(Closed) How do you get your teeth white?

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@Jamcnair:  Maybe you could get them professionally whitened? I’ve never done it, but maybe that would work better than the strips…Or I’ve heard the crest 3D whitening toothpaste is pretty good. 

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I use baking soda every so often.

Are you drinking your coffee black? I heard that increases staining.

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@Jamcnair:  I use the Crest whitestrips too and they do make my teeth pretty sensitive if I use them too closely together.  If you spread them out and do them like a couple of times a week you’ll still see results but they don’t seem to make my teeth as sensitive if I use them say every day or every other day.  I use the Crest Professional Effects and you can see differences right away.  I think I have read on other threads that getting them professionally whitened is super painful so I don’t know if I would go that route if even the strips make them sensitive.

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@Jamcnair:  I got crest white strips from the drug store. Boy these things work like a charm. I used them over the summer when I had a tan, so between my tan skin and white teeth there was such a contrast. In photos from a party I was at over the summer my mom said they were so white they looked fake lol! I think it was the contrast of my tan though that made them look super super white. Or then again maybe I used them more than I should have lol. Either way if you want your teeth to get whiter I would definitely recommend them and I guess just stop using them when you’re teeth are the white shade you want them to be. I never had any problem with sensitivity while using them, I guess everyone’s different.

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Mine are whiter than the average bear’s, and I would attribute that to never ever ever drinking soda in my life, ever. I got lucky because I just plain don’t like it, but my husband drinks it all.the.time. and his teeth are on the yellow side too (not like butter colored, but not gleaming white). Soda is full of acid, and acidic things eat away at your enamel (which is white) and exposes the dentin (which is yellow). Energy drinks like red bull and others of that ilk are even worse than soda.

It’s natural for teeth to yellow as we age because of enamel loss, but acidic food / drinks will definitely speed that process up.

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@Jamcnair:  I dont know if you have it in the US but here in Aus there is a product called White Glo Express Whitening System, which I find works quite well to move just the general stubborn yellow-ness to them. I do it before bed as it leaves odd white patches after treatment, that fade within a few hours to an even effect all over. I also suffer from sensitivity problems with whitening products but I find these to be pretty good!

I drink wayy too much diet coke however I don’t smoke or drink coffee more than once a fortnight, but I do get my teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months (which I think also really helps).
If all else fails, stawberries are a great natural teeth whitener, as is a lemon juice and bicarb combo (taste is not very nice though). Just use these sparingly as they are likely to strip the enamel from you teeth causing more problems down the line.
Good luck!

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Baking soda with lemon juice… mix it into a paste and brush your teeth with it for several minutes. Let it sit on there for a while if you can. Apparently strawberries having a whitening effect also… just eating them OR making a paste with them to brush your teeth. 

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The crest strips

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I use the Crest 3D White Vivid toothpaste. I’ve been using it for about 9 months now. It really does work. I started using it a few months prior to when I had my nursing graduation, and when I saw photos of myself I could tell my teeth were way whiter than before. They looked really good. So now, that’s what I’ve been using ever since. Also, I do drink coffee, but very rarely now since it’s a big factor in staining. I’d probably drink it like once a month or so. My SO on the other hand cannot live without his daily cup of coffee and he started using the same toothpaste I have and it’s working for him well. 

As long as you’re brushing after each meal, or twice a day, you’ll definitely see a difference with this toothpaste. I did use the 2-hour Crest whitening strips. They did make my teeth hecka white afterwards, but I just hated it. I felt like the strips were alot more… I don’t know, I guess invasive? or harsh? then using the toothpaste. My teeth did feel weird too after I took them off. Plus, I read about it that it can actually damage the enamel of your teeth. So I was like yeaaah, gonna stick to the paste. I haven’t noticed any differences with how my teeth feel either so I guess that’s good. LOL

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I think it’s partially predisposition. My teeth are pretty white, and I smoke and drink coffee everyday (hopefully not smoking much longer!)

I whitened once with white strips about 6 years ago and it made them really white, but they weren’t bad to begin with. Although my teeth tend to stay really white for some reason, no matter how well I take care of them I do get a lot of cavaties for no reason at all. But it does run in my family to an extent. Have to go get 5 filled tomorrow :/

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I always use the crest 3d white toothpaste, and for the wedding I used two kits of the one hour whitening a couple of days.  Just the cheapo store brand ones.  Worked like a charm!


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I drink coffee daily and my oral hygenist makes me use a capful of hydrogen peroxide w/ listerine – it works like a charm! those crest strips are basically peroxide anyway, so it’s a cheaper option. =)

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I use Crest Whitestrips, I’ve been using them for at least 10 years and I love them. People always comment on how white my teeth are

I’ve gotten them professionally whitened in the past and I didn’t find that there was a cosmetic difference between that and the whitestrips. The professional one did make my teeth more sensitive though.

One thing to keep in mind is if you use any whitening products to use Sensodyne at the same time!

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