How easy (emotionally) was it for you to change your last name?

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Busy bee

I can’t wait to change my last name! I have been wanting to do that for as long as I can remember and was about to when I met my SO, because then for the first time I wanted to get married – that means I will have a surname I actual want for the first time in my life! I have no emotional ties to my surname (father); in fact I find it repulsive to be associated with that family.

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Helper bee
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mgbser:  I had already been considering this and I think you sold me on it! Definitely feels like the best of both worlds!

Thanks for that information too. I’ll keep that in mind when updating/changing any of my documents and when booking flights. I feel like socially I’ll get called Mrs. Hisname whether I change my name or not, so this will address that issue while saving me the headache of having a lot of confusion professionally. 

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Busy bee

It was actually harder than I thought it would be. I remember talking to my friends about it at my bachelorette party and telling them that I was having a hard time coming to terms with not being a (maiden name) anymore. That was my name for 25+ years. It’s the name I shared with my family and with one signature, it would be legally changed forever. My maiden name was short and easy. My married name is longer and one of those names that you ALWAYS have to spell because whoever you’re talking to will never get it right. I never really considered not taking my husband’s name and I’m definitely happy that I did now but there was an adjustment period.

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Megbee617:  It wasn’t hard until I actually did it…then it set in. I’m never going to have that name. Everything about my name just changed. It was REALLY weird. I still do miss my old name, because it’s just comforting, you know? But, this new name is fun! It identifies my husband and I as family. I have truly grown to love it!

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I think you should do what you want 🙂 In time, you will know what the best decision is.

Personally, I changed my entire name (first and last) as an adult. It was so freeing (I wanted to be disassociated from my family, and just became a different person, so it was an unusual decision that made sense for me). Because I worked so hard to get my names, chose them myself and paid for them lol, I think the best solution for me is to tack on FI’s name. We have already discussed it. They don’t sound too bad together either!

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We were married on 09/27, and just received our marriage certificate on Saturday. I’m going to the SSA office and DMV on Wednesday to have my name changed. 

Emotionally, it’s been a relatively easy decision. I couldn’t imagine not taking DH’s last name. The one reservation I’ve had about it is the fact that I won’t share a name with my siblings any longer. 

I changed my last name on Facebook like an hour after the wedding lol. 


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I struggle with this too. My dad has passed and I feel like changing my name is a big deal. My mom hyphenated her name for almost my whole life I think that’s what I’m going to do too

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Busy bee
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I think it’s going to be very, very difficult for me to change my last name.  I have a very common first name so I go by a shortened version of it instead.  My first name has never really been a part of my identity, but my last name has.  In high school, my nickname was my last name (since my first name is so common).  My Fiance is actually very fond of my last name and suggested we both hyphenate, but a male changing his name in my state is apparently quite challenging.  I’m still on the fence about hyphenating though.  It would just be so lengthy that I think it might be irritating.

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Blushing bee

For me it will be an honor to change my last name. I have struggled for years with low self esteem, thinking that nobody wanted to marry me. Then I was blessed when someone wanted to call me his wife.

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Honey bee
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Megbee617:  To me, it’s just a name. Plus, I was ready to get rid of my ex husband’s last name, which I still carried.


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