(Closed) How do you like your rings to fit? (Size-wise!)

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Sugar bee
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My hands are similar to yours– over the course of a day my ring can go from slipping off my finger to so tight it leaves an impression of the design. 

Generally, I like it best when I cna spin it freely, but it takes a slight effort to slide it off, just to make sure I don’t wash it down the garbage disposal or something (a HURE fear of mine!)

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Helper bee
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I like my rings loose enough that they don’t leave indentions in my fingers and that I can swirl them but tight enough that I have to put in some effort to get it over my knuckle. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I’ve always wore a Size 7.

And I like my rings to fit over my knuckle with a bit of effort, and have maybe a bit of room to twirl around once in place (something I’ve learned you can rectify by either having a flat bottom customized for your ring into the design, or by sodering rings together, or having them weighted).

I don’t like it when my rings are too loose or too tight.  Find it frustrating if I can’t get them off without using something to aid them along (such as handsoap)

In recent years as I’ve aged (I’m now 50+) my fingers have started to swell a bit from time to time (warm weather, hormones, whatever)

In the wintertime for the most part, my rings fit properly (and in Canada with our cooler climate, the fit then is good the majority of the year)

When we picked out my E-Ring, I found that the ring I chose fit quite snuggly in Size 7, but trying on the sizer in 7-1/2 or 8 was too loose for me (although the Jeweller warned me that a wider band should be bigger in size than a thinner one)

Just the same, the whole idea scared me… as I can’t stand it when a ring is too loose on my finger

So I ordered my E-Ring in Size 7… hopefully it will fit fine when it comes in this weekend.  If not we’ll be back to have it resized a bit bigger (I hope not)

The plan is right now, that I’ll wear it 6 months to see how it goes.

I have though just become aware of what is known as “Ring Sizing Balls” which I believe is what you are referring to in your post… so if Size 7 doesn’t work out for me, and I have to go larger, think I might explore having them added to the inside of my ring to snug up the fit at least a wee bit.


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Buzzing bee
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My hands are similar. When I am cold they are a 6.5 and when I am dying of heat they are 7.75! On a typical day, my rings snugly fit (in a nice, snug way) at about size 7. Beause of the heat recently, my engagement ring was so tight it was cutting off circulation to my finger, so I got my rings resized to a size 7.5. It is perfect when I am warm, a bit loose when I am room temperature (but not spinning) and I need a ring snuggie if I ever go out and shovel the drive way.

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Sugar bee
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I actually thought a size 4 ring was good enough .. but I’m so happy the consultant said a 3.5 would fit better. I bought a faux wedding band for days I don’t want to mess up the good bling … and it’s a size 4 – it’s so loose it bugs the hell outta me. I guess you could say I like the perfect fit rings – mine fit absolutely right, not too snug not too loose.

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Bee Keeper
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I wear mine very loose.

My ring size is about a 5.25-5.5 (depending on who measures me). I have slightly larger knuckles. I wear rings that are at least a full size larger (6.5) or even bigger if they are wide (since my three rings soldered are between 8-11mm wide, they are sized at a 7 right now and fit more like the 6.5 thin band I have does).

Yup, they are definitely too loose when my fingers are cold and at their smallest. But, when my fingers swell, which they can do a full size after I work out or during the summer, they fit pretty awesome. I just use ring snuggies to prevent them flying off when it is colder and my knobbier knuckle acts as a good brake. The snuggies really do stop them from going anywhere though. I also don’t wear them swimming or anything like that where there is a risk of losing them.

I had to have rings cut off before when they were sized “properly” as my finger swelled when I banged it and slightly injured it and my circulation was getting cut off, and it was a while before I could wear rings again, so I tend to really get nervous about snug rings now. Most jewelers do try and size me smaller, except for the one that has said they leave sizing up to the people who know their hands best (their customers). I hate the feeling of a tight ring, and I REALLY hate any dragging or pulling over my knuckle to get a ring off.

Also, couple of my rings are eternity rings so not as easy to size later. If I get arthritis or something in my knuckle, this gives me some more leeway down the road.

My husband wears his ring snugger, and more at his actual size. When his finger swells it is too tight for him as it digs into his knuckle (his ring sits high due to webbing between fingers), and he takes it off and puts it on his watch band. He does not want it sized larger though as he thinks the size is just perfect for him.


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Helper bee

I prefer it to be tight enough that it does slip over my knuckle, but I do like to rotate my ring around my finger when I’m nervous, so I prefer for it to be a LITTLE loose.

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Honey bee
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I have a size 7 finger but had to size my 3 rings to an 8 so they would fit together…they are 4mm, 2.5mm and 2.5 mm so they have alot of finger coverage and in a 7 they would have a serious muffin top

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Sugar bee
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Somewhere between “fly off my finger when I’m talking with my hands” and “Whoa there that’s some finger muffin top”

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Sugar bee
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My e-ring fit perfect.  Not sure about the band… I got a 1/2 size too big because they didnt; have 1/2 sizes but I have worn size  rings before and they were fine.

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Bumble bee
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@pigeon-noises: He’s definitely more strange. Lol. I can’t stand tight rings; it gives me the same claustrophobic feeling, and there’s nothing more unattractive than ring muffin top (except for maybe real muffin top…haha) IMO. So my rings are sized up about half a size bigger than the jeweler recommended and I would have it no other way.

ETA: My ring also has a euro shank so that it never spins. I love it, best of both worlds!

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Sugar bee
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I definitely prefer loose, my hands are like yours and shrink and swell based on the weather, living in Texas they are swollen more often than they aren’t so getting them a little loose helps… They do spin like crazy in the winter though.  I also have to get them a little looser though becaues I have big knuckles that I need to get them over and I don’t like fighting with my rings every day.

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Busy bee
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I have the same problem as you, my finger size changes a lot during the day so picking a size was kind of stressful. I have an e ring with an eternity band so it had to fit since sizing would be an issue so it’s a little loose but I feel better that way.

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