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Like you!?  PLEASE!  So many of us are!  Trust me, you’re far from alone in the wedding weight loss craze.  Advice I have?  Two things – find a cardio workout that you LOVE and count calories.  You WILL lose weight doing both!

I tried Zumba just yesterday (which let the record reflect, I thought it sounded stupid and had vowed not to go) and let me say, the group of women I met on my first try were ROCKSTARS!  I met some great ladies, we had women who lost 40+ pounds doing nothing but Zumba – and we had FUN!  I mean, smiles on our faces, jiggly-everywhere-but-who-cares FUN in that class.  I would recommend it to anyone trying to have a good time and lose weight.

Aside from Zumba, I support your goal and think you will do amazing at it!  I’m a 14 (16 in my w-dress size) trying to get toned and lose some lbs in the 4 months to my wedding date – so I know how it goes.  Stay focused, have a good time, and since you’re only 25ish posts in?  WELCOME to Wedding Bee!  🙂

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So do you actually go to the gym with your MOH?  Set a date to go with her x number of times and week and you HAVE to go no matter what (I would consider doing it before the work day so you aren’t exhausted and can’t psyche yourself out of going later).

Also, have you tried Weight Watchers?  I never have done it, but I know a lot of people who had a lot of success with it.  The largest part of losing weight is keeping your diet under control.  Can you snack during the day at work?  That will keep you from starving by the end of the day and running out for fries and a burger.

If you need motivation, I post a weekly thread called Workout Buddies where we post about our working out and eating well sucesses and failures.

Good luck, you can do it!

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How are you at moderation with stuff that you crave? Like, if you let yourself get a kids’ size burger and small fry, will that satisfy the craving?

If not, I find that with my weakness (sweets), the more I eat it, the more I want it. If I swap it out for a healthy alternative and push through the initial cravings, it DOES get easier. The first bit is utter crap though. :/

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When I took the bar exam last summer, I actually lost weight because I used the gym as my major source of stress relief.

Here are my two suggestions:

1) Exercise makes you feel better afterwards, so try to focus on it as you time. And make it as good as possible for you. Load your mp3 player with podcasts or music you love, buy an outfit to workout in that makes you feel good (comfy, flattering, your favorite color, etc.), and do things that you like. If you love TV, do your squats and lifts in front of it. If you have a dog, walk it for 20 minutes twice a day (the dog will love it too). Go to dance classes if you like to dance. Once excercise and the feel good part is a daily thing for you, you may want to consider some really serious activities, though it isn’t necessary, but for now, get moving and do things you enjoy.

2) For me, eating well is about temptation and ease. If crap is what is around me, I eat crap. If good stuff is around me, I eat good stuff. Get rid of the crap, buy good stuff, and prep good food for when you are busy. If there is a salad and a cup of lentil soup waiting for you in the fridge, but no ice cream, you’ll eat the salad and soup.

Now, this has worked for me, and would work for you. But I’ve also fallen off the wagon many times. Honestly, right now I am not exercising regularly and I am eating okay, not terrible, but not great. And I am stressed and wish I were following this advice. So my last bit of advice is:

3) Don’t beat yourself up. We all go through periods of stress and poor habits, and there will ALWAYS be room to improve. Not everything has to be a monumental effort, just go for a walk. If you eat fast food tomorrow, not the end of the world. Just have a salad for lunch. Drop the all or nothing mentality that media gives us (it is too draining to always be revolutionizing our lives). Just treat everyday like a normal day, it isn’t the beginning or the end. Health is about the long run.

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If you have it, spend the money on a few sessions with a personal trainer and a nutritionist. They can set you in the right direction and keep you “goal focused”. Zumba is a great workout—I can vouch for that, and so is Spinning! Both will help you burn fat.  Good luck! You can do it!

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music and an ipod is very important. my fi got deployed in jan and i have lost around 35 lbs… (most of which was gained during our “ahhhh,so in love” stage) the main things to do, since normally my workouts are with him…well, were, is to find a group. for instance, say your gym has a spin class on tues and thurdays at 6…am,pm whatever. or a step class mon,wed,friday at 7…again,am or pm,either. when you go to classes, same class, on a regular basis, you see the same people, get to know them, learn their struggles, become friends and soon have an amazing support system. key is every other day. most of the time classes of the same time frame…are either everyday…or work on a mon,wed,fri…or tues,thurs type schedule(at gyms).i work out 5 days a week, and mon,wed,fri do a class i have been doing for a long while now, and recently added a tues thurs and a diff class…its like u fight the battle with these people. and on the days you do decided to hit the machines (treadmills,ellits) its is so so important to have some music. and like one poster said, make a “must” for how many days u make yourself do it… a bare minimum. and as far as cravings, i know this sounds silly, but ill eat pretty good during the week, then if i crave something, write it down in a notebook….then on saturday, i go get it, or them…whatever i craved in the week. and do NOT have it in the house…. having the stuff hangin out at the house would kill me. and stay strong, he will be back soon and you two will be rockin it out again…. make lil goals, it helps… good luck

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