(Closed) How does maternity leave work where you live?

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Helper bee
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I get 6wks for Vaginal delivery and 8wks for C-section (which i get paid for) i would use my personal vacation and take FMLA (which allows me to take off w/o pay but secures my job position)

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Bumble bee
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I live live in the U.S. and work for a large hospital/university/non-profit. I do not get any maternity leave, but am eligible for FMLA, which protects my job for up to 12 weeks of absence during a 12-month period. To be eligible for FMLA, usually you have to have worked for a company that has 50+ employees for at least one full year. I am required to use all of my sick leave and then all of my vacation leave while I am away. Luckily I have enough saved up to cover the 12 weeks. If I did not, then some portion of it would be unpaid, which would affect my benefits.

The U.S. seems pretty pathetic compared to other countries when it comes to maternity leave!

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Busy bee
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US here – no maternity leave for my job. We are too small a business to qualify for FMLA. I’ll be taking short term disability and using vacation/sick leave.

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Sugar bee
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@ladybird:  I would get 6 weeks paid maternity leave and 6 weeks unpaid leave. However it depends on the company. My FH ( were he the mom) would get something like 20 paid weeks.

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Helper bee
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i get 3months full pay of 6 months half pay. then the gov also give parenting benefits. Can take 12 mnths leave 

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Bumble bee
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we get 12 months of 70% pay (so if your normal pay is $2000 a fortnight they pay you $1400 a fortnight for a year)

also have parternal pay for the daddy im preety sure its 2 months paid

and baby bonus which is $5000 but is looking at going up to ten

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Bumble bee
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I’m in New Zealand and we’re incredibly lucky with the amount of maternity / parental leave available to us.

Employees who have been working for the same employer for over six months are entitled to take fourteen weeks of parental leave which is paid by the government if some other requirements are met.  The payments are a max of about $480 per week before tax.

Employees who have been working for the same employer for over twelve months are entitled to up to 52 weeks of parental leave, fourteen of which are paid as above.

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I’m from US, and like  @78h2o: , and only entitled to FMLA (12 weeks unpaid).  I work for the federal government.  I AM eligible for leave donation (other employees can “give” you their leave, if they are feeling generous).  My mom works for the same agency, so with the vacation and sick time I’ve saved, plus the leave she donates me, I will have enough to take 3 months.

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Helper bee
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I’m in Bermuda and it varies a little by company :

My company – Maternity: two months paid off and up to one month unpaid (although I could probably take a little extra time off unpaid/vacation) and I will be using some of my vacation (5 weeks) so I’m not unpaid for a month. My DH and I are still debating on how much vacation time to use. Paternity leave: 2 days!

My husband’s company – Maternity: two months paid and one month half paid. Paternity: 5 days / FMLA 5 days paid.

I’m very excited at taking 3 months off, mostly paid!!

ETA: Once you’ve worked there for a year you get these benefits.

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Buzzing bee
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I work at a “great” job, but it doesn’t have maternity leave. I can use my sick leave up to 6wks for Vaginal delivery and 8wks for C-section. I only get 2 weeks of sick leave a year though so it takes a while to save up (esp because before and after baby there will be lots of doctor’s appointments). I can use FMLA to get up to 12 weeks unpaid.

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Helper bee
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women (and their partners) have a pretty good deal..

– 4 weeks leave prior to the due date at full pay

– 14 weeks after the birth at full pay

– the dad gets 2 weeks to use within the first 14 weeks at full pay

– ~32 weeks after that which can be shared between the mother and father, part is full pay 

plus you have a job when you come back.  on top of that you have 6 weeks paid holiday that you can take.

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Sugar bee
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I’m from the USA. There is no federally paid maternity leave here. We can take FMLA for time off, that guarentees a job upon return but no pay while you’re off.


My company allows 6 weeks for “mother’s recovery” and 6 weeks for “baby bonding”, so I get 12 weeks total. I will be paid through EIT (extended illness time) that I’ve saved up while working here (at my company we have PTO and EIT, but you have to take 2 days PTO before you can dip into EIT; I’ve never sick that long so I’ve never used any of my EIT), and short-term disability insurance.

At my company, new dads can also take off 6 weeks for “baby bonding”.

My husband (works at a different company than me) is taking 2 weeks off when the baby comes. He could just take 2 weeks vacation, but he’s doing FMLA just to be extra sure he’s got his bases covered and they can’t complain about his time off.

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Bumble bee
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Well I work in an all-male engineering firm with less than 50 employees…so there isn’t a maternity leave policy and we aren’t covered by FMLA. So basically I need to be working somewhere else when we start planning to get pregnant, although I could always go on short term disability and use up all my PTO. Sigh.

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