(Closed) How do you groom…errr…ummm… down there?? :)

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  • poll: What's your preferred grooming technique? :)

    Brazillian wax all the way! I like it baby smooth and hairless!

    Shaving. I can't handle pain.

    Tweezing... I only need to get rid of a few stray strands

    Trimming... I just like it short and neat, but not completely gone

    None, I'm an au natural kinda girl

    Other (please enlighten us)

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    Ok i am sorry in advance if this is too much info..lol

    I get a brazillian and depending on who is doing it will depend on whether they lift up my leg, or in most cases get me to roll over and hold my butt cheeks open with my hands. Ok so if this is not bad enough, one time I had a really meticulous waxer who was not content with just using the wax strips on my bum, she wanted to use the hot wax, which has to sit there for a few minutes, so there I was, laying on my stomache with m,y cheeks parted with hot wax on my bum waiting for it to set, trying to make small talk with a lady I had just met,

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    Hhahhahah @ simpleandchic…wow..the things we women do!!! I have terrible ingrown hairs if I shave…so I go au naturel…of course…he has never seen it …no one has…so its still my little secret…(Im a virgin)…but what to do for our honeymoon? Im scared oof the pain and awkwardness of a wax. Its also tres expensive. I  would like to know if Nair (the brand i use on my legs)…has a brand just for ‘down there’? Anyone?

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    My fiance probably wants to kill me because I don’t really do ANYTHING, except some small tidying up in the summer months. But, he swears he doesn’t care? I used to shave, but it just got to be too much work and I had a heart-to-heart with my fiance about it, and I think he really didn’t care for it much. But, I have a hard time telling if he’s just saying that to appease me/ not start trouble.

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    GetteDan-Buy an electric shaver kit for women (can be found at target) and shave it short and neat. Others willl disagree, but I you may not want to wax for the first time ever right before the wedding.

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    ok am I the only one who finds it incredibly uncomfortable to shave EVERYTHING? if I miss just 1 day (which just HAPPENS) I am so uncomfortable and itchy I can’t focus. I hear ppl talk about shaving it all all the time… but I’ve done it and 1) it takes forever to get it all perfect and 2) if i miss a day i am in agony. 

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    Other option that my Girlfriend did is to get laser treatment. costs approx $100 a session and you need 6 sess’s. (usually go once a month or 6wks) But it is then gone for ever. I am just waiting untill I have some extra cash. (Post wedding)

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    I’ve had laser hair removal. After a year or so of regularly waxing, then sugaring, my skin was pretty tired of it and I was tired of growback.

    Laser won’t work well on you if you have light hair and it’s unlikely to get EVERYTHING, but it’s still a great option if you’re tired of what maintenance does to your skin. And it’s cost-effective if you consider the cost of regular, long-term waxing or sugaring.

    There’s still some hair growth, but nothing going over with a razor a few times a week won’t fix… and there’s no razor bumps or irritation anymore! And no itching!

    If you’re waxing, I’d consider trying sugaring. It’s more natural, and less likely to cause irritation. There’s also NEVER any risk of too-hot temperatures. Overall, it can be less painful, but you’re still getting hair torn out by the roots so it’s no cake walk.

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    I have used personal groomers and they work great, but it almost has to be a daily thing. Hubby is ok with just trimming and that’s what I do about once a week. More often in the summer.

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    CorgiTales–no, you’re not the only one.  I started shaving down there when I was 14 and it still itches like the dickens, plus always looks red no matter how carefully I do it.  I mean, it itches constantly and A LOT, such that i’ve sometimes itched myself so hard I scratched my skin open. 🙁

    Fortunately Fiance likes my hair longer.  It took a while for me to get used to it, having shaved it really regularly for so long, but now I only shave on the rare occasion for some variety, or if I’m wearing something in which it would be obvious I don’t shave. :X

    I’ve never wanted to get a wax.  Like scissors said, the thought of paying someone lots of money to rip hair off my snatch is too weird for words.  The only people who I want to see down there are Fiance and the gyno, much less pour hot wax onto and pay close attention to its contours as they tear said wax off.

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    After many years of shaving I decided to finally try waxing a few months ago.  The first time really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  But for four days after I was miserable, red and swollen 🙁  Five weeks later I tried again thinking it would be better.  She rushed and I felt like there was too much hair left that she had waxed but not gotten.  Another three days I was miserable red and swollen.

    Back to shaving.

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    I marked other… I do wax some parts the upper and outer leg areas and ummm my crack lol sorry there was no other nice way to put that (well actually my man does it  I trained him well LOL) I cant stand to wax down the sides though it hurts too bad and i always break out… nor can i stand to shave with a regular razor so


      I trim it real close and shave it with a little attachment that my Trimmer kit comes with… it looks like a little screen thing… it does a good job if you trim it close first

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    I shave only because I can’t afford the waxing. I prefer wax tho, for me it seems to do a better job

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    Once you go Brazilian, you dont go back! Its so much cleaner and the hair grows out less the more you do it.  If I had the money I would do laser but for now, hot wax is perfect for me! 

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    I usually shave but right before New years got a brazilian so I might keep up with it. I love the feeling of being bare after a brazilian but its so much pain to endure to get there! Granted I have been in worse pain, but its never voluntary!

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