(Closed) How do you handle it when your husband says or does idiotic things?

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I either laugh at him, talk to him about it or pretend I was deaf at the moment he said something stupid. Depending on the situation. 🙂

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Where are you ladies finding these perfect men?

We’re all human, sometimes we say/do things that at the time make sense but are kind of idiotic/silly. I’ve definitely caught myself in moments where I’m like “Why did I say that? That’s ridiculous”, sometimes having a filter is just not happening.

Last month I was finally able to get my hair done after waiting for months. I had a pixie cut so it was treading into mullet territory, and I have 3 inches of regrowth. I got my hair done, loved it and went home. When I got home Fiance was like “Your hair looks orange”. Orange is obviously not a colour I was going for, so I was bummed out. But what he really meant was that the red that I have now was a different tone than what I usually do (which is a cooler red). 

Yesterday I had a stranger comment on one of my photos saying “Someone please get this girl a sandwich”. It hurt, and when I was explaining it to Fiance he was like “Maybe she thinks that you’re a model or something”. I kind of rolled my eyes because I don’t give a fuck who you think I am, those kind of comments are not appropriate. He was trying to be comforting, but it mostly just felt like he was trying to minimize my feelings (not the case, but when you’re emotional, shit happens).

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If it’s something dumb in passing I just let it go because I say dumb things sometimes too. Sometimes if it’s about something more serious (job, future plans, etc.) I’ll say something like, “what do you mean? I feel like I’m not understanding”, I’ve found that a lot of the time he’s kind of talking without thinking and once he has to restate his feelings he realizes what he really means to say.

Other than that my biggest thing I’ve learned is that when he’s frustrated sometimes he vents in an extreme way, like if he’s had a bad day at work he might say “I just want to quit tomorrow”. I used to get freaked out thinking he would quit, what would we do, omg – ahhh!!!! Haha, now I realize that he just vents like that and doesn’t really mean it so I just try to commisserate, “that sucks”, “that sounds super annoying”, etc. That’s all he really needs. 

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Laughing,  or pretending I don’t know him 🙂

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greaselightning:  HAHAHHAHHAHAHA so now that I finished laughing my head off…. about the dishes thing… Because he thinks YOU are not rinsing off the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher – I would add a permanent plate on the counter and when he puts his dishes in the sink without rinsing them YOU put it on that plate. (pile up the plates of course with all the food still on it, and add the cups/glasses on that piile and add the knives full of peanut butter etc… in the glasses/cups) And put a sign on it that says “HIS” And I would especially do that in FRONT of him…. such as, he just finished making a pb and jam sandwich and put the kinife in the sink, I would immediately take it out of the sink and add it to the plate tower.  (And I would wait to see how long it takes for him to realize that HE is not doing what he is yelling at you for!)

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greaselightning:  It really depends on the situation. i either usually just laugh it off or throw around a snarky reply. Other times if I feel like he’s being ignorant or repeating some garbage he heard from some other idiot, then I let him have it or make him backup what he’s saying with facts. He doesn’t like that too much, but over the years it’s helped him to be more informed and to think twice about all of the things he says.

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