(Closed) How do/did you roll during the 2ww?

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Busy bee
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I lived life normally. We got pregnant on the first try though we were sort of NTNP and I was charting for almost a year before even trying (a bit hard to chart and NTNP but it seemed like that was what we were doing). The month I got pg, we were on vacation and I did not refrain from activities such as drinking. In fact, I drank more than usual, but I did not get drunk once. I had 1-2 glasses of wine/day whereas normally I’ll have 2-3 glasses on a weekend but that’s it. I’m also not worried about it because during those first two weeks, all that is happening is that the egg is being fertilized, traveling down the fallopian tube, and implanting. When I got home from my trip, I was 5dpo and “had a feeling” I was pregnant, so I didn’t drink any alcohol at all (was also tired of it by then) but did have my regular 1 cup of coffee/day until I found out I was pregnant. I found out at 11dpo though so that felt plenty early to start making all the decisions to abstain from things.

It’s probably not a bad idea to abstain from caffeine during the 2ww but you could also probably drink 1 cup/day like I did and be fine. I have not heard about things that you shouldn’t do during the 2ww; however, I did read about an “all or nothing” phenomenon, which means that if you do something “wrong” during that sensitive time you just won’t have a sticky pregnancy, even if the egg was fertilized. Meaning after you’ve confirmed pregnancy, you shouldn’t worry about drinking or meds you took during the 2ww because if anything, it would just prevent implantation. Haven’t talked to my doctor about that but it’s something you could google. You may find certain things that contribue more to the “nothing” part of the phenomenon. 

Good luck!! Sorry I wrote you a novel!  

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Oh my gosh he is SO cute!!! hahaha I love it. Yeah, I would definitely just not worry about it. I mean I wouldn’t go out and get wasted or do any drugs but a glass of wine or two is not going to harm things, In My Humble Opinion. I would guess that the less focused/worried about things you are, the easier it may happen, actually. Not to say that stress is the only concern (I know how annoying saying that is) when people have a hard time, but speaking for myself only, I ALWAYS ovulated way late when I had a stressful month. For me, I think being on vacation and saying to each other “Let’s just try this but if it doesn’t work, no biggie, we’ll try harder next month” and then just forgetting about it while on my trip may have boosted our chances. So drink a glass of Malbec for me and don’t worry about it until you get your bfp! Trust me, there’s plenty of time not to drink then!! 

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I just decided to live. All the added stress of watching things ahead of time wasn’t worth it. Plus every time I would get AF I would think, “damnit! I should have had that Sangria at the tapas place!”

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I’m still waiting for the big O (it’s got to be getting close), and I haven’t changed anything yet. I figure after this weekend I’ll try to cut off alcohol, but won’t get mad if I have a glass of wine with dinner. And I’m not giving up my caffeine. I have 1 Diet Coke a day and that falls well within the approved amount.

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I don’t drink anyway, so that wasn’t an issue for me, but I did cut out my caffeine.  I didn’t eliminate it completely, but I read that less than 250mg was fine, so I tended to stick to about one soda or cup of coffee, if i was going to drink it at all. We were on our 3rd month of TTC when we got our BFP, and I think if it would have taken much longer, I would have started to move to the “Live Life Normally” camp.

A funny aside though, my Darling Husband did stop drinking caffeine entirely AND drinking for the whole week before I ovulated because it was something that HE read somewhere.  So it turns out, it’s not only women!

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Sugar bee
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Ok so I used to be in the cut it all out camp.  I acted as if I was 7 months pregnant when I was 1 DPO.

then, I got realistic, because frankly this TTC journey could take awhile.  I was so worried about the do’s and don’ts that I think it was actually worse than just enjoying my glass of wine during my TWW.

So now I do everything in moderation, I’m drinking in my TWW, but I am not “throwing down” I am enjoying my cup of coffee, but I am not drinking an entire pot.

It helps me keep my sanity.

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Bumble bee
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I’m living my life normally (or as close to normally as possible).  I have wine or beer with dinner several nights a week (and then on weekends maybe 2-3 if going out to dinner).  I love coffee.  I still think about it during the TWW (ie, maybe I shouldn’t have another glass of wine, maybe I shouldn’t have another coffee) and I do cut back overall, but pretty much do what I feel like doing. 

I have had two major vacations during my TWW – both of those months I did not get pregnant and would have really been kicking myself after the fact had I deprived myself!!  The past six months have been stressful enough without the added pressure of worrying about what I’m eating and drinking : )

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I am in the “drink til it’s pink” camp, but have cut down my drinking a bit during the whole cycle.  I actually did a bunch of (internet) research on this a couple of weeks ago… the only up to date medical study says that women who consume 10+ drinks per week have a harder time conceiving (eggs of serious, long term drinkers *may* be of lesser quality, according to the study).  However, the effect of alcohol on TTC is much greater in the “waiting to O” period (because it can delay or prevent O) than in the TWW (your body and a fertilized egg do not share a blood supply for the first few weeks of pregnancy.  All of that said, I am still enjoying wine.  As PPs have mentioned, this could take awhile.  The last thing I need is to be not KU and cranky.

I also completely gave up coffee (kill me now!).  I am not really worried about the effects during the TWW (my doctor said it is fine in moderation), but coffee is really acidic and I am trying to keep my body’s pH has neutral as possible during the “waiting to O” stage because my husband and I are practicing the Shettles Method (I know, I know…).

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Bee Keeper
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I only drink water anyway. But I did continue with prescriptions that you can’t have while pregnant, because my OB told me to. She said not to worry until you know.

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Bumble bee
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What?   You’re supposed to cut back on caffeine during the TWW?

My doc said nothing about this.  The only conversation we had was this:

Doc: “Do you drink wine?”

Me: “Yes…”

Doc: “And when do you drink wine?”

Me: “Um….. in the evenings?”

Doc: “You probably want to abstain from that after ovulation until you know whether or not you’re pregnant”

Nothing about cutting back on coffee/caffeine. 🙁  Of course, I could have done my own research but seriously, I expect my doctor to at least tell me the important stuff. 

That being said, I’ve been enjoying a glass of wine or two off and on in the TWW just because, well, I like wine.  And I’m not getting drunk so I’m sure it’s all fine.


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Helper bee
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@jholler25: I know this post is kinda old but I am so glad I found it! I am glad to know that you too freak out during the TWW…It’s hell for me. I act like I’m 3rd trimester! I don’t so much as lift heavy boxes or go near my microwave…it’s crazy….

but we are seriously starting to TTC at the start of the new eyar and I vowed I would remain NORMAL and not test like crazy…because like you said: we have to keep ourselves sane!

 Good Luck ladies!!! Best wishes & it’ll come when it comes;)  (but secretly I hope were all prego like…tonight)

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Busy bee
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I lived life. It took us 7 months to conceive, and I could not handle the idea of giving up caffeine/wine for 7 months BEFORE the next required 10. Not that I knew it would last that long, but still, it kept me sane. I had a routine when every period started. I’d go buy a big-ass fountain coke, make brownie dough (with RAW EGGS! live on the edge!) and drown my sorrows. Then I’d follow it up with a glass of wine. Or four. It was the only way to cope with the disappointment of another negative. I thought by “celebrating” and doing all the things you can’t do once your pregnant was the best way to go, and it worked for me. So go enjoy some unpasteurized cheese, have you a cold-cut sandwich, and enjoy the last days of not having to worry that something you ate or drank is going to mutate your baby!! 🙂

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I just live my life as ususal.  I don’t drink during the week, but I have a few drinks socially on the weekend.  I don’t drink much caffeine as it is (it makes my heart race too much), but I still have tea every so often. 

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