How far along were you when you went into labor with your first baby?

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Sugar bee
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Statistically yes you are more likely to go late especially as a FTM. 

I was 27 and had my son at 40+4, spontaneous labor. 

Now I’m 29 and set to be induced next week at 39 weeks. Doubt she’ll do me the favor of arriving beforehand, lol

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Busy bee
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I was full term 3 days before my due date 

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Busy bee
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My water broke at 2 am right on my due date. Had her 8 hours later. All natural. 

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Helper bee

Eeep! Excited for you! 

I was 30 years old (like 30 years and 7 days) when my kiddo was born. It was 43 weeks in. I wanted to wait  for natural labor to occur and while exhausting it was fun to just see how it all unfolded. 

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Busy bee
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I was 26 and had my baby at 37 weeks. My water broke naturally but I wasn’t progressing so they gave me pitocin. I didn’t want an epi but I regretted it. It was horrible pain, imagine going from contractions you can’t feel to your whole body just tightening all at once. They had to keep upping the dose until I finally had him 16 hours later. 

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Worker bee
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I went into labor (with contractions starting at about 3 minutes apart) just after midnight on his due date, so forty weeks. I had no signs of impending labor up until it actually started. (They broke my water at the hospital after like, 20 hours and I never had any braxon hicks contractions or anything.)

He was born the next morning at 12:29am after 24+ hours of labor via emergency c section. 

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Bee Keeper
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MrsGirlyGirl :  Honestly, everyone told me I was going to go late because it was my first baby. Also, my stepson and niece on my husband’s side were both two weeks late, and their moms both induced… Both my stepson’s mom (whom were close to) and my SIL/her husband had plans to go out of town the weekend before my due date. I was told over and over again that the babies in the family are stubborn and go late, so they’ll be back by the time the baby is born. Joke was on them! She came the weekend before they left 😂

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Blushing bee

Im 27 and had my baby at 39 weeks. My water didn’t break on its own. I went to hospital due to heavy bleeding. They broke my water and tried to get me to dialate for 4 hours before I had an emergency c section due to a placental abruption. 

The baby didn’t get a lot oxygen and ended up having to have a cooling treatment done to help avoid brain damage and he spent about two weeks in the NICU before he was released. 

He’s perfectly fine but it was a very scary experience. The doctors told me it was a good thing I came in right away as apperantly a lot of women ignore the bleeding which makes the situation much worse. 

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Blushing bee
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I was 28 when I went into “labour”. My water broke at 37+6 and I was induced the next day because I wasn’t having any contractions. I had a natural birth but with forceps. 

I was cramping throughout my pregnancy, particularly after 30 weeks.. sometimes quite intense. So it wasn’t really a surprise that she came early, but ironic that I had not one contraction until I was induced 😂. 

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Helper bee
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#1 I was pregnant at 27, delivered at 28. I was induced at 41+3 weeks, girl did not want to come out!! Ended up with a c-section after a 2 day labour. 

#2 I was pregnant at 29, delivered at 30. Scheduled c-section at 39+1. 

I never went into labour on my own. 

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Helper bee

early labor started in the wee hours of 38+6.. like 12am. I had a very long labor, the doctor who ultimately operated on me says she thinks it’s because my pelvis never really opened, so my body was ‘waiting’ for my pelvis to widen and my son to drop. anywho I gave birth mid-afternoon 39+5

I was 30

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Honey bee
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First baby I had vis c-section at 40+2 due to random unexplained bleeding, but I was nowhere close to dilated and barely effaced so I have no idea when I would have gone into labor. I’m 27 weeks now and I’m hoping I go into labor before 41 weeks when they would probably make me do a repeat c-section. I’m not super optimistic though. 

adding that I turned 30 6 days before my daughter was born. 

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Busy bee
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41 weeks and a day or two? I was 29. He ended up as an emergency c. My second will be a scheduled c at 39 weeks next month and I’m 31.

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Busy bee

I was 28 when I had my first child. He came at 39+4. I woke up at 2:30 am and experienced a contraction. He was born at 4:48 am. It was unmedicated – I was pushing in the car on the way to the hospital and was fully dilated when I arrived. My midwife ran into the room as he was crowning. 

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Busy bee
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First baby, delivered at age 19, 39w6d. Second baby, delivered at age 26 at 40w exactly.

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