(Closed) How do you keep yourself motivated to exercise?

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Blushing bee

@weddingbee098:  it sounds a completely crazy and it mostly is but I get up bright and early and go to the gym before work. Then I get ready in the locker room. Once you get in the habit it’s pretty easy and you get used to waking up in the dark! I’m way too exhausted and the gym is way too packed at 5pm. 

Also if you have an iPhone like me, I started a separate photo album called progress. And I take torso pictures every few weeks. The difference is RIDICULOUS. I have trouble believing its actually me! 

I also pick one day a week to weigh myself. Then if I think of skipping the gym or eating sayyyyy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s I always think “damn it I have to weigh in on Wednesday I can’t eat this!”

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Bumble bee
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@weddingbee098:  One of the best tips I’ve had is that you should get ready for the gym (completely ready, shoes, socks, water bottle, etc) when you’re supposed to go, and if you really aren’t feeling it that day you have to get undressed to stay home.  

I love going to the gym and I feel gross all day if I don’t go in the morning, so I find it harder to not go than to go.   

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I do it at my lunch hour quickly. I always feel like when my day is done I am tired and want to relax and my mornings I am tired and the cold does not help. So if you can sneak away to a gym near the office – that is how I stay motivated.

Also set goals and try to maintain them as best as possible.

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Busy bee
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@weddingbee098:  It’s hard in the winter, I agree. I motivate myself by taking classes – I know I paid for the membership and it’s a waste if I don’t use it! When I try to exercise on my own it’s not as successful. Plus, you can’t really just bail in the middle of a class (well you could, but I’d feel like a failure haha). Also, I think about how I feel after the class, which is amazing! And then on the flip side I think of how I’ll feel if I don’t work out – unhealthy : /. Also, find a workout you like/love, if possible. I love dance and yoga so I do zumba and yoga classes. Sometimes I run, but that feels more just like endless exercise instead of a craft or artistic sort of expression

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I always go in the morning! Then you don’t have to worry about being exhausted at night!

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@Heatherliak:  You sound just like me!  I hated getting up and going to the gym in the morning at first (especially because I have a long commute) but once it became part of my routine, it feels weird if I dont go! It made me tired at first, but now my energy is through the roof!

I also utilize apps on my iphone (myfitnesspal) and take photos every few weeks and weigh myself once a week (my worst cheat day was usually friday and saturday, so I chose Sunday to weigh myself! I was shocked at how much it deterred me from pigging out friday and saturday.  I knew I had worked hard all week and wanted my sunday weigh-in to reflect that!)

To the OP- just force yourself to make it part of your routine! When I first started, I checked in on foursquare every time I went, and it gives you cool little achievements like “3 days this week!” or “6 weeks in a row!”.  now, I exersice with Fiance and we hold eachother accountable and motivate each other.  Its great having a partner! We also cook healthy meals at home more often now instead of dining out so much

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Busy bee
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@weddingbee098:  Hope you don’t mind, but I’m commenting to follow! I need some serious motivation!

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Sugar bee
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I go straight after work.  I don’t go home first.  My gym bag is on or under my desk in my office.  If I’m at home, I want to stay home.

I also use a lot of apps to track my progress (gympact, myfitnesspal and run keeper)  All three yell at me if I don’t go to the gym. 

The third thing is I tell my Fiance and a friend if I don’t want to go to the gym.  They will back me up if the reason is legitimate (ie if the weather is bad, I don’t go) but will give me the disapointed speach if my reason is I’m tired. 

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Buzzing bee
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@weddingbee098:  I tell myself “Hey, if I run/workout today, I can have that extra glass of wine tonight…”

No, but seriously.

And also, don’t go home! Bring everything you need for the gym to work. Or, if you’re like me and you run/workout at home, change IMMEDIATELY when you get home. I’ve found that once the workout clothes are on, my guilt in skipping out increases dramatically. It brings me great shame to be sitting on the couch, snacking and watching TV while still in my workout clothes.

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Helper bee
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I have to be at work by 7AM. I workout at 5AM. You just have to get up and go. I’m incredibly unmotivated if I wait until after work to do it.

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Sugar bee
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I go on my lunch break, which helps a lot because it isn’t taking away my “rest time.” Also, Darling Husband and I diet and work out together most of the time (minus my extra gym time). Doing it together REALLY motivates me. It is also really motivating when I put on a pair of jeans and look great in them 🙂

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I stare at photos online of drastic before and afters…then I think to myself..if they can lose that much, I can lose the 20 pounds I want to lol

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Sugar bee
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I do go later in the day usually from 8pm-9pm because I am so NOT a morning person. Exercise in the morning makes me physically ill and I usually can’t accomplish as much in the morning as I can in the evening because of that…I am also not very social and don’t like being in a very crowded gym, I find the later I go the more empty it is…but that’s totally my own weird thing.

Also for me, sometimes I will set an alarm 30 min before I want to leave for the gym. So that I can have time to get ready to go. I usually often tell Fiance on those days, I am planning to go to the gym tonight (I only go three times a week) so that I feel kind of more accountable. Not that he would judge me for not going but usually one I have put it out there that I am going, I at least feel more obligated to myself to follow through…I also invested in a few nice gym outfits, headphone to take with me, running shoes etc…which all make me feel obligated to use these things. I also remind myself I pay for my gym membership, might as well get the most for my money by using it!

I’ve also been tracking my workouts/calories burned with My Fitness Pal, that always helps keep me motivated because I can see my progress.

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Helper bee
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@Heatherliak:  +1, this is my routine exactly, even down to the weekly weigh-in.

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