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@candy11:  I supect I had a chemical pregnancy the first cycle we were trying, but neither my doctor, nor I could confirm. By the time I had my blood test, it was after AF finally arrived or the early misccarriage happened, however you want to look at it. I was 5 days late for my period and was getting positives on all the blue dye tests, but nothing on the pink dye cheapies I had bought. Now I know that blue dye tests are notorious for giving false positives, however, every single one of them gave them to me, within the allotted time frame. The pink dye cheapies I had bought were also lower sensitivity (requiring 50mUI/ml HCG), where as the clearblue easy blue dye tests were something like 20 or 25mUI/ml HCG. So I’m kind of more inclined to think that it was a chemical pregnancy and I just didn’t have enough HCG present to show up on the pink dye test that required more. I had some nausea around that time and very sore nipples that had gotten darker, too.  I ended up getting my period and it was heavier/longer than normal, although not by a lot. My symptoms also disappeared when AF showed up. The next month I did get my true BFP and had the same symptoms, but they stayed and AF never showed up. I had heard that a chemical pregnancy can also be where the fertilized egg implants, but something is wrong with the cells, so it can’t continue thriving, but I’m not 100% sure. 

We’ll never know for sure if it was a chemical pregnancy or not (for your situation and mine), but there is a chance that it was. Either way, if it was, it has no bearing on whether or not you’ll miscarry or be able to carry your pregnancies to term in the future. Apparently chemical pregnancies are so common and often undetected that most women have had them and just think their periods are late. My sister had one and I have several friends that have had them as well and have gone on to have completely normal pregnancies without any instances of miscarrying, etc. Also, if it was, you know you CAN get pregnant. I got pregnant the very next cycle, so I hope you are as lucky. I’m sorry I can’t give you concrete answers, but I hope this helps. 

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@candy11:  Hi Candy, I’ve had 6 chemicals.  3 confirmed (had positive digi tests and 2 of them had positive HcG tests) and 3 unconfirmed.  The 3 that were unconfirmed had similarities to what you experienced, tho most of the time I had more then one very very very faint positive.  For me, I’ve been pregnant so many times and I know my body very well.  There are other signs that I *ONLY* get during pregnancy that were present during those cycles.  Between the two things, it was enough to convince me that I’d had a chemical.

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@candy11:  I had a CP in sept.  I tested prior to AF because I had a bachelorette party that weekend.  On that thurs, I used the wondfo cheapies, confirmed with a FRER and a digital.  I took another FRER the morning of the party and the line was getting fainter, rather than darker and I ended up getting AF on Sunday.  I went to the dr monday for a blood draw and the ignorant nurse practioner I saw said I was never pregnant because my HCG level was so low, but if there was still HCG in my blood I would have to assume that meant I was pregnant.  I ended up getting a BFP in Dec and switched OBGYN.  During my pre-natal appt, she asked if I had any history of MC, so I explained what happened she confirmed that I did have a CP in Sept and it would go in my file as a MC.  She said that CP are so common that most people don’t even realize they had one, and I never would have known I had one had I not had that party and tested early.  My story doesn’t have a happy ending though.  I ended up having a MC at 9.5 weeks.  I was told that 35% of pregnancies end in a MC, which is a very unfortunate number and far too many women experience them.

My story isn’t meant to discourage you, only for you to see how common this actually is.  I wish you the best!!

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I had a chemical pregnancy less than a month ago. I got faint positives on two different brands of hpt starting the day before AF was due. 3 days later the lines were gone and I started to bleed. I believe a c/p is defined as a pregnancy that ends before a heartbeat is detected (usually before the 5th week). 

If you got a line and later got AF and the lines disappeared, then yes, I’d agree that you had a c/p. I’m sorry 🙁

Hooe the next one sticks for both of us!

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