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Helper bee
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There are somethings that are inevitable with mankind. We try to eat organic, buy less plastic, and reuse what we can. Also we have a hybrid, one day we’ll move to electric. But even electric cars are fuled by electricity that is fuled by oil plants for power.I also try not to eat much red meat (Which is hard I love steaks & burgers!) because they cause the CH4 emission on the planet. 

Unfortunately recycling isn’t very efficent considering usually only 5% of the product can actually be recycled, and more emissions are made by transporting recyclables over seas and back. 

I do care a lot though, so I went back to college in the fall to study Atmospheric and Oceanic Enviornmental Sciences. I want to work with algae. About half the air you breathe comes from the ocean other bodies of water. There are plants and organisms in these waters that photosynthesisthe way terrestrial plants do to give us air. 

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Helper bee

We eat vegetarian, moving towards vegan, for environmental reasons. We reduce, refuse, recycle by buying package free where possible, reducing what we buy and consider necessary, recycling and composting everything we can. We also grow veg. Public transport where possible or walk/cycle, buy second hand, keep the heating low.

As others have said, a lot of these things are easy and save money, so why not do them.

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Sugar bee

We try very hard but are far from perfect. 

I always recycle metal and paper and the minimal plastic I being into my life. 

I have been working on eliminating plastic in my household. This one is tough but we are working on it. 

We have curbside organics pickup and we can put in cat litter and baby diapers. 

We but almost all baby stuff used and then pass it on where possible. 

I abhor bottled water and carry a refillable canteen everywhere. 

I don7t use plastic bags and use my own. 

My job requires use of a car but we moved so my husband can walk to work

We contribute to a carbon offset charity. 

I am trying to do more but with 2 one year olds is tough. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

trinibride0417:  we recycle and are a one car family (we can walk for most local errands and I take public transit to work). We also have  reusable glass containers that we use for everything to minimize plastic in the house. I try to shop local as much (primarily to support local businesses) but if we want/need something that can’t be sourced locally we don’t worry about it. 

For food we mostly stick to items that are found in nature. No almond milk in this house – the amount of water that is used to grow almonds is bad enough and then to turn it into “milk”?! I was pretty shocked when I learned how bad that stuff is for the environment! 

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Sugar bee
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Composting bin 


Primarily organic

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Vegan when I can (wish more often)/ mostly Vegetarian (health problems)

Composting/green waste


Filtered tap water, no bottled water

Solar panels, 6 star insulation 

Water saving fixtures

4 minute showers

Waterless front garden and rain watered back garden plants (mostly succulents and Australian natives)

Rain water tank

Generally buying less ‘stuff’

Leather (long lasting investment) or vegan leather items

Public transport and drive scarcly and walking

Energy efficient appliances and turning off switches and appliances when not using them

Energy efficient light bulbs

Double glazed windows and solid window coverings (shutters)

Never leave water or tap ‘running’ 

Water saving dishwashing methods

Low petrol using car (small and efficient) 

Avoid using plastic, or if we do, reusing 

Using natural light 

Recycled cat litter paper

Recycled printer paper

Turning heating/cooling off when not needed

Cooked meals instead of buying lunches

Enviornmentally friendly cleaning products

Small herb garden

Thift store/second hand furnishings and clothing 

Clothes line/hills hoist/clothes horse air drying of clothing (rarely use dryer)


Most of this stuff is normal in Australian households 🙂

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Buzzing Beekeeper

kbmorintj:  We are aussie too and pretty much have the same list except we have a rain water system for the toilet and solar hot water (not just the solar panels for electricity) and a totally vegan household.

We also grow our own vegies and are part of a food co-op that buys the not perfect fruit and veg from local farmers. 


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Bumble bee

I am definitely consciously trying to make steps to become more environmentally friendly. I am not the best, but I certainly try and do my fair share to try and prevent environmental destruction. 

Things I’m most successful at:

-I’m vegan, and I consciously try to minimize my food waste. I very rarely waste food anymore, I carefully plan lists so everything I buy, I eat. I also try to minimize packaging waste, buy everything loose in reusable bags. My roommate has left for two weeks, and I haven’t had to take out the garbage yet, so I like to think I’m doing a decent job. 

-I gave up plastic water bottles for lent. I was addicted to sparkling water (I don’t drink soda, but I still love bubbles!) Only reusable containers so far, and the switch has been easy so I’m going to keep using my camelback waterbottle only. 

-I’m good about keep the lights off, turning down the heat when I really don’t need it. Lights are usually only on in my bedroom when I’m studying/reading at night. Obviously helps with the bills too, although we do get a great deal of our energy over here in Scotland from renewable sources which is nice. 

-I don’t own a car, more bc they are pricey and being American I’m petrified to drive on the left side of the road here, but that’s also good for the environment. I usually walk, take the bus on the odd occasion, but I do fly a lot being that my fiance and family are in a different country.

Things I’m bad at:

-I order from Amazon WAY too much, because I live in a tiny Scottish town that only has a few shops. Most of the things I need I have to order off of the internet. I recycle my cardboard boxes or repurpose them, but it’s still miles of driving for deliveries. When I move back to the States I’m going ot try and cut this addiction out and walk to the store to buy things, especially because I’ll be in NYC where they have everything in a 3 block radius. 

-I fly a lot. See above

-I still use pods for my coffee machine. I know, I know. This is my one thing I really need to get over, but I don’t have the money for a new coffee machine just yet. We registered for a non-pod machine though, so I’ll be done using them in a year. 

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Buzzing bee
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I strongly recommend watching Cowspiracy if you haven’t already. 

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