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Dont spend as much or more than we make. Budget diligently and stick to it. Put money away each paycheck automatically. Pay down debt so we have available funds rather than money in the bank and debt on our cards/loans/etc. 

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In my opinion the best way to save money is to keep your fixed costs (aka, your bills that you have to pay regularly) low.  That feeds into things like:

1) Choosing housing that’s way below your means.

2) Not having a car payment and choosing a car that’s inexpensive on gas, maintenance, and insurance.

3) Having no debt, so none of my hard earned money goes towards interest.

If you take care of the big things, you have more room to breath when it comes to the little things.

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I have no helpful advice, but I’m being rude and commenting to follow.

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Packing leftovers for our lunches everyday, making iced coffee at home instead of going to Starbucks, buying some things in bulk, buying some store brands, buying stuff that’s on sale/in season, buying some things at the 99 Cent Store or Dollar Tree… Lots of little things that have been adding up.

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@FutureMrsBess:  Aside from living below our means, I make savings automatic. I have a set amount transferred every month right after my paycheck is deposited. It makes it hard to spend that money and I naturally adjusted my spending habits to the “lesser income” in my bank account.

I also pack my lunch for work and make meals that cost aroud $1 to $1.50 per serving. I have almost got my DH on this system as well. He does it about 70% of the time. 

I typically plan means around what is on sale. I try to use coupons when available, but it is easier to spot a sale/buy in the “marked down section.” 

We also try to find entertainment that is cheap or free. There is a dollar theater in town that runs movies a few weeks after other theaters that we frequent. We do red-box and games night, we invite friends over to eat rather than eat out and we search for fun events around town that are free. 

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Packing our lunches, making our own laundry detergent, not having cable, and making a lot of dinners at home!

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Here’s some things that have worked for me:

  • We have a savings account that isn’t the easiest to access (I set it up this way on purpose). Every one of my checks from a side job I deposit in person and that’s for a trip next year.
  • When I was havign a difficult time with money, I read somewhere to take out a set amount of money in cash each week and use it for EVERYTHING. It really made me start to consider how much money I spend and where. The rule is that you can’t take out more or rely on debit cards (I am sure you can set up your own rules, but I used cash for everything)
  • Making lunch at home and packing it for work. It’s soooo easy for me to stop somewhere or run across the street, but honestly, it’s rarely as good and it adds up too fast. My partner works near a cafe he used to stop at once a week (minimum) but he is always disappointed after he eats it and dude, it’s pricey for a fast food type place
  • My mom and I wear the same size in some clothes, so we did a trade so we would feel like we went shopping.
  • Never never never shop hungry! I go nuts when I do that and buy everything. I also started using coupons and reading weekly circulars for pricing. Once a week I go to a market and score most of the fruits and veggies we need (and don’t have in our garden) for cheaper than any store.
  • Make your own food if you can! Wehave a garden and it’s great! My partner and I really enjoy working in our garden. we just made a bunch of pasta sauce and had enough to give to friends (And we still have way more tomatoes). We used to like a different brand at teh store that was usually $5-7 a jar.

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The Jar Method – Each month, I added up what our bills were going to cost and I took that number, and subtracted it from our monthly income.

I took what was leftover, and divided it into small jars. One jar is labeled “Food” … this is for grocery shopping. Another jar is labeled “Gas” … gas for our car. Another was “weekend fun with friends” (self explanatory). I figured we could get away with spending $100-120 a week for food (including lunches that we would make and pack ourselves)… and we needed $50 a week for gas… and I gave us $100 a weekend for fun w/friends.

Whatever I had leftover from *that*, I put into a savings account. Once the money was gone from the jar, we were not allowed to dip into savings! When it’s gone, it’s gone. This was good for me, because I’m very visual.

This, however, didn’t last long because my Fiance haaaated the jar method. 

Now we just put $600 away a month, because it’s the most we can put into savings, while still being able to buy healthy food, and pay all of our bills each month.

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All of our savings go into the mortgage. It decreases our debt & avoids paying tax on any interest we would have earnt should that money have gone into a savings account . The best thing is that it will shave years off our mortgage & even act as buffer should we decide to have babies 

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@Nic01:  This (only without the babies part!). There’s no way you’ll get as much interest on savings account as you will be charged on your mortgage, so throw it at the mortgage instead!


We eat at home almost always (we probably have two meals out each month) and take lunch to work. We make our meals from scratch which saves money too. We never buy coffee, get drive thru etc. which eats $3-10 at a time but adds up quick.


We don’t have cable TV; just the basics. We are only able to watch like an hour of TV each day so we don’t miss it. We get Netflix for 6 months each year over the winter when we spend more time indoors (and then when we re-subscribe the next winter, there’s a ton of new stuff for us to watch!). We do have Spotify though – love it.


But the real saver is: don’t buy stuff you don’t need.




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