(Closed) How do you sort/wash your laundry?

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Well I’m pretty sure that I probably do it all wrong, but here goes:

– Whites: Hot water with bleach

– Lights: Warm water & Detergent

– Darks: Cold water & Detergent

– Sheets, Towels (non-white ones, the white ones go with the whites), and blankets: Warm water, Fabric Softener

-Delicates: Hand wash, Cold water with detergent, dry with no heat

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I’m over 30 and still learning. This weekend we bought a new washer and dryer and my husband patiently showed me how to sort.

First things firstbread your clothing label.

Darks and lights can be washed together if the recommendation is cold water. However, you will likely have enough clothes to wash that even cold water can be further sorted by color or weight.

We sort towels from sheets. Dark towels are washed with jeans and other heavy pants.

My delicates- bras and shapewear are washed by hand. Other items some sweaters and tops are washed by hand according to the label. You can also use a net bag for washing delicates so they don’t snag in the washer.

Sports clothing and socks are washed in a separate load.

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I have quite a few loads, but it can take a while to get to a certain one.

New clothes get washed separately, and only with similar colours in case of bleed.

Dark tops, colour tops, light tops depending on what I’ve been wearing some things might get switched, ie. pastels with whites or with colours.  Cold, dried on a folding rack.

Jeans can get done with DH’s, cold.  Hung to dry.

Hoodies are done a few at a time due to zippers.

Light socks & undies, dark socks & undies, warm/warm.

Bras are done in bra bags, darks and lights.

Sweats are a load.

Workout pants are another.

Towels, the good newer ones are by colour, older ones get tossed in with the rainbow of facecloths. hot/cold I think the setting is.

Sheets by colour.  Hot/cold

PJs. warm/warm, sometimes hot

I have a few things that are delicate, so I do them as no spin.  Sometimes I hand rinse & wring them out afterwards, or other times I throw them in for a quick rinse & spin on the lowest setting just to remove the excess soap & water before hanging/laying flat.

Few of my things go in the dryer – towels, sheets, PJs.  I don’t use fabric softner on anything.  I will use vinegar though.  I do extra rinse on most things.  I never used to use bleach, but I was getting fed up with parts of the duvet cover yellowing so I started using oxyclean.  I use detergent, oxyclean & vinegar on my PJ load now as I was given a new prescription and just detergent wasn’t removing the residue from it.  I avoid using the static sheets, although I will use part of one after rubbing it in a paper towel so only a small amount of the stuff for anything that would get really staticy.  I like my laundry to be clean when it comes out and to me scents, fabric softners, etc. mean my stuff isn’t clean.


Most of DHs things get tossed in all together.  His nice sweaters usually go in with my stuff since he doesn’t do many cold loads.  Our PJs might go in together.

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I wash all things in cold water. I don’t separate colors unless I have darks that are new and more likely to bleed. I do keep FI’s white undershirts separate so I can do them with bleach when needed. But white towels, sheets, socks, undies…I throw them in and have no problem with cold water and darks that have already been washed multiple times.

I don’t use fabric softener. It smells good and can do wonders with static, but never use it on towels. It makes them less absorbent and kind of greasy feeling to me.

Pretty much all of my shirts and FI’s shirts get hung up to dry. I also hang up bras. Most everything else gets thrown in the dryer.

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I’m lazy and just want to get my laundry done, so I generally throw everything in together on warm with whatever laundry detergent I feel like. We have almost no whites and very few lights so its pretty easy. I wash delicate things seperately on cold.

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Sheets and towels get washed by themselves.

FI’s laundry gets sorted into jeans & pants, dark shirts, white shirts, colored shirts, socks & underwear.

My laundry gets sorted similarly. I do bras & underwear, socks & jeans, black clothes (i have a lot of black pants), reds & pinks, darks, whites, and delicates.

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I wash everything in cold.

  • Whites/lights
  • Darks – incl jeans
  • A red/pink load (I’ve accidentally turned white stuff pink before so red gets its own load even if I have to wait 4 weeks to get enough clothes in there)
  • Towels get their own load with a vinegar “fabric softener”, occasionally I do all the white ones with bleach.
  • Sheets/duvet cover are their own load as well with vinegar and an extra rinse.

I don’t use dryer sheets, but sometimes I use those nubby dryer balls.

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I wash all clothes in cold water with a cold water detergent. Dark, medium (jeans etc), lights, and a red/pink load usually. Red clothes always freak me out, haha.

Sheets and towels get their own loads on warm.

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I sort by colors.  I have a pink/red load, a black/grey load, whites, blues/greens, and sometimes I do a light yellow/tan load.   Darling Husband does his own laundry, and I’m assuming he has his own system.  We both like different detergent so there is no mixing of our laundry. 

Its the drying that often gets fun, as about only 2/3 of my clothes get put in the dryer, and the other 1/3 I air dry to ensure that they dont fade as quickly or shrink.

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Great ideas! I’m lazy and not uptight about this kind of thing, so I wash almost everything all together in cold water and dry on low or medium heat. The exceptions are whites that are visibly looking a little scungey (separately with bleach) and delicate / hand wash stuff (separately on the delicate cycle, bras and lacy undies in delicates bags, and all hung up to dry). This includes all of my husband’s clothes too – we have a deal where I do all the laundry / putting clothes away and he washes the dishes. 

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Equine_Breeder:  FH does all the laundry in this house, lol. But when I was living at home, my main chore was doing laundry for the whole family (since I was 10). Everyone has their own way of doing laundry, but this is how my mom taught me to do it:

  • All clothing items can get washed in cold water, cold rinse. It washes just as well and saves you money because you’re not using up the hot water.
  • Whites, lights, and darks get washed separately to avoid colours bleeding on to lighter items and wrecking them. Especially if the clothes are new/fairly new. I learned this the hard way.
  • Whites can get washed bleach added. It’s not necessary though, but if you want to use bleach and you have white items with colours on them, use colour safe bleach and test it first in a hidden area for colourfastness. If the colour runs a bit, don’t use the bleach with colours.
  • Jeans should always be washed separately from other clothes or materials. They just wash better on their own, and the blue/black dye almost always bleeds. White jeans can get washed on their own or with the other white laundry.
  • Bras and underwear can get washed with other items of similar colour (so sort them appropriately into dark/light/white). Bras should not go in the dryer, though. They shrink up/get warped.
  • Things like bedding, towels, dishcloths, and rags shouldn’t be washed with clothes because they need a deeper cleaning. Towels and bedding especially, since they get all gross with sweat and hair and all that. All those items should be washed on the hottest setting – if your machine has a “sanitize” option, use that. Extremely hot water will cleanse all the nastiness out.
  • There are items like wool and some lingerie for example that need special care when washing. Some even have to be hand washed in your sink. Always look at what the tags say!
  • As for drying, pretty much everything can get thrown in the dryer on a normal cycle, unless the tag says no. I was taught to always hang jeans and other denim up to dry though, because they tend to shrink up. FH does this when he washes the jeans.
  • In the summer/nice weather, we like to hang our laundry to dry on a clothesline outside. I know not everyone has that option but it’s nice and it saves on electricity. Turn items inside out though so they don’t get faded by the sun.

I hope you get something out of that, lol. Fabric softener is a nice addition but completely optional. Try a load with and then another without to compare. You can also use dryer sheets or the Bounce bar that sticks onto the drum. I’m so far removed from the laundry in my house that I’m not sure if FH regularly uses fabric softener. We have a jug of it though.

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I sort my laundry right now by whether it should be washed in warm or cold water.  Jeans, sweats, tshirts, and other non-delicate items go in warm, all my shirts, undergarments, and more delicate tanks etc are washed on cold.  I hang bras, many of my shirts, and work-out pants to dry (it extends the life of your clothes and prevents shrinkage), and everything else goes in the dryer on low heat.  I don’t use fabric softener – it’s actually not good for your clothing, and I’m pretty big on using products with minimal harmful chemicals – so I use wool dryer balls in the dryer to help shorten drying time and keep items soft.  I also use a detergent that’s free of perfumes and dyes.

I did recently read that you can use a cup of borax in the wash (along with soap) and a cup of vinegar in the rinse to get rid of stains and keep clothes bright.  I want to stop using bleach, so I may try this soon.

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I was everything in warm with detergent and colour safe bleach.

Dark/grey clothes go together

My towels are white and get washed with Fiance white socks and bleack

Our sheets are cream and get washed with light/almost white clothes that can’t be bleached

scrubs are washed by themselves

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Likes with likes.  Everyting with the same detergent pack and the same fabric softener sheets, washed in cold.  It’ll depend on how many loads I’m doing, but it goes like this:  The whitest of whites (socks, underwear, etc.  nothing with any other colour), followed by whites with light colours, then whites with darker colours, then light colours, grey, darker colours, blue/purple, dark denim, black, athletic clothes, towels/sheets, reds/pinks.   So basically I fill a load in that order.  If I have to mix loads a bit (it happens) I usually draw the lines ath whites with light colours, grey, dark denim, athletic clothes.  Towels/sheets are always one load.  Reds/pinks are usually one load (I will hold them until I have a full load to do.) 

Only a few things don’t go in the dryer – my jeans (FI’s are good to go) as I can’t afford them to shrink in length, they get hung upside down to dry.  And very specific items (things that are beaded or delicate.)  Everything else goes in the dryer.  My bras last a year or more.  They really aren’t worth the hassle to hang dry around here.  

I wash just about everything.  If its dry clean only, I will dry clean them.  Hand wash just means I wash it less frequently.  And occasionally I’ll wash it with others that are equally annoying.  And I’ll wash them all on delicate.  But its pretty freaking rare. 

Lay flat to dry is my nemesis. 

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