(Closed) How do you lose weight when you have every bad food habit EVER?

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@SadMrsToBe:  I have made the NY resolution not to buy processed food when I grocery shop. That way I am forced to eat better at least at home. If I want to snack it’s on a veggie or fruit with a dressing I have to make which makes it way healthier than if I bought some snack or dressing.

Maybe try something like this?

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@SadMrsToBe:  The good thing ist hat you recognize the problems you do have and know what you have to work on. The hardest part can be admitting you have a problem. I would start with the easier ones first like eating breakfast in the morning and trying to use less condiments when you eat the foods you like then slowly work on all the other things. Try replacing soft drinks with water..I know it will be hard but drinking calories is the worst and water has 0 calories.

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@SadMrsToBe:  Aw – you’re not horrible and you will be able to tackle this.  It just takes time.It’s hard for everyone!

My suggestion is to make very small changes, one at a time.  So, you love drinking soda.  Try drinking water instead of soda, but keep all of the other things you normally do.  When you can get used to that, try making another small change.  If you don’t have a food processor, maybe go out and buy a cheap one.  Make tacos, but grind up a bunch of cooked carrots and peppers, and add them to your meat while its cooking.  You won’t see it, but the vitamins are there.

Then go to the next step…but only when you’re ready.  It takes time. 

By the way, your body craves sugar and carbs because you eat sugar and carbs.  If you reduce your intake, your body won’t crave it so much, but you have to get through a tough waiting period for that to happen, so I’m not implying that its at all easy to do.  It’s just a hopeful FYI that eventually your body won’t crave it so much.

More suggestions to come, but have to run.  Good luck!

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@SadMrsToBe:  Girlfriend, I’m in pretty much the same boat. I’m 5’5 and 166. I love food, nothing gets me more excited than knowing I’m about to have a big yummy meal (and bad snacks in between).

The best way for me to curb the cravings is to distract myself in every way possible (which is hard bc I work from home) but seriously, if I make plans to go out and if I stay as far away from the kitchen as I can when I’m working from home it seems to help.

I’ve also joined the gym with my guy and we go 3 times a week. He’s lost 8lbs, I’ve lost like…3 UGH. But I’m just going to keep at it. Have you decided you want to workout before the wedding?

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I would work on one or two changes at a time, so it’s not overwhelming. 

First thing I would do it cut out the candy, soda, sweets.  It’s all empty calories.  Once you start to go without, you really won’t miss it much, I promise! 

There isn’t anything wrong with eating 5-6 meals/snacks a day if they’re small and healthy. If you have to have soda, at least switch to diet (I like coke zero sometimes) for the time being (until you can cut it out, or down).  It doesn’t taste the same, but after a few weeks you will prefer it. 

Better yet, start drinking water anytime you want to mindlessly eat or snack.  You should also ask yourself “am I really, truly hungry? or is something else going on? Am I bored?  Sad?”  If you aren’t hungry, it’s just not worth it to eat it!  Find something else to do.  Read, paint your toenails, clean your house.

I think you should look up some recipes for vegetables that are highly rated (like on allrecipes.com) and not drowning in cheese/oil.  Your veggie-hate is probably mostly in your head.  Once you find some recipes to try you will probably find some that you prefer and some you think are tasty.  Then you can use those as a constant in your diet while trying new things.

Anyway, I would start with cutting out the junk (candy, soda) and then after that I would work on making what you do eat healthier (switch to whole wheat pasta, try new vegetable recipes, eat whole grain bread).  Make yourself eat more fruits and vegetables, even if you don’t enjoy some of them (you will eventually enjoy some)

You don’t need to eat a big breakfast, even an apple is better than nothing.  Once you actually start eating breakfast, you will find you are hungry for it.

I would also suggest working out.  Most people will find that once they start working out, it will make them want to eat better as well.

Get on MyFitnessPal and start recording everything you put into your mouth.

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I’m not a fan of  veggies either.  I AM that kid that got brussel sprouts for dinner, didn’t eat them, and got them for breakfast and lunch the next day until my mom caved.

I can only eat cooked peas, i can now eat a ton of  veggies, just not cooked.  Maybe try that?  I know that the slimy mush stuff makes me all icked out.  You could try maybe Weight Watchers, they actually do teach you how to eat (how i found out i like raw veggies vs. cooked), teach about portion control and you have to keep track of what you ate all day.  Looking over the list of what you ate  all day really makes it concrete like in your face and you can’t escape it.

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The easiest diets are ones where you don’t feel like you on one, I don’t have time to write a massive technical reply so heres a shortened reply to most bits:

-you know this is bad, you hide food, you feel ashamed, you’ve identified where you are going wrong so it should be plain sight to see what needs change

-Routine! you need to go to bed at a good time, that literally only takes a few nights to fix and it’ll take out snack time completely. Mealtimes are so important, it takes a while to get out of habits (they are after all a behaviour you’ve deloped over time) so you develop your own habits to beat your bad ones.

-I’d say a major thing is don’t buy it and you won’t eat it- I’d turn to chocolate and icecream on bad days however I just don’t buy it, so the best I can do is cereal or a couple of slices of buttered toast if I’m unhappy..

-Making things from scratch means that most things become to much effort to eat (cakes and such)

-if something is on my plate I have to eat it, so I measure things out before I cook it and so I never have to much. Buy smaller plates (sounds islly I know) and you’ll load up less in the first place

– if you do accidently go out on a binge at 5pm with dinner scheduled at 6, skip ‘dinner’ you’ve already had it!

-use dressings like  balsamic vingegar based dressings (no oil!) and if you can’t eat it without dressing then don’t eat it.

-Sugary things- for dessert try sugar free jelly (jello, i think, if you are stateside) with berries set into them and if you can stomach sugar free fizzy drinks then have those instead. my Fiance doesnt like sugar free fiz but he will drink sugar free squash and tea like it’s going out of fashion

And exercise! Doing some weights and walking a bit will make the world of difference

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I totally feel you on a lot of this. 

I’m an extremely emotional eater, and eating what I want brings me a lot of comfort. I’m especially a picky eater, and I scoff at salads and things that have no meat or carbs in them. I am absolutely no expert on food or eating habits, but this is coming from someone who is trying to overcome food issues they’ve had their entire life.

First of all, don’t beat yourself up about it. You are not a horrible person because you like food. I really don’t know that many people that would ever say that they don’t like to eat. 

If you want to change things, I think you should be reasonable about it. Don’t try to upend all of your habits all at once overnight, because believe me, it is so difficult and makes it that much easier to say ‘screw it’ after 24 hours. I tried the no-carb thing for two days and I went completely insane. 

I recommend you start with easy things. Here are some things I can suggest.

-If you know it’s something you feel like you’ll eat a lot of–just don’t buy it from the grocery store. I quit buying things like chips and cookies a long time ago, because I knew if it was just right there I would eat it. 

-Find something to do in your spare time that you really enjoy. I had the worst habit of eating because I was bored, so I’m always doing some kind of craft or reading.

-Don’t let yourself get hungry! I am a really bad person about this, because I will work for hours and refuse to stop and then when I finally do I’m absolutely starving and that just really impairs my judgement. It is totally acceptable to keep a snack in your purse or something. Plus, you’ll save money if you buy it in a large amount or make it yourself.

-And, this is something I’m working on for myself: don’t always reward yourself with food. Find something else for at least some of the time. Like, ‘wow, i really kicked butt at my work presentation, i’m going to buy myself a book/movie/etc.’ Personally, I’m trying to reward my work ethic with sewing supplies, lol. I’ll get a lot more use out of a yard of fabric than I will a meal I’m going to only eat once.

I wish all of the best of luck to you. And don’t be discouraged, because I can guarantee that no one is perfect in anything.

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Im gonna stick around for this thread. Bring on the a suggestions cause I’m in the same boat as you OP! *sigh*

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What is it that you like about soda? It is the fizziness? Perhaps you can switch to a carbonated, flavored water.

Take  healthier snacks to work. Grapes, apples, almonds, yogurt, are good for you. Sure some fruit is sugary but it is a better choice that cookies or cake since it has vitamins, right?

Until you can cut out the mindless snacking, try popcorn (skinny pop or natural popcorn without all the butter and sugar). Four cups of skinny popcorn is only about 160 calories so you can munch away.

Switch your cookies for oatmeal cookies (do not have to contain raisins). Switch the ice cream for fro-yo with fruit.

Figure out a serving of pasta and only make that amount. Since it takes 12-15 minutes to cook more, hopefully you will have moved on by then.

I feel your pain, I am about your size and I love food, especially pasta ๐Ÿ™‚ I am just trying to make peace with eating a lot less of it.

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-I’m an emotional eater. If I have a bad day, out comes the ice cream and chocolate. I also eat when I’m bored, when I’m watching TV, etc.

You need to find a better outlet for your crummy day. Take a job. Draw. Do kickboxing. Write a letter. Weddingbee! And when you’re bored, get busy! And if you want to snack, grab the carrots instead of the chips.

-I eat large portions – my eyes are always bigger than my stomach but I try to force it anyway.

Eat on a smaller plate. You still visually fill your plate up, but it’s a smaller amount. Your eyes still feel like you’re getting that normal full plate’s worth. It helps to prevent overeating. If you’re still hungry, wait 20 minutes and go do something else. Still hungry after that? Then go have a small second portion.

-I eat too many times a day. Seriously, yesterday we were schedule to have dinner at 6 pm. At FIVE pm, I went to subway and ate a sandwich, cookie, and large Coke. Then went home and had dinner.

Instead of eating a whole meal when you’re hungry in between major meal times, have a healthy snack. Prep snacks ahead of time – have bags of carrots, whole grain crackers, celery and peanut butter, a FEW cookies, nuts, berries, etc. Then it’s easy to grab and go when you need to munch on something.

-I have a big sweet tooth. I love desserts, candy, and soda. Soda is my big downfall, I can’t stop drinking it.

You have to stop the soda. Every single person I know who cut soda out of their diet shed weight like none other without changing another thing. It’s okay to have every once in a while, but not every day. Don’t even buy it anymore! Keep water handy. Too bland? Drink tea. Add lemon to your water. Need some sweets? Have dessert in moderation! One cookie. One piece of candy. Not a handful. And not throughout the day! Fruit is also a great way to quench a sweet tooth.

-I hate vegetables. I’m like a child. I will eat corn and potatoes, and I can stomach spinach (if it’s hidden in lasagna). But other than that, I won’t touch any veggies. I hate the way they all taste, I hate the smell, and I refuse to try ones I’ve never had. Like I said, a child. I do like fruit, but that’s sugary so I’m sure I shouldn’t eat a ton of it.

You need to try things you’ve never had, and retry things you think you don’t like but haven’t had in a long time. Go into it open-minded. You might find something good! You can also “hide” veggies in other meals. There are lots of recipes to do this online.

-I skip breakfast. I just don’t feel hungry in the morning. I wake up at 5 for work and it’s just too early for food. Then by the time I’m at work, I stuff my face with whatever’s around because I can’t take a lunch break.

Pack a handy breakfast. Make a healthy breakfast burrito with a whole grain tortilla, egg, spinach, peppers, some bacon/ham, etc. Bring a banana. Bring some yogurt and berries. That way you don’t stuff your face when you get to work and you have something healthy and controlled when you do feel hungry in the morning.

-I eat late at night. I don’t go to bed before midnight and I’m usually up watching TV & snacking.

Again, have some small healthy snacks. If you’re snacking because you’re bored, then get productive with something – like preparing all these snacks I write about! Ha.

-I love pasta and bread

Omg, me too! Just try to switch to whole grain, which actually benefits you (whereas processed white bread/pasta is pretty empty). And then of course – moderation! 

-I hide food. I’m so ashamed of my habits that I hide food in my bag and eat when nobody’s around.

Don’t be ashamed about eating itself. And don’t choose things you know are bad for you that does cause you shame. But if you need to eat a lot, then go for it! Just make good choices with those frequent snacks/meals. Trust me, once you switch to healthy eating for awhile, your body can’t go back to junk.

-I load up on condiments. Ketchup, honey mustard, salad dressing, taco sauce, pasta sauce – I can’t eat something unless it’s drenched in sauce.

Again, sauce is fine in moderation. You just have to get your body adjusted to less and less. You don’t have to cut out all sauce on day one! Just choose a little less each time until it is a reasonable amount. Also – making your own sauces is such a great way to cut out a lot of crap that are in the processed stuff.

-I’m awful at planning meals. I always intend to, and then I just don’t. I don’t know what to buy at the store.

There are some AMAZING sites and blogs for this. I have found some that have free PDFs of entire months of meal planning that you can use as your own – no work involved! And the biggest thing is to just not buy the junk food in the first place. If it’s in your house, you’ll eat. Don’t buy it, and you’ll likely force yourself to reach for something healthier when you are at home.

I was 175 lbs and 5’4″ a couple years ago. I honestly put little effort into getting where I am now (140 lbs). I just made small changes gradually, and I gradually lost the weight. I look and feel great now.

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@SadMrsToBe:  I want to start off by saying that you’ve taken the biggest step of all.. you’ve analyzed your issues, broken them down, and accepted that they are not things you want to be doing.

That being said, given the number of issues you’re having with food, my best advice is to seek out a registered dietician or a nutritionist. I am not one, so my advice is definitely not expert, just an opinion.

I second what some other bees have posted: start small. Going cold turkey on every single thing is going to make you upset, miserable, and you’ll never be able to sustain it. 

Here are my best suggestions and words of advice:

I’m an emotional eater. You have to stop looking at food as a comfort. I know this is extremely hard, as tasty food makes all of us happy. But the truth is, eating to comfort yourself is just fueling the other problems that you have (overeating, bad food choices.) When you’re sad or down, find another support: your Fiance, your family, your best friend, a punching bag, writing, reading, dancing, anything. I think it’s also important to understand why you’re upset enough to make emotional eating a problem.

I eat large portions. Portion control is so hard these days, especially since restaurants are making plates larger and larger! If you’re out to eat, ask for a box WHEN your meal comes. Immediately put half in the box. Don’t even look at it. Some girls I know pour water on their plates, ruining the excess food. Personally, I put my napkin, silverware, etc. on the plate and cover the food. I do this when I know I’ve had enough, and don’t want to make myself sick. If you’re cooking at home, try the box strategy. Cook your meal, and immediately divide it up into portions, placing the extra in tupperware. This is great because it removes the excess food from your plate (out of sight, out of mind) AND you get lunch for the next day, already a perfect portion. 

I eat too many times a day. Ok – I am actually of the mentality that more meals are better than fewer. However, the big thing here is again, portion control. I eat numerous, small (and healthy meals) a day (this is because of a strict workout schedule and the nutrition timing associated with it.) But you can employ the same idea: if your body is screaming “I’m hungry!!!” then eat. But you have to be smart here, and pick healthy foods and snacks. 

I have a big sweet tooth. Girl, I do too. But, I learned a neat trick: I picture the dessert or sweet I want. I actually think about how I’d feel eating it, and consider if it would fuel my body. I literally ask myself that. “Will this make me feel good? Is this something my body needs?” There’s nothing that says you can’t have something sweet. You need to develop the ability to have ONE piece of chocolate. Or ONE scoop of ice cream. Plus, there are plenty of delcious, healthy sweet treats. You can make your own popcicles, or freeze blueberries, etc.

I hate vegetables. Ok – you’re going to have to be brave here. There’s a HUGE variety of veggies out there, and I can guarantee you’ll find some that you love. Personally, I hate cooked peppers or spinach. But, I found that I liked them raw. It might be the other way around for you. I find edamame fun to eat, and it’s delicious. Experiment! Have some fun! See it as a challenge, not an impassable wall. Now go conquer those veggies!!

I skip breakfast. It’s ok to not want to eat as soon as you open your eyes. But try and get something in your stomach, even if it’s a greek yogurt, or a piece of fruit. I make a really amazing slow cooker apple oatmeal that’s amazing warm or cool. Or, you could try making a smoothie with fruits, veggies (yes, you can do it!) and some protein powder/powdered vitamins. You’ll feel more like youre drinking something, not eating.

I eat late at night. Wow, I don’t know how you go to bed so late, and are up at 5. Your body needs more sleep! So my suggestion is to alter your sleeping habits. Gradually turn the TV off a little earlier. Get yourself on a routine – make a cup of tea, go up to bed, do some reading, and then turn the lights out! Your brain needs time to reprogram itself when it comes to sleeping habits, so take it slowly.

I love pasta and bread. Pasta and bread aren’t inherently bad for you. Large quanities are. There are many ways to replace carbs with veggies (killing two birds with one stone!) such as spaghetti squash, or using lettuce as a wrap. You can also switch out processed grains for whole ones, such as quinoa, farrow, etc. And, they are delicious!

I hide food. This is something that I feel you might want to talk to a nutritionist or other professional about. I think this is definitely an indicator that you know you shouldn’t be having that food item, but you are anyways. I don’t have much good advice here….

I load up on condiments. What is it about the condiments that you like? Does it mask the taste of the food you’re eating? Or do you just prefer a wetter texture? If it’s for the taste, you should explore stronger seasonings (not salt!). If it’s the texture, there are ways to alter the recipes. 

I’m awful at planning meals. You need to build up your “fast and healthy” arsenal. Cooking can be a pain in the butt! When you’re tired or busy, it’s easier to pick up a pizza and just eat that. So spend some time looking at quick and healthy meals (Cooking Light magazine has great ones) and pick a few to try. Utilize leftovers effectively. If you know you’re going to have a busy day tomorrow, cook extra chicken breasts tonight. Slice them up on a salad, make them into a stir fry, or shred them for tacos. There are healthy recipes for everything! My other tip is to always go to the store with a list. That way, you’ll have all the ingredients for a dish, and you wont have an excuse to give up. Many cookbooks, websites, and magazines actually include a shopping list with the recipe. Also, invest in pantry staples. 

Phew.. ok, so now that I’ve rambled on, I really want to commend you for getting your head wrapped around the challenges you face. Get your Fiance involved, and make cooking date nights. Get healthy together. Have FUN with it! You got this, girl!

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Step one: stop buying crappy food. If it isn’t in the house, you can’t binge on it.

Step two: go cold turkey on the sugar-laden food. It’ll suck hard for about 5-7 days. You’re going to have withdrawl and cravings. Stick to it, and after you stop giving your body that crap, you WILL stop craving it. You’ve trained your body to have a sweet tooth. Sugar creates a chemical dependence for your body…but it can be reversed.

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The biggest thing I’ve found: Start by NOT BUYING those bad for you foods at the supermarket. If I have a crappy day, and all there is to eat in the house is fruit and nuts…well that’s what I have to eat, isn’t it? I’m in a shitty mood, I sure as hell don’t feel motivated enough to go to the store to BUY the icecream and cookies and chips! Having willpower at the grocery store makes it a million times easier to have willpower at home…because I have none at home…

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