(Closed) How do you like four names for a baby? And do the "first name" have to be first?

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  • poll: Four names for a baby, good or bad? AND does the name the baby will be called have to come first?

    Four names is great! But the name the baby will be called HAS TO BE FIRST!

    Four names is great! The name the baby will be called doesn't have to come first!

    Four names is ridiculous! 3 is perfect! And the name the baby will be called has to come first!

    Four names is ridiculous! 3 is perfect! The name the baby will be called doesn't have to come first!

    Four names is ridiculous! 2 is perfect! And the name the baby will be called has to come first!

    Four names is ridiculous! 2 is perfect! The name the baby will be called doesn't have to come first!

    Four names is ridiculous! ONE plus a last name is enough!

    The more names the merrier! But the name the baby will be called has to be the first!

    The more names the merrier! It doesn't matter if the name the baby will be called is not the first!

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    My full name is:

    Amanda Middle_name_1 Middle_name_2 Last_name_1 i Last_name_2

    (i = “and” in the language I was named in)

    In the end.. it did not affect my life at all.  On passports, drivers licenses, when I was a student, etc.. my paperwork said Amanda Middle_name_1 Last_name_1.. my full name is only used in very limited documents.

    It’s never used in my day to day life except as a random piece of trivia about me.  People are like “oh wow cool” and then we talk about something else.

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    Just looked at the first page.  You’ll be giving them 4 names in addition to the family name, so 5 names total.  I think that’s a bit excessive. 4 names total will fall more within a normal although is still more than average.

    As for the going by the non-first name.  Don’t.  I have a family member with 4 names and he uses his 2nd.  It has caused all kinds of issues with passports and other forms of IDs.  It’s not worth the hassle.

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    I don’t get it about someone who mentioned that kids would tease you for having 2 or 3 middle names. Thats just outrightly either mean or untrue because really who uses middle names. They are mostly there to honour an Aunt,Uncle, Father or some relative. Where I come from every one tries to chip in with a name or two when a baby is born. And why shoul droyals have more names and regular people not have. why is it pretentious.Havent they got red blood flowing in their veins too. What I think is whatever name you would want to call the child should be the first name and the rest are middle names.

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    bibilicious :  Don’t do it bee, you’re going to cause them such a headache. It’s a sweet idea but not worth it IMO. 

    In the UK, unless your first name is something strongly cultural that is challenging for people to spell / pronounce correctly and you have a chosen alternative (a colleague of mine is names Xing, but she choses to be called Emily instead) the first name will be the name they are called. School, work (work email), legal things etc. – it is always the first name. If a colleage was legally called Josephine and said ‘oh actually please call me Amelia’, it would be very odd. Not impossible to do, but would always need explaining.

    Being known by a nickname is very common – Jenny instead of Jennifer, Jo instead of Josephine, Em instead of Emma. Prehaps you could chose a first name that could be shortened like this for day to day use if you’re not 100% keen on the full name that goes first. 

    On a practical note, in the UK names of that length and number would not fit on many of the standard legal forms. This can cause *huge* issues when getting your passport and driving licences etc. I have a first name, middle name and surname. My first name is 9 letters, middle name is 6 letters and surname is 9 letters and I have had some where I only have a few boxes left spare for the letters to go into. Doctors registrations, university forms, job applications etc. Giving them a 35-40+ letter name is not going to make their lives easy. 

    Prehaps you could keep those names as ‘family names’ and pass down the idea of using the ones you don’t select to your children to name their grandchildren. I think this would be quite sweet.

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    Ugh ridiculous. Yes 4 is too much. Reminds me of MadTvs Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson. Stick to 2 and make the first name the ACTUAL first name. The child can decide later on if the first name is so horrible that they prefer to go by their 2nd name or just do initials. 

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    bibilicious :  No one needs four names. I hate to be abraisive, but yes, 4 names is ridiculous and unecessary.

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    I do find it ridiculous. In my culture we do not really give middle names. However, I think that giving 1 middle name is totally fine and I obviously don’t judge people who do. I just think that there is a limit to everything and 4 is way above that limit (for me). It just becomes confusing at this point. If the kid is not really gonna use all the 4 names then why give 4 names? That being said, it is your baby and you do what makes you and your husband happy! 🙂 

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    I work in a job where we have to verify people’s identities prior to working with them by government order in the US. I would say a 4 first name person this would be at the best difficult.  Our forms aren’t equipped for this, and no one in our field is.

    On top of this, writing that name is going to be a pain to do over and over and over again.  Kids these days need a lot of forms filled out.  Daycare, school and sports registration, any field trips they go on need like five forms.  I have a hyphenated last name of 14 letter.  That is a big enough pain.

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