(Closed) How do you say goodbye in the morning?

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Most often my Fiance is up and out before me. But we always try to give a quick kiss before we leave each other and when we come back together after not seeing each other all day. Even if one of us is still in the bed, we kiss!

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Blushing bee
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My Fiance and I have completely different schedules.  He works rotating shifts, so he will leave for work for instance tonight, at 10:30 pm.  So then we usually just say goodbye with a kiss and hug.  When he leaves at 6 am, its usually just a kiss on my forehead for me.  When I leave for work, I give him a kiss and out I go!  Hopefully someday we will be waking up at the same time rather then saying goodbye at all times of the day!

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We say goodnight before bed via phone since we don’t live together.  In the morning we talk during my commute to work.  Can’t wait until I get to smooch him good morning!  Or good night for that matter.  On my childless weekends (2 a month) I sometimes sleep over at his house.

We’re really getting tired of the having 2 houses thing. 

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We get up at the same time even though he leaves before I do. We do lots of kissing, I say "I love you. Be safe. Have a good day." He says, "I love you. I will. You too." and then we kiss again and both say "Bye, I love you." Silly, but sweet.

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 My Fiance gets up at 4:30 every morning and I don’t need to wake up until 6:45-7.  I’ve struggled with insomnia for years and am a very light sleeper, so this is a real problem for us.  We’ve come up with an unconventional solution.  Not only does he not say goodbye in the mornings, we sleep in separate bedrooms during the week!  That way I don’t disturb him at night (he’s usually gone up to bed at least 2 hours before I do) and he doesn’t wake me in the morning.  I may seem odd to others, but it works for us…at least til he gets better hours.

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Busy bee
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@ firefighter… that is too too cute!!  *jealous* 


I don’t work during the week but he wakes me up anyway.   I’m a light sleeper anyway so I am practically always waiting for my kiss goodbye.  I tell  him to have a good day and he tells me that he’ll call me in a bit.

He has "forgotten" 2 times to say goodbye.  Both times after a big fight the night before.  He said he was so tired from being up late fighting that he forgot.. which could be true or him being a people pleaser.  Either way he apologized and for Christmas he bought me a sign for the bedroom that says "Always Kiss Me Good Morning"  Really sweet.

I never kiss him good morning /good bye when I leave for work on the weekends.  He is a heavy sleeper and doesn’t know the difference.  I did in the begining but he doesn’t wake up and even if he does he doesn’t remember it later.. oh well.

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We are on the same schedule and always kiss goodbye.  We also made a rule several years ago, which we have stuck with to this day, that no matter how mad we are at each other, we always kiss goodbye in the morning because you just never know what your day might bring. 

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I work mornings.  He works nights.  So I always kiss him goodbye, say I love you, and say when I’ll see him next.   When he comes home from work I’m usually asleep(and sometimes grouchy hehe).  He doesn’t like to wake me, but I’ll talk to him before hand on the phone and say I love you, goodnight.

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We are really blessed with my fiance’s job. He does most of his work from home, with the exception of business meetings and consultations. I am taking a bit of a break  so I work evenings 4 days a week. Every morning he wakes up early to get started on his work and even though he isn’t leaving, he makes sure to come into the room around 8AM every morning to give me a good morning kiss! I love life! =)

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I am awful in the morning. I get stressed out and run around trying to get everything in order. My Fiance makes my breakfast, packs my lunch and brews me tea. We have breakfast together and then I leave. He blows me kisses and waves goodbye to me as I drive away. CUTENESS!!

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I make him wake me up.  There have been a few times where he has left when I’m in the shower and its really disconcerting to get out and have him gone, so now I make him come in and say goodbye.  Its important to me that we always leave eachother having said "I love you."  We don’t know what will happen that day- so it makes me feel better.

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My husband leaves before me in the morning. He kisses me good morning while I am still in bed. We hug and as he leaves I say,

"Have fun storming the castle!"

He says, "Do you think it’ll work?"

I say, "It would take a miracle!"

Sometimes I get out of bed and wave to him from the front doorway as he walks down the hall of our apartment building as we say this. Our relationship is also peppered with declarations of "I’m not a witch I’m your wife!" 

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I work from home, so I almost never wake up before him. When he leaves, he kisses me goodbye and then puts the dog in the bed with me and kind of tucks us in. It’s so sweet! I have been trying to get up early with him in the mornings. It’s hard to wake up, but he told me how much he loves to have coffee with me in the morning and now I feel guilty if I sleep in!

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I’m not working at the moment so if I’m dead asleep he won’t kiss me goodbye otherwise I would wake up, when I was working I was always up before him and would always give him a big smooch before I left 🙂 I do get phone calls from him throughout his workday though.

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