticking it out here for at least another year, due to various reasons.

Like you, I’m having a hard time getting out of bed on time; some mornings I wake up on time or even early, but just lie in bed for 30+ minutes trying to pep talk myself into getting going. I feel lethargic and unmotivated a lot of days, and feel as though I’m in a constant state of exhaustion. Not much has changed outside of work; wedding planning causes me very little stress, and I’m happy with my fiance. It seems like all my problems basically stem from this job. I would say at this point that I am in a mild depression over it.

My first advice to you would be to start with better nutrition and regular exercise. I know it’s hard to muster up the motivation when you’re getting started, but fake it til you make it, and start small; you don’t have to make a ton of changes at once. Exercise really helps my mood the more I do it, so I try to stick with it. With my wedding still coming up, I’ve at least been motivated to get in good shape, and I’ve been on a fitness program since January. I was really hoping to see some improvement in my energy levels. My mood has definitely improved and I feel like I’m managing my anxiety better, but despite working out 4-6 days a week for the past couple months, I’m still feeling weighed down. 

This morning I saw my psychiatrist, and after discussing these problems with her, we are increasing the dosage of one of my medications. Hopefully this should give me the energy boost I need to at least get things done and make it through my wedding. To me, it sounds like you are depressed. If this doesn’t subside as the weather gets nicer and you start exercising more, then it might be worth looking into medication. at least temporarily until you are feeling more yourself. There’s honestly no shame in taking advantage of the tools that are there to help you with these kinds of problems.

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Worker bee

Hi bee, just wanted to say I feel sorta in the same boat. I don’t know the answer so would like to follow along here for the tips. I’ll let you know if anything works for me that could be helpful to you too!

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I can relate to how you’re feeling, bee. My last was super stressful – I was micromanaged, the environment was highly unprofessional, and the expectations were super high despite me being grossly underpaid. I was there for 5 years and stuck it out because I wanted the experience in my field. I’ve never been a great sleeper, but I was significantly more tired than I had ever been despite going to bed super early every day. At that point in my life, I found scheduling all of my workouts for first thing in the morning worked best for me. By the end of the work day I was so drained that I had to accept that evening workouts would not happen. I worked out at 5am and it helped me start my days on a positive note. It helped.  

I got a new job last May and it made a world of a difference. I sleep less but feel more well rested. I don’t dread going to work. I am excited about taking on new projects, whereas at my last job all I felt was stress and anxiety.

We spend SO much time at work. It’s no wonder that the fact you don’t enjoy your job is impacting your personal life – it must be exhausting. I know you said you have to stay there for the next year – are there opportunities that will allow you to earn your non-probationary status?

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I find I can’t just “snap out” of a more lazy lifestyle.  I really really need a longer transition time in order to be successful.  So that might look like making it a goal to simply go for one long walk per week.  And then that gives me the confidence and benefits to say “ok, no more snacking between meals” and I then make that small change.  Then I can move to all of that plus 2 workouts a week, etc etc.  Slow changes = lifestyle changes.  Fast changes = burnout.

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Helper bee

I’ve been in a similar rut, it hit me especially hard after I got back from my honeymoon. I also don’t enjoy my job but have had to put looking for a new one on the back burner (pregnant). I found group fitness classes to be just what the doctor ordered. I sign up for classes after work, my gym has a $6 no show fee if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance so it’s good motivation to go everyday after work. It only took a couple months of making myself go (creating a habit) to turn it back into something I look forward to and really enjoy. I love how good I feel after, how strong I feel during and the gym I’m at has a great community. I would also take a look at your diet, I know eating better makes me feel a million times better. Again after vacation its hard to get back into it but once you do the benefits are amazing.

You also mentioned you are building a house. Is design something you enjoy? I had a ball online shopping for furniture, picking out paint colors, flooring, cabinets, etc. Even if all the big things have been picked out I’d start shopping for furniture just to day dream a little. 

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Join a fitness studio with a community atmosphere! They are a little more expensive than the gym but they are worth it.  Get to know the instructors and people from your classes. I belong to CorePower Yoga and F45 (fuctional fitness training: HIIT mixed with Crossfit).  Both of these places KICK MY BUTT and make me feel accountable/part of a community. 

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I feel like I go through these phases fairly often. Only difference is, I do enjoy my job – the people, culture, enviornment, etc. the only times I get into a funk is when my project load at work is slow at times it gets downright SLOW. 

I can speak to the weight-loss/healthier lifestyle though. What changed my mindest was putting on a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn in a few weeks to realize they were VERY snug and it made me so upset with myself. I also just got photos back from a boudoir session and I was so angry I let myself come to look like what I do. Sooooo I jumped back on my Beachbody subscription bandwagon and will start fresh next Monday AM with daily workouts, on-point with their nutrition plan (I’ve found Beachbody to be the one sure-fire way I can loose weight and stay motived… I have  no good gyms in my area AND its all at home workouts!). Have you considered something like that? I did the math and it equated to like $13ish a month, which for me in my area is WAY cheaper than any gym membership I could get. 

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