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 On jobs where I provide my own meals I prepack a salad and fruit or sandwich. On jobs that offer meals I am not as disaplined. I keep 100 calorie snack packs in my purse and packets of nuts to snack on. Yes, higher in calories But much more filling and healthier for you than chips

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I dont buy any snacks that I shouldnt be eating. When I eat out I have an idea of what I will and will not eat, usually i exchange the carbs for veggies.  I try to keep healthy snacks readily avaliable such as greek yogurt, popcorn, fruit and nuts.  I allow myself to cheat and dont beat myself up when I make a bad choice.  If i feel like a treat, I dont deprive myself but I dont finish it either.  If stress is the issue I try to work out a little more or go for a walk.  

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Find healthier snacks, portion control, and just don’t buy the junk food.  I go through phases where I get lazy, snack on junk and turn to frozen pizzas or pasta for dinner.  Then just have to snap out of it and kick back into gear.  On my lazy days, instead of a frozen meal I bake a chicken breast and steam some veggies.  It takes just as much effort as a frozen pizza or meal.  I get really depressed about my weight when I go over my comfort level (5 lb over my normal weight) and something just clicks and I snap out of my lazy bad eatting habits and stop buying junk that I know I shouldnt eat.

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I plan what we are going to eat that week and only buy the ingredients I need to make those meals as well as keeping lots of fruits and veggies on hand. That way if I am tempted to have a snack, I have no choice but to eat what is healthy in our home. I also always pack my lunch for work. It’s not easy eating a salad when you see other people around you eating pizza lol I also hate wasting food, so by packing I also feel guilted into eating whatever I packed as well so it doesn’t get thrown out! 

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weightwatchers152:  I’ve bought a food processor. After a few weeks of warm-up, now I’m in love with it. I’ve never been a good cook but now I buy plenty of vegetables and fresh food for my food processor to cook. My hubby and I have just eaten some delicious homemade vegetable soup =). I highly recommend the purchase – it’s well worth the money as it helps you eat healthier food and spare really A LOT of time.

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weightwatchers152:  I’ve been using my fitness pal. I always pack my lunch and snacks for work now. I’ve been keeping healthy snacks handy for home, like fresh broccoli and cauliflower, precut celery sticks, hummus, cottage cheese, etc. So far, I’m down 10 pounds. 

I think the best way to avoid unhelathy snacking is to not keep the stuff in the house at all. I had to stop buying crackers, chips, and all that because they are definitely trap for me. I do give myself 1 cheat day a week where I can go out to eat or order pizza or something. That makes saying no to stuff easier knowing I have my cheat day to look forward to.

Good luck with getting back on track! Ugh, it’s so hard to give up the fun stuff.

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I pre-plan all my meals for the next day, and keep a food/calorie journal where I record everything. If you can make it a week without slipping up, it gets sooo much easier! I’ve lost pretty much all my cravings and even crave healthy foods. There have been some times, where, if I think I can’t handle being around junk food, I’ll have my Fiance go to the store so I’m not tempted. Lol

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My fiance and I have a list of foods on the fridge that are “banned from the house”. We still allow ourselves the chance to eat the banned foods when we go out with friends or something special, but it helps grocery shopping when we both know to keep away from our favorite junk food. It’s so much easier to stay with eating healthy when you know your favorite snack is not in the kitchen.

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I try to always have healthy snacks on hand because I tend to be a continuous eater. Also, reinvigorating an exercise routine, something even as simple as walking around the block after work, could help you stay on track for a healthy lifestyle. 

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Agreed w PP about not keeping junk in the house- such a help! I also like to have about 2/3 of whatever treat I choose, and give the rest to Fiance, who never gains a lb! I find that when I eat enough protein, my cravings for sugar and carbs go away, and I have a lot more energy. People often bring treats like cookies and donuts into the office, which are so tempting, but I remind myself how tired I feel 20 mins after eating them because of the sugar crash. Good luck to you!! It’s hard, but worth it 🙂

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I used to be really good about planning meals for the whole week and shopping accordingly, but I’ve gotten way too busy/lazy in recent years. Now I too am trying to get back into eating better, so here are a few things that have worked for me:

  • I stock up on frozen veggies. Yeah, yeah, I know they’re not as good as fresh, but for nights when I’m too tired to peel and dice or that spinach in the fridge is looking limp and inedible, it’s a much better alternative than serving up a side of pasta. Weirdly, I have started to crave broccoli as a side with pretty much every meal.
  • I buy large containers of Greek yogurt so I always have that on hand if I need a snack. It’s filling and is one of the few foods where the suggested serving size actually feels like enough.
  • For the most part, I don’t snack. I know there are conflicting schools of thought on snacking, but for me it’s best if I don’t open that floodgate. If I just deny myself snacks between meals, I stick to my desired calorie intake for the day. It’s something my body has gotten used to, although the transition period was a b**ch. 
  • I eat the same thing for breakfast every day (a Luna bar) so I don’t start the day off hungry and know exactly how many calories I have to work with for lunch and dinner. Lunch is often leftovers from the night before, usually a smaller portion. I consume the bulk of my day’s calories at dinner so I have the energy to fuel my workouts and get stuff done before bed. I have an office job where I sit on my butt all day, so generally don’t need to eat a lot earlier in the day. Again, it’s something my body’s gotten used to.
  • Skinnytaste has a variety of recipes so I don’t get stuck in a rut eating chicken and broccoli every night. http://www.skinnytaste.com/
  • It may not be as healthy as fresh ingredients, but I always keep English muffins, veggie burgers, and turkey meatballs in the freezer for quick and easy meals. My rationale is that it’s better than take out. I also usually have some kind of turkey or chicken sausage in the fridge since that stuff doesn’t expire for weeks (let’s not ponder why) so, again, I have the makings of an easy, quick meal on hand for lazy/tired nights.
  • I hate to suggest this since one can become neurotic about it, but calorie counting is important. Maybe you don’t need to do it in a militant fashion, but it’s helped me become aware of portion sizes and which foods might be sabotaging me. I don’t weigh and measure everything, but I try to have a vague idea of how much I’m eating so I can stick to a healthy number. There are tons of apps and online calculators to help you out.
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A little pre-planning goes a long way to assist with healthy eating for me.

I make up a huge batch of quinoa salad FILLED with vegetables and seasoned only with fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice, chicken stock, cayenne and olive oil.  This makes packing our lunches easy and healthy and makes sure we get veggies into our day.

Don’t waste calories on drinks.  By simply removing all pop, juice, iced cappucinos, anything super sweet, you eliminate all those useless calories that really add nothing of substance to your diet.  Instead opt for water (with lemon or lime if you find it boring) and herbal tea.  There’s nothing wrong with a normal coffee in the morning, just try not to overdo it with cream or sugar.

Next most important thing is not buying junk food!  If you don’t have chips or cookies in your cupboard when you feel snacky, you will find other things to nibble on.  You can make that easier by pre-cutting up vegetables, putting them in water and eating plain or with some ranch dressing.  It’s still a lot better than a bag of chips!  I also like snacking on olives, extreme beans, pickles, etc.

I think the final important thing is to plan for snacks when you’ll be on the road so you aren’t stuck having to settle for fast food.  Pack some fruit, nuts, a wrap, water, etc.

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