How do you spend your evenings during the week?

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Anonymous1063 :  sounds pretty standard. We have a very domestic life and I love it!

I get home before Fiance most days at about 4:30. First one home takes the dog for a walk to the park. Then I’ll come home, vacuum (necessary as we have a puppy), get dinner organised and get my work stuff ready for the next day. In bed by 9, as I’m up at 4:30am for the gym. 

Fiance often cooks too, so when he cooks I just chill and read or watch telly or play with the dog. 

I find comfort in my weekly routine. Weekends are different, we do a bunch of different stuff. But weekdays are for stability in my house. 

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I finish work at 5pm so if I leave on time I’m home for half five and occasionally I work late. Most days we come home from work, cook dinner maybe have a glass of wine, then watch a show and go to bed. Mostly I go to the gym before work but I might go once during the week after work and then again on Friday straight after work. Usually we meet with friends once or twice a week for dinner or drinks, if we don’t go out or we have friends come over for a casual mid week dinner.  I don’t find it takes me that long to have dinner or get ready for work the next day. 

We used to go to the cinema every week but we’ve moved since then and we don’t like our new cinema as much. 

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Anonymous1063 :  I actually do go out a lot after work during the week because my husband works 2nd shift and it’s a chance for me to go places/do things he’s not into.  A typical week will have me checking out a live reading at my local bookstore,  a wine tasting and an art show or two.  It’s usually little energy to attend because I live within walking distance to everything and I usually take a nightly walk to check out what’s happening downtown.  Now that the warmer nights are coming there will also be live concerts and movies in the park during the week as well.  

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Not unusual at all. I’m a teacher and most days I get home between 4-5 depending on what’s going on after school that day. The past couple of weeks I have been going walking/jogging around my neighborhood as soon as I get home. My husband travels a lot so if he’s home one of us fixes dinner. If it’s just me I’ll cook something one night and have leftovers for a couple of days. Then I usually relax and catch up on tv. There’s an occasional household chore thrown in the mix too, but we do most of the household stuff ok weekends. We very rarely go out somewhere during  the work week.

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Anonymous1063 :  I probably wouldn’t go out as much if I didn’t live where I do.  We’re not going to live here forever though and I figure I should take advantage of living in a vibrant downtown while I’m able.  Eventually, we’re going to move out more towards the country/woods.  

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My husband and I will usually go out for dinner once during the week when he’s home (he works 48 hour shifts away from the house). The other days I’ll usually cook dinner and we’ll watch a show on TV. Occasionally we’ll go and do trivia but weekdays are usually pretty low key. 

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Anonymous1063 :  I work from home. I am done by around 5pm then I do about one hour of power walking right after around the neighborhood. Sometimes I will cook something simple but usually, we have leftovers from the weekend or I would just cook enough to last for 2-3 dinners. So I don’t need to cook every evening and just warming food up basically. My SO works out too right after work so have dinner around 8pm. We watch tv pretty much the whole evening. He goes to bed earlier than me. We rarely go out Mon to Thurs.

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I work 8-5 and have to leave the house about 7:30.  I go to bed at 8:30pm and still can’t fall asleep until about 10:30.  

I get home, do a little bit of prep for the next day, veg until my husband gets home at 6pm.  We make dinner, eat, watch one episode of something then start getting ready for bed.  


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Anonymous1063 :  we typically get home, do dinner, play with the kid/bath/bedtime, get ready for the next day, do a few chores, and then watch a little TV before bed for ourselves. In the nice weather we do a family walk with the dog after dinner. If we do anything fun mid-week it’s usually on our own and the other parent handles the house. 

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Mondays: Work 9-4:30. Make dinner (sometimes eat, sometimes not). Go back to work from 6:45-7:30 for a meeting, and another meeting 8:30-9pm.

Tuesday-Friday: Work 9-4:30. Make dinner, a few household chores, bed around 9:30 or so.

I work an on-call type job, so I’m on call one full week per month. It’s an absolutely crap shoot that week. May eat dinner at 5, may eat dinner at 9. May go to bed at 10 and sleep through the night, may go to bed at 10 and wake up at midnight and again at 2am and finally get back to bed at 3:30am. May not get home until 7, and go back at 9. May get absolutely no calls and have the evening and night free! Who knows? 

Sometimes I get off at 4:30 and go back from 6-8pm for meetings, but this happens only on Wednesdays and maybe once every 6 weeks. Sometimes I have other meetings I go back in for, and that could be any day of the week, but I always go back on Mondays at least. 


There’s definitely no fun during the week unless it is planned mooonnttthsss in advance. It’s happened last in January. 

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Anonymous1063 :  Sounds pretty typical. SO  and I both work 9-5 or 9-6 jobs and all we have energy left for after we get home is eat, watch TV for a bit and sleep. Some days we cook but most days we just eat reheated meals. 

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I don’t typically get home until about 6pm. By that time I’m normally too exhausted to do much. I do the typical cooking, house chores, tv, go to bed, and do it all over again the next day. 


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