How do you maintain your house?

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Congratulations on your new home, how exciting! Maintenance and frequency will vary and you will find your groove.  The following is not an all-inclusive list.


Overall Maintenance:

Clean gutters 

Clear lint out of dryer vent 

Raking leaves, clearing snow

Winterize by turning off water to outdoor faucets

Spray parameter of house with anti-bug poison

Install/Remove AC units


Stain house/deck



Seasonal decorating

Interior cleaning:

Fiance and I share day to day responsibilities and also pay a woman to do a deep clean every other week.  Were fortunate to be able to afford this as it really helps us maintain as we both work full time and I am in school.


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One thing I recommend is taking care of repairs right when things break, or else it gets put on the back burner and could end up neglected for who knows how long! 

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Busy bee

I’d say mowing/lawn maitenance will be the most frequent house chore you’ll need to do. During the summer it may need to be done once or even twice a week, but once the colder months roll around you may not need to do anything for awhile. If you have any young trees or other plants, you might want to research how to protect them from the winter.  

-Changing filters is a good one.
-Power washing the outside of your house might need to be done about once a year. If you have a porch/deck, you may need to powerwash and stain it every few years (or as needed), and keep an eye on it–and any other outdoor wood structures, even nearby trees–for termites, carpenter bees, or other destructive insects. You likely won’t need to invest in any insect or rodent poison/traps/repellent unless it’s a problem for your house, specifically.  
– Roofs and siding generally last up to 20+ years, but you may want to research when your house was built or last had its roof/siding replaced as you’ll want to prevent mold and leaks!
Most things that need to be done will be obvious, and you’ll only need to do them as needed. It might seem overwhelming but I’ve lived in houses my whole life and house care doesn’t usually take up too much time 🙂 

I always deep clean rooms throughout the year as needed, one at a time. I don’t hold myself strictly to “spring cleaning” or “fall cleaning”, though those are usually some great times of year to do it and change up your decorations too. 

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mtlgirl :  we are pretty pro active people, we do our own lawn work but do have a landscaping company do summer weed and fertilizer maintenance, we snow blow our driveway in the winter. My Darling Husband services the mower himself, but we have blower maintained professionally. 

We do gutters and checking the drains ourself. I do a steam clean of all the carpets once per year (I pay someone, it seems like it would be a lot of work to DIY). We take the screens out and clean the windows in the fall, and I clean all the windows again in the spring when the screens go back in. We have a propane fireplace, so it is also serviced yearly, as well as thas HVAC.

our appliances are relatively new, but the element went on our oven this summer so we had that replaced. We also went 5 days without power in an ice storm, so we got a pretty good idea of how our house functions during an outage (and the week before a water main in the city burst so we were without water for 6-7 hours). I would recommend doing your homework for what electrian, handyman, plumber, small appliance repair company you would use in the event you need someone. 

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As a new(ish) homeowner as well these lists are giving me anxiety 😂  

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So a lot of this should be common sense and is stuff you should have been doing or noticed in apartments. The cleaning won’t be any different from anywhere else you’ve been, spring or otherwise. I probably purge and organize 3 times a year, deep cleaning happens probably every 6 weeks or so. (Pull the furniture out and actually vacuum behind everything, polish the floor, etc). 

Wash the windows when they’re dirty. Now that’s once or twice a year. I’ve lived on dusty roads where I was doing it once a month. Take the blinds down and wash them when you wash the windows.  

Change any filters according to their schedule. HVAC, hood vent charcoal if you have that, brita, everything. Change smoke detector batteries twice a year and check functionality regularly (obsessively, if you’re me). 

Clean gutters and make sure they’re functioning well. Stay on top of the dryer hose unless you want your house to burn down. 

I mow the grass about once a week and weed wack every other. I weed the front hedges about every other week and trim them as I notice they need it. The back gardens I do at my leisure. 

Powerwash if you have vinyl siding every couple years. If you have wood siding dont even think about a power washer while you look at it. 

Touch up with paint and stain as necessary. 

Winterize lawn mowers. (YouTube it, don’t pay someone.)

Cut water to outside faucets for winter unless you have a particular kind of faucet or it doesn’t drop below freezing.

Change the direction of ceiling fans seasonally.

Clean and maintain as you go. If something seems off, fix it. The problem will only get bigger. 



Protip: if your sink is stainless steel scour it with Bar Keepers Friend once a week. If it’s old you’ll get it looking brand new after a few weeks, if it’s new you’ll keep it looking that way. 


Second protip: Even if it’s well below freezing, at least once a month in winter open all the windows and put the fans on for 15-30 minutes. Get tons of fresh air in the house. Your sanity will thank me. 

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sarahparkview :  You have a lot of great tips! I’ve never heard of Bar Keepers Friend, but I hate how my stainless steel sink doesn’t look new at all anymore. I just googled Bar Keepers Friend and see they have a few products. Which one do you recommend?

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We split tasks according to the stereotypical gender lines – Darling Husband takes care of outdoor tasks, changing air filters, taking out garbage, changing overhead lights, clearing drains. I take care of indoor cleaning (including appliances and going through clothing and closets each season), laundry, dishes, seasonal decorating and gardening. 

As for indoor cleaning, I have a schedule. I try to do bedding on one day each week, clean one shelf or drawer of the refrigerator each week, one day for bathrooms, one day for vacuuming, one day for the kitchen, etc. That way, nothing gets overwhelming and/or disgusting.

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Bumble bee

ecampbell :  Bar keepers friend will also keep your stainless pots and pans sparkly & bright.  I use the powder form.

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ecampbell :  I use the powder… comes in a can like comet. 

If you need some real satisfaction in your life, clean some oxidized copper with it. 

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 j9marie :  wow! Is this stuff that has to be dome to every house?  Idk cause I never lived in or had a house. Makes me not want to have one…

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We just bought a house and this is super helpful!  How often and when should you clean out gutters?

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loveisbrewing :  we do once a year after we are done raking leaves

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