(Closed) How do you tell your photographer you don't like your photos?

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  • poll: Should we ask for a reshoot?

    Yes! Pics last a lifetime.

    Maybe? You don't want to offend, but then you only want to get married once . . .

    No! It's just plain rude.

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    I wasn’t a big fan of my wedding day pictures and regret not spending more time talking to the photographer about the “look” I wanted. Regardless of whether or not you ask for a reshoot, you’re not doing yourself any favors by not having a detailed discussion about what you liked and what you didn’t before the photog shoots your wedding.

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    I agree that it may just be that you’re being critical of yourself and you may come around to them. That being said, though, it might be worth it to share with the photographer what you’ve shared here – that you love the style but that you’re worried about some of the looks. You could ask the photographer if he/she has any recommendations for picking better outfits for later pictures (although – probably just your wedding gear now, eh?), or if he or she can just be more sensitive to your worries when it comes to poses. It seems like if you approach it more on the level of, “We’re feeling a little insecure, these are the angles we don’t love, can you help us look our best?” might net a better response than just complaining.

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    We are going through this right now!  And I feel for you.  It’s oddly emotional.  I had not expected to care about engagement photos this much.  And probably wouldn’t have done them if they hadn’t come with our wedding package.

    Our problem isn’t so much related to body image.  We recieved 150 proofs – but all but one is from the straight on front angle of us.  Most are pretty close up.  We were hoping for wider shots, more interesting angles.  We took almost 40 shots by a tree in the park near where my fiance grew up covered in carved hearts and initials of sweethearts.  We specifically told our photographer we wanted to include the character of the tree – we sat on it’s roots for some and leaned up against it for some shots.  In all 40 – the tree is esentially cropped mostly out. 

    We also have complaints about the staging directions she gave us.  About 90 of he 150 shots – my fiance is 90 degrees from the camera.  I’m not saying he should be making out with the camera, but with so many of the photos having him in the same position – it’s definately doesn’t feel like there is variety in my photo set.  Almost all the film of him is profile.   Also, I’m about 8 inches taller than him (yeah, I’m freakishly tall – Amazonish – and he’s kinda short anyway).  She kept directing me to place my face closer to his – which is great – other than in many shots I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Awesome.

    The other issue we had is that we were directed to just hang out and chat and such.  In most of our pictures – one of us is either about to speak or mid-sentence – resulting in awkward mouth shapes.

    We are paying for a discounted reshoot.  Our photographer recieved our feedback and feels that we did not express our expectations clearly and expresses no guilt or error.  I am willing to take some responsibility.  However, I still feel there was a lack of diversity in the photographs – especially in comparision to her portfolio and website.  And I feel she could have given better directions about our body postures – she’s the professional – we’re the awkward nerds.  She is offering a reshoot at half off normal pricing.  We’re going to suck it up and do it, but I’m not thrilled to be doing so (it’s not that costly, but we’re on a budget – and they will be too late to use in materials for the invites – which limits their value in my frugal mindset). I’m so dissapointed.  And I feel very unconfident about the photography at the wedding at this point. We’re biting the bullet, despite concerns, mainly to have another opportunity to work with our photographer to make sure she understands what we like – so we aren’t equally disappointed with our wedding photos.  We can’t afford to break our contract being three months from a wedding.  We’re coughing up a little more now to make sure our larger wedding investment is less dissapointing.

    I sympathize with your disappointment.  My suggestion is – do them again if you can afford it.  Take a few weeks to look for specific things you can do to be better prepared – can you stand straighter?   Do you prefer a certain angle of yourself?  Could wardrobe be improved or could different undergarments smooth our areas you are nervous about?  Look for patterns in the photographs that may help you negotiate a reshoot discount (like my complaint of the fiance mostly being in profile) And go easy on yourself – you’re beautiful and loved by a great guy.   Ultimately this is just silly crap we shouldn’t be so worried about.  But I feel your pain – you’re not alone!

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