How do you split/pay the check with friends

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jemmlove12 :  “In the UK they rarely even offer to do things by separate checks.”

That is probably because things don’t need to literally be in a separate bill to pay separately here. Bringing 4 different printed bills is just wasteful and unnecessary, the waiter usually brings the one bill and a card machine and then he can just enter in exactly what each person is paying. It’s super easy! 

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With my best friend, we usually alternate paying. She’s an honest and generous girl and usually insist on paying more than she has to. There’s no awkwardness between us. For larger groups, separate because I prefer to keep track on what I spent exactly. mrstodd2bee :  

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mrstodd2bee :  It’s pretty standard that the server asks if the party wants separate bills.

If it’s hubby and I and we’re out with another couple or family we usually get separate bills per couple. If it’s only me and I’m out with my mom or a friend, I’ll usually pick up the bill because I enjoy treating.

I’ve never lost a friendship over a dinner bill. It seems like a silly thing to throw a perfectly good friendship away over.

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I guess I’m in the minority but generally if I’m out with people socially we do an even split unless there is a big discrepancy in price or quantity of the orders. Obviously if I go to breakfast with someone and they order only toast and I order an omlette and latte, I would either just offer to pick up the whole tab since they got very little, or we’d do separate checks. But if they got a frittata and I got an omelette and we both got drinks, I can’t imagine quibbling because one person’s entree was $12 and the other person’s was $14 or whatever. It just makes it easier for the server than making them separate everything out. Unless someone is on a very strict budget, I find it strange when people quibble over a few dollars or insist on being venmo’d for super specific amounts. 

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It depends on different groups. With college friends we usually get separate checks unless someone is treating for birthday etc, with work when it’s large groups someone pays+\- people with cash and we Venmo them the money because it would be a pain to separate checks for 12 + people, when it’s couples usually we take turns and it evens out over time 

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We go out fairly often with our friends and almost every single time the server asks how we are splitting checks when they greet us. We typically all order and share appetizers so I guess there might be a price discrepancy there but otherwise, everyone just pays for themselves. If someone goes up to the bar and picks up a round, we just make sure to also buy a round but don’t actually split those or lay people back for drinks. If for some reason a bill couldn’t be split, we would Venmo our exact amount instead of splitting the bill in half.

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mrstodd2bee :  I usually take turns with local friends and my sister , but honestly i can only think of one restaurant near me that could feasibly raise a bill that high and if I ever go there it’ll be for a special anniversary. Or when I turn 90 and get 90% off my meal!

with friends farther away we are more likely to split checks. And for the in-laws, my husband usually pays but again, we don’t visit expensive places. I wish they’d pick up the tab just once but he usually doesn’t give them a chance and they have definitely tried to split the bill in the past. It doesn’t feel horribly one-sided. 

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My friends and I always get separate checks. It’s pretty normal here and the easiest thing to do.

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Depends on the friend. Some we get separate checks or get one check and just pay for our portion, others we take turns paying for each other. 

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zzar45 :  ah you’re right, I never thought of it that way! I was thinking more of the brits attitude, or least Scots. I’m Scottish and I find most of us are happy to just split one bill (regardless of what was eating or drank) to avoid any awkwardness haha! 

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I think it’s confusing in USA as the bill is brought to your table and then you give the server your credit card.

Where I live,  you just pay at the counter as there is no tipping. 

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mrstodd2bee : 50/50 split, always. We’re almost always on the same drinking pace with our friends and if some have more drink others have more to eat so it seems to even out. 

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I think I used to do more just evenly splitting bills but as I’ve gotten older I feel like my husband and I do more just getting a separate check.  Maybe because I do more just going out with one other couple now so it’s pretty easy to ask for separate checks as opposed to going out with 4 girl friends and sharing appetizers and bottles of wine, etc. where it makes sense to just split the bill evenly.

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mrstodd2bee :  Usually I’ll split the bill 50/50 with friends if we just got an entree each and a drink, I’m not really a nickel and dime type of person about “oh but their entree was $3 more than mine so they should pay for that”, so I don’t really care that much if the difference is minimal. If the difference is a bit larger on MY end, I always offer pay for that out of courtesy bc I don’t want to make the assumption for what someone else is OK with. But if one of us got additional drinks, dessert, etc then I’ll definitely do a separate check. 

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