(Closed) How far apart do you want your children to be?

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  • poll: How far apart?
    1 year or less : (18 votes)
    7 %
    2 years : (119 votes)
    49 %
    3 years : (62 votes)
    26 %
    4 years or more : (16 votes)
    7 %
    Whenever it feels manageable to have another baby : (26 votes)
    11 %
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    I think it’s polite to waiting for the placenta to be delivered before trying for another. 

    I jest! I think 2 years is a good space. I always loved the term “Irish twins” so less than a year is cute…

     @UK Bride:  That happended for my mom! 4 kids, 2 pregnancies. 2 sets of fraternal boy/girl twins. I loved it growing up and my sis & I are now closer to each other than we are to our twins. Apparently mum released 2 eggs everytime she ovulated so chances are she would have always had twins. Not sure exactly how they know that (US maybe?) but she also miscarried another set of twins between the two sets. If we try for another baby, I would love twins…

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    2 kids tops, 2 – 3 years apart. We’d probably start trying again when Baby #1 is a year old (as it has taken us ages to conceive the first). If second comes sooner than 2 – 3 years…oh well.

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    @mariwithani:   I think 2 years apart is perfect just so my body has some time to recover between pregnancies. 


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    I would like 3 years. I just think it seems like a nice age difference. I am almost 5 years younger than my older sister and 2 1/2 years older than my baby sister (so 7 1/2 years difference between oldest and youngest). Growing up, my little sister and I were super close, but we weren’t with my older sister. She was in such a different place for so long. Now, we’re ridiculously close. I think 2 1/2-3 years is what we’ll shoot for with our kids. My mom did say it would be smart to have 4 years between for college reasons (if we’re paying for their college, which we hope to be able to do somewhat). Who knows, though!

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    We want to have 4-5 kids. Once we have the first, we’ll start trying for another 6-9 months after. I literally want to have them all around the same time, grow up together, vacation together, play together, be one another’s best friends as they are growing up and hopefully that will continue into adult hood as well. I’ll also enjoy them going off to school roughly around the same time. I love the idea of a big, close knit group of siblings. And I’ll love having lots of grandchildren in the future.

    People say you’ll change your mind once you have the first, I really don’t think I will. 

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    I’d like mine to be less than 2 years apart, for the first two anyways. My daughter is 6 months old and I have the.worst.baby.fever.ever. I’m hoping to get my cycle back so we can start trying ASAP. Who wants to get their period back?  I really want to be pregnant before she’s 8 months, but it’s all up to nature 🙂

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    I would feel incredibly blessed to be able to have 1 kid, but if I am able to have more than that I would like to keep them no more than 3 years apart! 

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    I would say between 1 and 2 years! I think I’d like to start TTC again around 6-8 months after bb comes. My 3 siblings are about 17 months apart each, and they’re great. I think gaps that are too big make it harder to have playdates and do things of interest to the whole family. 

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    My brothers and I are all exacting 18 months apart. I think that’s perfect, so we were close nough to be able to be friends and go to school together. 

    For our kids, being that I am coming up on 32 and we want 2 to 3 kids, we will be knocking them out as close as possible, probably about a year apart 

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    I’d prefer a year and a half between each pregnancy. That’s what my parents did with my brothers and I, and we were quite close growing up. SO has the same year and a half age gap between himself and his sister.

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    I always assumed I’d have then 2-3 years apart. Then again, I assumed I’d be done having kids before I was 30. Here I am, approaching 29, and no kids yet. I have no desire to be 35 and still having kids, so I have a feeling that I”ll probably have them really close to each other.

    My BFF’s kids are 18 months apart, and she swears she’d do it again. Like she said, it was really hard the first couple of years, and then it was smooth sailing. She was essentially done with strollers, diaper bags, potty training, etc all at the same time. It made life so much easier – they buckle themselves in, get themselves dressed, etc. 

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    My sister and I are 13 months apart, and I think that is way too close.  We were super competitive growing up, had different friends, and had issues with going after the same guys.  It was not good.  We still aren’t close, even though we’re in our 30s now.  Maybe it would be different if we were opposite sexes…  

    There is no way I’m having kids closer than 2 years apart!

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