(Closed) How do you maintain your weight?

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Good question!  I don’t know how to maintain.  I am working on losing right now (35 pounds down, a long way to go), and I can gain weight simply by walking past a piece of food LOL.  But once I finally reach my goal weight?  I have no idea.  I think I’ll be too scared to eat and just try to keep losing.

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I workout five days a week. I’m what you would call a “gym rat” lol I have a job where I sit all day on my butt at a desk therefore I must workout to get some activity for my body. I think its ok to have “cheat” days once in awhile but you might want to think about getting some outside exercise outside of your work..it will make you feel great trust me!

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@cls9q:  You want to try to always make the healthiest choices you can (even on the weekends). For your health alone, not just your weight. I’d say as long as your not highly exceeding your calorie intake on the weekends and then drastically reducing them (below what they should be) during the week. The worst thing you can do on any given day is not eat enough… Regardless of what you are the day before. That would be hard on your body long-term, and not something to make a habit of. If that is the case, you may want to find a little more balance. 

For me to maintain, I just exercise more that day if I know (or already have) that I am going to consume more calories. What you are doing now seems to be working for you, and you do get a little excercise. So you aren’t too far off, but this way is the healthiest way to maintain your weight. Have a balanced diet, and excercise to burn off excess calories… Try to avoid yo-to dieting.

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I track what I eat. Always. Have for years. This is not nearly as anal-retentive or compulsive as it sounds as these days there are fabulous free apps and websites that make it a cinch. For me, that was the trick (permanently lost 70 pounds in my early twenties) as your eyes will lie about portion size and mine had just kept getting bigger and bigger (yes, I was an obese vegan. It’s not hard to get there!) So I have a range that I work in (calorie wise) that keeps me in my ‘sweet spot’, weight-wise.

As I get older (33 now), I’m also incorporating more weight training. Nothing life altering, just about three sessions a week. When people bemoan slowing metabolism as they get older, it’s usually down to loss of muscle mass. I also walke whenever possible. A lot easier in my urban environment than for a lot of people, but something I’m sure helps.

I also don’t have ‘cheat days’. If I want something a bit rich/calorific, I just make sure it’s tracked, and evens out throughout the week with sustained healthy choices. 

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When I lived in Japan I had an 1.5 hour commute, including a 40 minute walk. I worked with kids so moving contantly as well. Ate a lot of rice, noodles, fish and chicken. Lost 20 pounds (out of my wrists, face). Put it all back on within two months of being back to Canada and it ALL went back to my stomach and legs! But I have maintained the same weight other than that but it is now distributed weird. 

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Limit yourself to only one cheat day where you go all out and eat whatever you want.

Here are some suggestions to maintain your weight:

– walk 15 minutes after meals

– eat 2-3 apples a day

– drink more water

– eat full balanced meals consisting of lean protein, healthy fats, and vegetables

– get quality sleep

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@cls9q:  I do exactly the same thing as you, except because my work is very sedentary, I do work out 3/4ish times a week if I can. I figure if I’m maintaining like this then it must be fine! If it stops working and I gain then I guess I’ll have to readjust, but for now I like eating whatever I like on the weekends!

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Same here. I usually eat whatever I want on the weekends but stay as healthy as I can on week days. But also on week days, I work out. Usually about an hour a day but high intense workouts 3 times a week and cardio on the other 2 days. My weight is stable with this schedule so I’m happy with it. Work hard, play hard…lol!

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@cls9q:  Well I was like you until I turned 33 years old, I was eating a lot (really a lot) and still very thin (180cm for 57kg only) but then for whatever reason, I took 10 kilo, so now I have to be a bit more careful, but I am still very thin.

I do a lot of sports (football, tennis, thai boxing) so it helps me stay fit. 

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Perma diet.  Age has a lot to do with it, I’m an older Bee.  I’m 5’4″ & fluctuate between 116 & 118 lbs, my body seems to really like to be 118 lbs.  I want to be 115lbs.

Due to multiple spinal injuries, I’m limited in exercise so I walk 2 mi most days & do weights every other day.

Oy vey, what a day to be talking about dieting!

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@cls9q:  I am actually trying to lose weight, I’ve lost about 10 lbs and am losing at a pace of about 1 lb per week. I’m kinda similar to you in that I don’t try very hard on weekends, but I eat very well during the week. I guess the difference is that I exercise a lot all week so I end up losing rather than maintaining.

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I’ve never watched what I eat (I’m 33), but I like to dance around the house while I’m cleaning.  I do have to watch how many sodas I drink each day (I try to keep it under 2 cans), but foods like hot dogs, burgers, wings, etc don’t seem to change my weight.  However, I don’t drink alcohol, so I’m not sure if that has something to do with it.

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@cls9q:  I don’t exercise. I allow myself to eat unhealthy food from time to time and I don’t deprive from anything I like. I just make sure I do not over-eat. This goat cheese is delicious, but I don’t need to eat the whole cheese, only 1 or 2 slices are satisfying for a quick snack.

When I gained weight in my early 20s, I was under Depoprovera, I was over-eating (from stress, I was always eating), and I also drank LOTS of energy drinks (4 times a week). When I stopped drinking Redbull, I lost 12 pounds in less than 3 weeks, not doing anything basically but stop the massive amount of sugar and whatever ingredient made me bloat. Then I went off Depoprova on my own menstrual cycle (used condoms, then copper IUD) and I kept losing weight. I also decided I would watch my portions and eat according to my hunger, not according to what was on my plate (especially at restaurant where they serve XL plates).

At age 25 I weighted 150 lbs. One year later I weighted around 125lbs, that’s my ”natural” weight and I’ve maintained it ever since. 

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@cls9q: I’m quite lucky I’ve managed to maintain my weight, but don’t know how, as I like the odd chocolate biscuit and am not really exercising. I do really want to exercise. I was thinking about this this morning and even if I could get the motivation to exercise once a week it will help me maintain my weight even more so.

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