(Closed) How does your ring hold up to your lifestyle? Settings for active hands

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Buzzing bee

I chose one that sits low but is surrounded by diamonds. my main diamond has 4 prongs.  I lose diamonds like no onea buisness.  I think 6 total and my main stone was almost lost.  if I could do it over id get a simpler ring n vintage.  but  I still lije mine. 

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Honey bee
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litebrite249:   I have a bezel setting and it has withstood daily wear – including plenty of klutziness! 

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Busy Beekeeper

Mine is pretty low set and the stones are small – like the center is under a quarter carat.  It’s also not a diamond and it’s made of silver.  That was a joint decision between myself and husband – we love silver and I needed an aquamarine because I do, lol. It does have diamond chips to make it a 3-stone because my husband wanted diamonds. I am not a frequent wearer of jewelry and never rings since my class ring for a couple of years, so it’s not something I needed to be really excessive.  I wear the rings to work and when I’m out in public.  Otherwise they stay in a dish or ring holder so I’m less likely to damage them.  Plus if I hike or do outdoors work, my hands swell and I can’t take them off.  I think the rings reflect my values, which my lifestyle is also impacted by, if that makes sense – I’m low maintenance and outdoorsy and I think blowing money on a ring is a waste – I’d rather spend it on a house upgrade.  So the rings reflect that.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

oh, and six prong, since you asked.

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Worker bee
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I hinted at wanting a halo, one carat, low setting and lo and behold, fiancé proposes with a three stone, 1.5 carat center stone and .75 carat each side stone in a pretty high setting. Well….as a health professional student, it’s safe to say I go through about 4 pairs of gloves every procedure. It’s really annoying when you are in the middle of filling a cavity and your ring splits your glove in half lol. fiance and I have decided to keep this ring as an heirloom and get another ring just for practicality sake. Going with low setting halo. 

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Bumble bee

I think it depends how “active” your active lifestyle is…my center diamond is set pretty low, but it is set in a 3/4 eternity band…I wear my ring for pretty much everything except for the gym…we actually just got matching Qalo rings for the gym and when we are participating in sports…that said, I am able to play golf with my e-ring…I didn’t think I would be able to, but it was just fine! 

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litebrite249:  I inherited a larger stone (3.26 center with side stones ~.75 carats). It was set very, super high on a thin delicate band. I caught the stones on things, scratched our wood headboard, caught my dog with it and had a pissed off horse when it dug into her side when the saddle I was putting on her slipped. And the ring spun constantly and was super uncomfortable always sideways digging into the finger next to it.   i ultimately reset it into a much lower “basket” setting with a European shank to balance the weight and prevent spinning. It no longer gets caught or spins. I wear it basically 24/7 as its comfortable and no longer a danger to myself or others. 

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Bee Keeper

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kirbyb:  id love to see yours. 


I have dogs, horses, go spin/gym/run and never take my ring off. It’s fairly sizeable diamond and has 6 prongs and cathedral setting. I think it’s the cathedral setting that makes it smooth and less ‘snaggy’ compared to the v shaped setting which are kind of cupcake on a band profile if that makes sense?

its over 100 years old so I figured if it’s lasted that long it’ll be ok on me. 

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Well, I love bezels. Done right, and with a properly, well cut stone, the stone will still look fantastic. Yeah, if your stone is not well cut or is a darker gemstone, a bezel might not be best idea, especially a closed one. I have had a few rings, including 6-prongs, but most have been/are bezels and they are certainly my favourite. My sort of “original” was a low profile bezeled moissanite solitaire in handforged 18k yellow gold and it was not only super comfortable and durable but it was very, very easy to wear, it caught on absolutely nothing at all! Not even my cat’s long hair 😉

I would say my ring choices are partially influenced by my lifestyle, but more by my taste since, well, I want to enjoy looking at it! I however do NOT wear my rings 24/7…not only are there circumstances where there can be a risk to the ring, but there are risks to my finger and being bezel set (and having jewelry insurance) won’t matter! I mean, I might wear one a lower profile bezel ring or a band if I am just heading to the gym to do cardio on the elliptical, but it is coming off if I am going scuba diving or scrambling over rocks, or even lifting weights (not only to not bend shank, but to protect fingers!). If you have not just eaten, look up ring avulsion to see a good reason why it is a good idea to remove your rings during some activities…😥 I also jammed my finger once while just playing a casual game of touch football and had to get a simple band cut off because of the swelling so…

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Bumble bee
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I second bezel but also think about getting a plain band as well and maybe a channel set eternity band for sparkle and durability. Lifestyle was also a big factor for me and that only happened after being enagaged for 2 years with my original ring that had prongs. Good luck bee! 😊

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Busy bee
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bezels are the best. I have a tension setting and it holds up well but its IMO set to high for active people. I am not active and but I am clumsy and I have hit the side of my ring a few times. 

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If you inspect your ring every six months or so you will be fine ! I mean 4 prong vs 6 prong…yes 6 prong IS more secure. I don’t like all of those prongs or bezel setting because I want a lot of light to play with my diamond. If you get solid gold or platinum setting it will hold up. Also a lot of pave is probably a no no if you are that active. I love a pave setting (thinking about a reset one day) but thinking of losing those little diamonds is making me hold off.

Obvious take your ring off if you are doing a mud run or your boxing or something …other than that ring settings are meant to take a beating !!!

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Mine has never been a problem, and I never take it off, unless I’m swimming in our lake or in the ocean.  I hike, go to the gym, shower, sleep, clean, and do yardwork with it on.  It is three stone, each with 4 prongs.  The center is .65 ct, each side stone is .33.  It doesn’t sit especially low.  I think the main reason it’s fine is that it’s 14K (white) gold, so it’s stonger than 18K and less malleable than platnum.  I probably wouldn’t go rock climbing with it on, but I’d do just about anything else with it.  I am personally not a fan of bezel, but if you’re really concerned, that’s probably the way to go.  However, I think a well made ring, especially in 14K gold, will be just fine.

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