(Closed) How do you manage morning sickness at work?

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I told my manager the day after I found out I was pregnant. I can now leave the floor and go to the back to snack on saltines. I refuse to barf at work because it is a public bathroom for customers and fellow employees. I left early one day because I almost threw up while ringing up a customer. Nobody wants that.

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@Mrs. Gremmlin:  I’m sorry! I have totally been there, and it sucks. It’s so hard dragging yourself to work at this stage, and nobody knows what’s up because they can’t tell you’re pregnant.

Anyway. I had pretty bad morning sickness and just had to vomit a lot at work. There was no way around it. I ended up telling my boss super early, at around 8 weeks, because I was afraid that someone would find out before she did. I never wanted to announce that early, but I had to. People saw/heard me being sick, and so I really didn’t have a choice. I didn’t want the office worrying I was spreading some terrible bug around. 

And if you can, take a sick day or half sick day on the days you just feel really awful. I wanted to save my sick days, too, but some days were just too difficult, and I don’t regret using my days back then. 

Hang in there… it will get better.

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You could ask your doctor about Zofran…it’s the only way I survived 1st trimester. I still felt pretty miserable taking it, but it prevented me from puking all the time.  I know everyone is all, “OMG I don’t want to take drugs when I’m pregnant!” But studies have shown it’s perfectly safe.  It’s the drug they give to women who have hyperemesis gravidum, sometimes through a pump for them.  It’s available in a generic form now and my insurance covered most of it, I only had to pay $10 for 30 pills.  

ETA: Taking it did make me SUPER constipated, though, so I had to make sure and take stool softeners with it.  Not going #2 was way less miserable then throwing up, though, IMO. 

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@Mrs. Gremmlin:  I told my boss really early because MS hit me a like 5 weeeks. I have had to throw up at work but I pretty much have my own bathroom there since I am the only women who works in my store and we dont let customers use our bathroom. I would prob tell your boss… sometimes vomiting makes you feel better. I hope yours doesnt last too long! Good news is that MS is a sign that baby is healthy and doing well!!

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Luckily, my bathroom at work isn’t that busy and the handicap stall is usually unoccupied because it’s the last one in the row so that’s my go-to row. I’m pretty good at anticipating when it’s going to start and I sit fairly close to the exit to get to the bathroom. I’ve just found it awkward when I see someone I know but I don’t acknowledge them because I’m scared I’m going to puke on them instead. It’s common for people around here to at least say “Hi” in the bathroom around the sink area.

I’ve also learned to carry bags in the car. Luckily, we have dogs so we have rolls of poop bags (unscented, thank goodness) and I keep some in my purse and car.

I also highly recommend just throwing up when you have to instead of suppressing it. It just makes it worse. Luckily, sometimes when you do that, it becomes a dry heave instead of the normal gusher.

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I second the Zofran suggestion – it just melts on your tongue and the nausea goes away within 10-15 minutes. 🙂

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@Mrs. Gremmlin:  Is there maybe an executive washroom?  We’re a small office, but the president of our company has a private washroom in his office, when our employees are expecting, he gives them the exclusive use of it, as long as they need it…cause hey, I know we’re professional and shit, but we’re also people and making someone hork in a public bathroom is just heartless.

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Ok, maybe this is going to be disturbing/disgusting.. But do you have a car? haha, its the first thing I thought of..

If you are able to run out to your car for a few mins when needed, then throw up in there in a bag with kitty litter in it (thats what may parents used when my brother would get car sick, so we wouldn’t have to stop every 15 mins) and it wouldn’t stink so you could just toss it in your bathroom garbage at work

I’m not expecting or anything and I’m sorry if that was a disgusting suggestion, but I know when I need to “bring up” (as my grandmother called it haha) it HAS to come out, and I can’t hold it in for long

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@Mrs. Gremmlin:  Special K with strawberries kept me alive at work.  I finally caved and gave my boss a heads up privately so I could take my bathroom breaks as necessary.  If it’s too much to bear there are safe prescriptions you can take but you have to make it to your dr’s appt to ask for them.  Zofran and Phenergan were my friends.  I would save them up (my pharmacy plan limited the number I could get every 30 days to 20 of each) and take them so I could be functional and go to work.

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I’m not pregnant but I’ve had to throw up in the bathroom at work a couple of times when something I ate just wasn’t sitting right with me.  No one ever said anything or made any kind of a big deal about it.

I’d try to get over your “stage fright” and just let yourself get sick.  You’ll probably feel better once you do.  At least for me, trying to hold it in always makes me feel worse.

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