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Equine_Breeder:  I wash three different types of loads of laundry. First, I have “lights”, which I consider to be mostly light colored clothing and a few towels. “Lights” mostly consist of pastel colors, white t-shirts, pajamas, underwear, and light colored socks. I wash “lights” on permanant press, hot, medium to heavy soil level, and high spin. I use Tide Free and Clear because I have sensitive skin and it gets the clothes clean. I use Bounce Free and Clear fabric softener sheets in the dryer and dry the “lights” 30-40 minutes on medium high heat.

Next I have “darks”, which includes, darker colored jeans, a few towels, and a lot of workout clothing. I wash “darks” on permanant press, warm, medium to heavy soil, and high spin. I use the same type of detergent and fabric softener for darks as I do light colored clothing. I dry darks on medium heat for 30-40 minutes.

Last are whites, which include white towels, white wash rags, white dish rags, and sheets. Sheets are washed separately from towels but are also considered to be “white”. I use about half a cup of bleach in these loads and the “Free and Clear” detergent. I wash these on “sanitize”, which is very hot, high soil, high spin. I dry them with a dryer sheet on high heat for 30-40 minutes.

I wash my nicer bras by hand with Woolite or on a delicate cycle with warm water and hang them to dry.

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Well, reading this thread I have learned there are a lot of different ways to do laundry. Here are my load breakdowns. By The Way – I typically wash each type of load every 2 weeks – I have enough clothes to get away with it (e.g. Socks/undies x20). So one week I’ll do 5 or 6 loads, the next week I’ll do the other half… mostly because I hang dry so much and just don’t have the space for it all. For things that I hang dry, I will sometimes use a liquid fabric softener in the wash. For loads that go in the dryer, I toss in a softener dryer sheet instead.

– Synthetic workout pants/tanks/sports bras — washed in cold, hang dry (no softener – it’ll ruin the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric)

– FIs t-shirts — washed in cold, hang dry (they shrink too easily… he likes american apparel ones that shrink easily)

– Tank tops/underwear/socks — washed warm/cold, dryer 

– Sweaters — washed cold, hang dry

– Work pants — washed cold, hang dry

– Jeans — washed cold, hang dry

– Delicates (in the special bags) — wash cold, “handwash” cycle, hang dry

– FI’s white t-shirts/socks — wash warm, dryer

– Towels (bath and kitchen) — wash hot, dryer (I do these every week)

– Sheets — wash on “bedding” setting, dryer (I do these every week too)

Drycleaning: FI’s work shirts, about 3/4 of our work pants, all suit jackets, some of my dresses and any winter coats or things that would be ruined by the regular wash also get drycleaned.

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i wash all clothes together in cold water except delicates which go in a separate cycle.

towels are separate and sheets are separate, sometimes in warm or hot water.

my washing machine said it is effecient with cold water, it is 2 years old.

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Towels and white/light bed linens: hot water and detergent + something to fight limescale (Calgon but distilled white vinegar works too + it’s cheaper)

Dark bed linens: slightly less hot water and detergent + anti limescale thingie

Sweats, etc. (casual clothes) and jeans: warm water and detergent

Delicates: cold water and special detergent

I also use a stain removed when needed and special detergents for black/dark clothes, delicates and brightly coloured clothes and bleech for whites. I sort them by colour and fabric – reading the label is a good way to start! 

I also sort bright colours by colour – reds, pinks and purples together, blues and greens together and so on. Even if some colour happens to bleed it doesn’t end in disaster. 

I try to handwash my bras and some of my “fancy” knickers and I always handwash my silk/chiffon blouses. So worth it! Wash, hang up nice and straight so it drip dries, no ironing! 🙂

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I’m not super picky so I tend to combine loads because it would take me longer to have enough to sort  (I don’t have many whites other than socks) and I like to do laundry every week.

-all of our clothes in the same load (or two), cold wash/rinse.  I include basically all clothing.  I don’t separate whites from darks and have never had bleeding problems.  All socks and underwear can go in here.  I put jeans in here too but that’s because we don’t wear them that much and I only have 1 or 2 pairs to wash.  I wash my bras in here in zipper bags. 

-all towels (bathroom and kitchen) in one load. cold wash/rinse

-I do bath mats separately, cold wash/rinse.

-sheets and duvet covers in one load, I will usually do this on hot/cold rinse.  This is the only thing I’ll put bleach in sometimes because I use whites.

I don’t use fabric softener and use the low heat setting on the dryer.  I take out my bras, certain shirts or sweaters, jeans to hang dry.

I do have some more delicate dresses that I would wash alone, but I don’t have to do these very much so it’s not a normal cycle for me.

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Oh I always seem to ruin something, usually by leaving a pen in my pocket from work! 

Whites – hot water regular detergent & softener NO bleach, I am so afraid of ruining all my clothes! 

Lights – warm water regular detergent & softener 

darks – warm water regular detergent & softener   

towels – cold water regular detergent & softener 

delicates I always take to my mom and dads house because they have an amazing washer and dryer and do them there! 

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I wash all clothing items in cold water, using 3 loads – lights, darks, reds

Bath towels and sheets get their own loads and get washed on warm

I’m really bad about following labels, so if something says hand wash I just put it on the gentle cycle and pray for the best (if it’s really delicate I’ll throw it in a lingerie bag)

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My mom is always telling me I do it wrong but the clothes come out clean lol.  I wash towels and underwear in hot water (seperately) and everything else in cold.  I can’t use bleach because we are on a septic tank and bleach is a big no no to get in your tank.  I wash jeans and sweaters together.  Lighter clothing (darks and not completely white) together.  I wash really white stuff seperately.  Bras are washed in bags and hung to dry.  Sweaters are laid flat to dry.  Unless specified on the label everything else either goes on the line or in the dryer.

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Equine_Breeder:  My only rule is whites don’t mix with reds/pinks/purples. Whites get washed in hot water. Lights get washed in warm and reds or darks get washed in cold. Generally I’ll mix them if II don’t have enough for two whole loads; whites and light colors can go together (warm or cold wash), colors and jeans can go together, and reds and darks can go together. If it’s a mix, I usually wash on cold. 

The only clothes that get special treatment are bras. They get clasped before going in the wash with everything else and then they get air dried. And stockings- they get hand washed and air dried. 

Generally I just eye ball it based on what I need to wash; I don’t own many delicates so if it all gets tossed in together, no big deal. 

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I seperate things into white/greys, colours and darks if I have a lot of washing, otherwise I bung whatever I have to wash in altogether and throw in a colour catcher thing. Underwear used to go into little net bags but I gave up after a couple of months but bras still go into one so the hooks don’t snag other clothing. I wash everything on a 30 or 40 depending on how dirty things are. Towels I put in together and was them all on a 60 Stains cycle because my hand towels always seem to have grubby marks where you dry you hands. Everything gets washed with detergent and fabric softener. I do try and wash new clothes with their colour buddies, like jeans and other dark items because the dye tends to come out like crazy on the first few washes!

Oh, and everything gets turned inside out, pockets are checked, zips are zipped up and cord ties things (like on hoodies or sweat pants) are knotted so your don’t loose the cord. Annoyingly OH wears his hoodies with the knot still in it because he knows it bugs me!

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I am super lazy and sort almost nothing. We use all white sheets so they can be bleached (pets in bed –> muddy paw prints –> stains). I wash whites in hot water with bleach, detergent, and Borax. Borax keeps them from getting yellow from the bleach. It’s a trick I learned from my grandmother. Everything else gets thrown in together in cold water with regular detergent. It works fine. I put sheets, towels, pajamas in the dryer but hang almost all of my clothes. DH’s workout clothes and uniforms go in the dryer, but I hang his jeans and nice pants. If he is doing laundry he’ll hang my stuff but not his, but I think it keeps them nicer longer. No dryer sheets or anything else–scented detergents etc make me itchy–but stuff is still clean looking and smelling. Delicates I do separately on delicate cycle and hang to dry. 

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i’m very anal about how my laundry gets done.

i sort by color family, so darks get washed together, reds/pinks/oranges get their own load, etc. and i also sort by material. i don’t wash heavy/rough material (jeans, corduroy, sweatpants…) with lighter material (t-shirts, etc…) because the heavy material will “beat up” the lighter material.

zippered jackets/hoodies get their own load also.

towels and sheets are their own loads.

and i’m picky about what i put in the dryer.

my husband is total opposite of me. he just throws everything in together- jeans, dress shirts, t-shirts, everything. when i see his loads of laundry, i cringe. he gives me a hard time about it, but at least my clothes last a long time. his are all faded and full of holes after a month.

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My Fiance does the laundry in our house, he’s beyond anal about it. I know how to do it, but it just always seems to be him doing it.

We wash bathroom towels/ mats on their own. On a sanitary cycle.

Dishtowels/ kitchen linens (napkins, microfibre clothes, etc). on their own. On a sanitary cycle.

Dark clothing on its own, with virtually nothing going in the dryer. Whites/ light colored clothing also on its own.

Anything dog related is also on its own.. blankets, bed, toys, sweater.

Bedding is also done seperately but goes in the dryer. With the exception of our duvet, which gets dry cleaned twice a year. 

The rest is hand washed or dry cleaned.

We take good care of everything we own, laundry is definitely tedious but its worth it.. it would be kinda nice to not be at the dry cleaner every single week though.

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Whites (usually just undershirts and socks) – hot water and bleach on regular 

light colors – warm water & soap on delicate

Reds – cold water & soap on delicate

Darks (non-dryer stuff, including delicates) – cold water & soap on delicate

Darks (dryer safe) – cold water & soap on regular

Towels and sheets – warm water & soap with a splash of vinegar on heavy

Gym clothes – warm water & soap (the only things I don’t wash with fabric softener) on delicate

I usually hang-dry everything except the dryer safe darks, the usual undershirt and socks whites, and the towels and sheets.  I use fabric softener on everything except gym clothes, and I use dryer balls.

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We bought three different hampers, and do whites, darks, and brights (that’s how it was growing up in my house). I used to separate out non-logo whites for bleach, but that just became too much of a chore. Having the separate hampers is really helpful, because when one is full, we wash that one… we don’t have to go through one full hamper and make piles later.

We wash towels and sheets separately, but don’t separate out delicates. There are only a few items we don’t throw in the dryer.

DH also dry cleans all of his work clothes.

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