How do you “hide” morning sickness?

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Well I am not sure of a way to  hide it but not EVERYONE gets morning sickness.

Maybe you will be one of the lucky few who doesn’t get it.

Also, when I was pregnant, there were triggers that made me feel sick. Like brushing my teeth … it was nearly impossible. Or fast food! So maybe finding out what your triggers are and staying away from them.


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hahaha i cant help but laugh but honestly this is something i have thought about too – mostly because i dont want my work knowing im pregnant right away, id rather wait till im showing.

ill be following this thread

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I work in the same type of environment as you and had to puke once in the public washroom. It was empty though, so not so bad; but still something you don’t want to do at work. I started carrying my toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere I go after that.

There are ways to help: avoid what triggers your nausea, seabands, gingerale… Nausea is really not fun, but it’s also not so unstoppable that everyday is an all-day pukefest like you described! I had nausea pretty much 24/7, but only threw up 3 times, twice at home and once at work.

There is also medication that is safe and that your doctor may give you if it’s as bad as you describe it. (I actually had it and it helped a lot)

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I was really sick while pregnant (like puking 5+ times a day) and 99% of my co-workers were surprised when I announced my preganncy at 13 weeks.  Most people really aren’t that observant.  ๐Ÿ™‚  My boss was the only one who noticed, and she caught on basically right away. 

As far as puking in the office goes, well, it sucks.  I’m really lucky that I have a private bathroom near my office that I was able to use most of the time.  I did have to puke in the bigger, shared bathroom down the hall sometimes, and that wasn’t great.  I used the handicapped stall whenever possible, and would sometimes sit in there for a few minutes afterward, if there were other people in the bathroom while I was puking.  I also carried little bottles of mouthwash in my purse.

I rarely had to excuse myself from a meeting to puke; you’ll find that morning sickness often has a pattern to it and you’ll learn to arrange your schedule/activities to that pattern.  I would puke first thing in the morning, right after I got to work, when I went home for lunch, after returning to the office from lunch, after getting home from work, and again after dinner.  If I did have to puke during a meeting, I snuck out or politely excused myself, and returned when I was done.  Most people just assumed I needed to use the bathroom.

I often had to puke while driving (or directly after arriving somewhere) because I get motion sickness a lot, which would trigger my morning sickness.  Usually, I could feel it coming on and would have enough time to pull off to the side of the road or into a parking lot before I had to puke.  A few times, though, I had to puke into an empty plastic bag because I wasn’t able to pull off to the side of the road in time.  ๐Ÿ™  It’s good to keep a few bags handy in your car.

All in all, my morning sickness was extreme (google “hyperemesis” to find out more).  Most people never get this bad, and about 30% of women never get morning sickness at all.  It’s very likely you’ll rarely (or never!) have to deal with the situations you outlined in your post.

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@Mrs. Spring: Oh my gosh, that sounds so horrible!!

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@Mrs.Spring: Oh man!  That is horrible!!!!!

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@MrsMcGyro: @med700:  Thanks.  It sucked, but it’s very rare, so most people will never get morning sickness that bad.  I actually talked to my doctor about at my annual this week, and I feel a lot better that now that I am officially “diagnosed,” subsequent pregnancies will be a lot easier.

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I got lucky. I always felt like I had to puke but it never actually happened. I would avoid going to dinner with friends, I’d only go out with family that knew I was pregnant b/c the smells always got to me. I would just tell everybody else I had a headache when invited, which is normal for me b/c I get migraines.

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@Mrs. Spring: is there a chance it won’t happen in your next pregnancies?

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i had morning sickness starting 5 wks and it NEVER went away….i had to go to the doctor and took unisom and vitamin b6 that helped a lot…if i missed a dose i was puking within 12 hrs…

about puking in public places the first time it happened i was at the doctors office… where she told me to take the unisom and b6. It happened like 3 times at work once i didnt make it to the bathroom and puked in the trash ! i kept puke bags in the car because yes i puked while driving and thankfully i was able to pull over and have a good puke session before getting home.

in short i had terrible morning sickness but was still able to function i always had little baggies “just in case” and well sometimes you may not be able to hide it but you could just say you got a stomach bug:)) if your lucky you may not get it at all

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@MAGENTA0724: I second the Unisom and B6. I’m at 28 weeks and I’m still taking it!!

Also, just being more active made me feel better. If it won’t hurt your career, I’d let a supervisor or something know that you may be making a dask to the bathroom. I’m a student, and I just let all my teachers who had an attendance policy know, and it wasn’t an issue – all men and all very sympathetic to my situation surprisingly.

Always have some sort of bag in you car just in case, but you’ll often feel it coming and be able to pull over in time. I only had problems once, and it was because my stupid Chevy’s locks malfunctioned, and I couldn’t get the door open. I was frantic!!

And if you really have morning sickness that bad, you probably won’t care what people are thinking. You’ll just be miserable and wanting to throw up to feel better. At least that was how it was for me.

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Yikes!  I am not pregnant yet, but have also been wondering about this.  I am desperately hoping that I don’t have bad morning sickness b/c I *hate* throwing up.  Also, I take a vanpool to work, and I get nauseous on the drive (over a very windy mountain road) to begin with.  I’m worried that I might have to stop taking the vanpool to work when I get pregnant, or risk puking on the way to work every day!

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@.twist.:  It’s possible, but unlikely.  My mom also had hyperemesis (although she wasn’t ever “diagnosed,” I’m positive she did), and her’s got worse with each pregnancy.  There’s some information that it might be genetic, and that relatives’ experiences may help predict your own, so it’s more likely that I will have it in subsequent pregnancies.

Also, there is help for morning sickness beyond home remedies.  And if a woman ever feels that she is nauseous/sick more often than what is common, she should talk to her doctor about medications, specifically Zofran.  Until recently, I thought you just had to suffer through it; I didn’t know about hyperemesis and the treatments options available until recently.

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I worried about this too. Then I actually got pregnant, had REALLY bad morning sickness, threw up several times in the trash can in my cubicle, and moved on in life ๐Ÿ™‚


Gatorade, seabands, preggie pop drops, and avoiding my triggers helped me through it.

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