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  • poll: I define myself by my job!
    Agree (I do what I do, and it's part of who I am) : (56 votes)
    38 %
    Agree Strongly (I AM what I do) : (10 votes)
    7 %
    Disagree (I am separate from my job) : (50 votes)
    34 %
    Disagree Strongly (My job has nothing to do with ME) : (23 votes)
    16 %
    Other (I have something else in mind) : (4 votes)
    3 %
    Screw all this job talk, go watch some baseball! : (5 votes)
    3 %
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    @BostonBaby:  It okay! Right now I’m Aliavenue, Assistant Director of ____ ____ at ____ ____ ____ University’s ____ ____ campus


    I usually just say, “I work as Director of ____.” Which, technically is a lie and my Director probably wouldn’t be too happy, but COME ON.

    I would just introduce yourself as a freelance writer.

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    My career is a big part of my identity, although not the only part by any stretch. In some ways, I’m in a similar situation, in that my *title* at any given time – grad student, instructor/lecturer, and (god willing, someday) professor – are different from my career *identity,* which is historian.

    I think you could answer in a lot of different ways. “I’m a writer and a teacher,” is one that’s totally true, and people understand it.

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    I have a wierd job that a lot of people dont want to talk about- so eventhough my work is a big part of who I am, I rarely mention it upon introduction.

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    Strongly disagree!!!

    My job is just a way to make money. I sit there for 8 hours a day and then once I leave, I don’t think about it until 8am the next day. I LOATHE my job. Although it is my career and I’m not sure I’ll ever do anything else. Sigh…

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    @PinkMagnolia:  this is the exact same for me. My job is a means to pay bills. That is it. I don’t like it at all even though I work from home 4 days out of the week! My job is NOT who I am at all. I hate even talking about my job when people ask me about it.

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    Most of the time my job is irrelevant to the situation, so there is no need to mention it. But if there is a need, I change it up based on the subject matter at hand and the audience. If I am talking to people who are totally clueless, I’ll say “My name is Ms. LK and I am a policy analyst for [insert large well-known program that I work on]. If it’s someone within the executive branch, I’ll refer to my paygrade and the Department I work for. My pay grade identifies my position in the foodchain and my Department tells my general subject matter expertise. If I am talking to someone within my Agency, I’ll use my actual position title and the name of my particular Office.  That is the most level of detail, and only makes sens to those who also operate within the same system.

    I say, choose the option that best fits the situation at hand, and try to forget about the judgements of others. Just because someone has a position title that sounds better, it doesn;t mean that they are somehow happier and more fulfilled in their career… or their life.

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    My job will never define me.  Whether I go to law school or own a pottery, it is not who I am; a job is what I do.

    I dislike it when people ask what I do.  It is more about them, if they define themselves by their work than it is about you (that is what I try to remember), and maybe they are just being curious or thinking they are making small talk (which I also am not into!), but sometimes it is/ seems very rude to me.  That is just not how I relate to people.  I like personalities – I don’t judge or relate to people by what they do.

    I think it helps to think of how you would like to identify yourself/ what you do identify with.  My friend is a heart surgeon in NYC, but she always introduces herself as a writer!  In fact, her job is so difficult that she has “two personalities,” as she puts it- Sarah, and Dr. Sarah.  When she is not at work she is NOT Dr. Sarah!  She is Sarah the writer.  🙂


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    I like my job–I’m new at it so it certainly doesn’t define me, but if someone asks me what I do I don’t mind if they judge me based on my job. However, the people I work with are very passionate about their work and I think some of them may feel it partially defines them. I admire them and I wouldn’t mind feeling the same way when I put so much care and effort into somethign!

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    I would be horrified if someone introduced me with my job in the same sentence. It adds nothing to who I am, and it makes people uncomfortable when I talk about my job anyway.

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    If I were you, I’d say I worked in education and leave it at that– if they ask, because they’re interested, you could go into more detail (if I met a tutor I’d love to talk shop!)

    I do define myself on what I do– reading/literacy/education is totally my passion and what I do in both my paid job and free time.  I can totally respect people who separate their work from their lives (and sometimes I do that, too!) because it gets overwhelming to be doing one thing all the time.  I am just putting a lot of education (starting a doctorate in the fall) into my career and it really does define me because it’s what I’ve spent most of my life doing!

    That said, the only time I’d want to be introduced that way would be in a professional setting.  “This is my professor, ___”, “This is my colleague, ___”, “This is my student, ____”.  In the real world, I just want to go by my name.  If you’d like to hear about me, my profession will definitely come up, but it doesn’t need to be included in an introduction.

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     mightywombat I work in end of life care.  Not really an ice breaker!

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    @eeniebeans:  I feel you, I do life insurance. I totally know how you feel!

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