(Closed) How do you stay awake? Coffee? Red Bull? Sheer willpower?

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  • poll: How do you stay awake?
    Coffee/strong tea : (56 votes)
    47 %
    Red Bull/energy drinks : (11 votes)
    9 %
    5 Hour Energy/energy shots : (2 votes)
    2 %
    I harness the awesome power of my mind and channel it through my body to keep me going for days : (34 votes)
    28 %
    Other (please tell me below?) : (17 votes)
    14 %
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    I drink a cup of coffee each morning, but I still get groggy unless I’m moving around doing something. Like if I were to wake up early, and then sit on a plane for several hours, I’d be out. But if I’m going to work, I may be sleepy, but I’m usually okay.

    Sometimes having a snack helps, adding a boost of energy.

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    need my sleep.  If I’m tired, I’m tired.  I’ve never had the serious urge to fall asleep at work or at the wheel though so maybe that’s different.  If I’m at home, I just go to sleep & don’t bother trying to keep myself awake.  Any where else, I just push though ..but like I said, it’s never gotten to the point of like falling asleep standing up or anything haha.

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    When I was in college, I never needed sleep. I could pull all-nighters easily. Now I am getting older and I need at least 8 hours of sleep to feel like a normal human being. I go to bed around 10 pm and usually asleep by 10:30 so I am very well-rested the next day. I also have a cup of coffee every single morning.

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    I’m the girl that people say “I want what she’s on” because I am overall a pretty energetic person. I don’t drink coffee often, and NEVER drink anything energy related. 

    However, whereas most people feel energized after working out, it does the complete opposite for me and all I want to do is sleep right after. 

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    I try to get enough sleep at night and eat a couple of snacks throughout the day.

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    Hi, I’m a polysomnography tech,

    if you are so sleepy you are falling asleep while driving, you need to talk to your doctor immediatley. Do not drive again until this is adressed. 

    One of my co workers was a PSG in Florida. A car full of 5 of her friends was killed by a truck driver that fell asleep at the wheel. It’s no joke. I study patients all the time who have had accidents. 

    What time do you go to bed, and what time do you wake up?

    Do you sleep throughout the night, or do you tend to wake up?

    If so, how many times on average?

    When you wake up, do you fall back asleep quickly, or are you awake for a while?

    Do you tend to check the clock, phone, etc when you wake?

    Do you nap?

    Do you snore?

    Do you experience unusual sensations in your legs while at rest or while trying to sleep?

    Does your bed partner report any kicking/jerking in your sleep?

    During the day

    Do you fall asleep suddenly?

    Can you fall asleep talking to someone?

    Any history of fainting?

    Do you feel sleepy after laughing,surprise or strong emotion?

    When you fall asleep, do you feel like you dreamt or recall dreaming, even after a short nap?

    We could go on and on with this. 

    Caffiene and stimulants have limited usefulness, and whack your sleep later. Seriously, talk to a doc. 



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    Diet Mt. Dew or Crystal Light Energy during the workday, but I always have a thermos of raspberry lemon mate every morning too.  Mate has the same caffeine as coffee.  I love coffee and mochas, but I can’t drink them without adding a bunch of cream/sugar or turning it into an espresso drink.

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    My best advice is to take short cat naps when you can to recharge. I would see a doctor, lack of energy could be as simple as a sign of some vitamin deficiency but it could be more complicated.

    I do a wake up Yoga routine for 15-20 mins. Yoga awakens the whole body and allows me to harness my own energy better. When I drink coffee, etc I am on borrowed energy. I can only push myself so much without taking care of myself. I need 9 hours of sleep, exercise and healthy nutrition to be able to function properly. When I don’t take care of myself, I get headaches, or fall asleep. The fact that you are falling asleep is just a signal to let you know that you need to get more rest or you are missing some key component in your routine. If I am tired, I do take a little shut eye in between tasks. Sometime it even helps just to breathe deeply with eyes closed for a few minutes.

    We don’t rest and relax enough in our lives. We are always in stress mode. Learning how to slow down and breath was the key to having a balanced lifestyle.


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    A shower…that’s the only thing that wakes me up in the morning. I get sluggish a lot too, tried 5 hour energy, but it made me feel sick as hell. 

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    One thing that really helps me stay awake is music…the louder the better, lol. If I’m out in piblic, I just put it really loud with headphones (but not so loud that everyone within 100 feet can hear). If I’m home or in the car, loud music it is, and again, I do try to be respectful of those around me.

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    I’ve been taking energy pills lately. It works, don’t feel so sluggish anymore

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    @fzesguer:  I do not drink anything besides water. Well, I will ocassionaly drink tea (that is a treat). I find getting enough rest and making sure I am eating healthy is all I need (I am vegan). I find myself ready to go when I wake up. 🙂


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    When I drive I sing to keep myself awake.

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    Since getting pregnant, I decided to make a real effort to stop drinking any caffeine at all, mostly just to see if I could do it. And honestly, it’s great. Way better than I thought it would be. I don’t really get tired, and the best part is that since I don’t drink any caffeine, my body is really sensitive to small amounts of it … so one little cup of tea in the afternoon if I need it and I am WIRED FOR SOUND, BABY! I think that saving caffeine for ’emergencies’ has been great. Darling Husband drinks energy drinks all the time and they hardly affect him at all anymore. Whereas I can get a jolt from one little sip of his Rock Star.

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