(Closed) How fit were you before/during pregnancy?

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@BellaDee:  I did a marathon the spring before I got pregnant… so I’d say I was pretty fit.

I scaled my routine WAY back when I got my BFP (I stopped lifting weights, I cut mileage in my running/ran slower, and just dialed back the intensity in spin class & zumba) but I stayed active up until the end.  I even did a (VERY SLOW) half marathon at 19 weeks.

I still found myself out of breath often, especially towards the end.  I would get winded taking a long walk, going up more than a flight of stairs, or if I were running around the house doing chores (aka nesting haha).  

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I was fit before the pregnancy and was able to maintain that during the pregnancy (so far, I’m 26 weeks). For me, exercise ‘cures’ 50% of my pregnancy complaints, which is a big deal! I did slow down a bit once I got pregnant, but only in intensity.

Pre-pregnancy: Walk moderate pace 5 miles each work day (I walk to/from work). I work an office job so during the day I’m pretty sedetary. High intensity cardio (for me meant burning 600 calories in 45 minutes) 3-5 times a week for 45 minutes and weight resistance/lifting for 15 minutes, which works each of my major muscle groups.

Pregnancy: Same as above, but I lowered the intensity so I’m only burning about 500-525 calories over 45 minutes of cardio, which at a higher weight means I’m going about 20% slower than pre-pregnancy. I’ve noticed I sweat a lot more now and some days I get winded when I have to walk quickly and talk, but I feel pretty in shape. Also, living in the midwest, my DH and I are planning on driving to/from work when the weather gets bad, so that will cut down on walking in the last month of pregnancy.

Note: I know that the amount of calories burned (as reported by the machine based on weight) is an estimate that is usually off by 10-20%, but it is how I judged my intensity.

I highly recommend starting an exercise routine before pregnancy and maintaining it. Women who are physically active have an easier, and shorter (by and average of 2 hours!) labor than sedetary women.

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I worked out at home doing various programs and workout videos to include cardio and weightlifting about 3-5 days a week, so pretty healthy.  19 BMI if that helps.  I’m a big fan of the BeachBody programs like P90X.  Once I got PG and my energy level went to 0, I tried to at least go for a walk 1x a week.  Now that I’m at 16 weeks, for the past 2 weeks I’ve recently and slowly started back up with my workout routine and am aiming for 2-3 days of cardio and 3 days of light weight training.


I found several prenatal/pregnancy workout videos on YouTube that I’ve been rotating through the past couple weeks and they’ve been great.  


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@KH:  “I highly recommend starting an exercise routine before pregnancy and maintaining it. Women who are physically active have an easier, and shorter (by and average of 2 hours!) labor than sedetary women.”

And they bounce back quicker after baby!

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I went to the gym about 3 times a week before the BFP and also often rode my bike to work.  Since my morning sickness started the day after my positive, I haven’t done anything at all.  We had a fire drill at work and I had to walk down 15 flights of stairs and three days later my legs are still sore which tells me that my fitness is waning!  I’ve slowly started walking a bit more and hoping I can start going to yoga classes to ease back into things.  My zumba instructor kept teaching classes until about her 8th month so she is my inspiration.

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@envirobride:  Honestly, the only thing that helped my MS was exercise. I swore that by minute 7 (of moderate intensity), I was able to feel the dizziness and nausea evaporate and I was able to eat (not normally, but at least I had a small appetite and was able to easily hold food down). When I didn’t exercise, I always vomitted and felt awful the entire next day.

@irin997:  Yep! I also do “10 minute solution: prenatal pilates” a DVD I purchased on Amazon and love it! The instructor is really great about motivating you and all the routines are easy to customize for your fitness level. I highly recommend it!

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@BellaDee:  I’ve never been athletic, not an unhealthy weight or anything but I always struggled with running the mile in junior high and high school. I’ve always prefered more “low intensity workouts.” I knew that DH & I wanted to TTC this summer (June/July) – so I started working out with a trainer 3 days/week in March. I dropped no weight but inches and 3-4% body fat so I was making progress and feeling strong. The trainer had me doing circuits at the gym (5 min warm up cardio, lunges, squats, push ups, and arms) followed by 2 min of cardio. We’d repeat 4 times and end with 10 minutes of cardio plus stretching. I always felt like CRAP after my workouts. (I have exercise induced asthma & in the beginning got super bad headaches/migraines after my workouts…) Fast forward to July when I found out I was pregnant, I started pilates 2 days/week and prenatal yoga 1/week. I am now 19w pregnant and feel stronger then ever before! I know that I need to add a couple of days of cardio into my workouts (I have a treadmill at home, it shouldn’t be that hard)… but I’m feeling great. I haven’t gained much weight but it feels like my body is shrinking and baby is growing. I’m measuring perfectly for my due date and we (me and baby girl) are feeling good! 

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What work or regimen did you do prior/during pregnancy?

The month before we started TTC, I completed a 3-day, 170 mile, 3 mountain pass cycle ride in Washington state. I had been doing an intense training regimen since early summer for that event and had re-started personal training the November before (9 months before getting pregnant). My workout regiment before training for the cycling event consisted of 2 days mid-level strength training (weights), 1 day intense cardio interval and strength training, and 2 days mid-level cardio. During my training for the cycling event, I had 1 day strength training, 1 interval/strength, and 2-3 more interval or endurance cardio days.

When I got pregnant at 30 this August, I was in the best shape I had been in for years. This was not my first time training regularly, as I have been weight lifting since college and trained for several endurance events including multi-day rides, marathons, and triathalons before.

I had just come off birth control after being on the pill for over a decade, but I was fertile my first cycle off. My third cycle was very short, probably due to the intensity of my training, so I thought it might take us a few to conceive. We started TTC my fourth cycle off the pill (charted) and got pregnant right away.

The first week I was pregnant, we were in Glacier National Park and put 35 trail miles, two summits, and one bicycled mountain pass under our belts. I noticed that I was more fatigued than usual in the evening, but nothing else.

I am currently continuing to work with my trainer once a week, doing the same 1.5 hour interval/strength workout at a slightly lower intensity, and 2 more days strength training + 2 more days lighter cardio. My goal is to maintain a similar or only slightly decreased level of strength and cardiovascular fitness while decreasing my workout intensity as needed and overall by about 10% a month.

The first 2 months were a little tough because I felt kind of gross, so I took it easier on myself. I credit my fitness with an easy time getting pregnant and better recovery from fatigue and nausea so far.

I have been able to maintain a similar level of activity (now 12 weeks along) although I am noticing that if I do activities that require me to dip and/or bend suddenly, I am more prone to drops in bloodpressure. I definitely don’t feel inspired to “go for a run” but when I do, I find that I am able to. When I was out of state traveling last week, I walked 4-5 miles a day on countray backroads, and that felt GREAT. Walking is a really excellent way to start building up cardiovascular endurance.

I imagine that as I get farther along, I’ll keep tapering my workouts to lower intensity, but I plan to keep doing them unless it’s recommended that I stop for medical reasons. I would like to maintain my level of fitness to help me birth naturally if I can.

It’s worth noting that I am not working out to maintain weight or keep my pregnancy weight gain low, I am trying to keep up my fitness so that I will have better energy and strength as my body changes.

Are/were you mostly sedentary?

When I’m not working out, I spend most of my day in front of a computer. The days that I don’t go to the gym or plan a workout for myself, I usually walk no more than 1.5 miles. So I have very sendentary days but otherwise a high level of fitness by planning workouts.

Did you feel your heart strain more than usual and/or shortness of breath?

I feel more prone to low-grade dizziness and nausea than I used to, but otherwise fine.

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I’ve always been slim and fit.   I weighted 120 on the day I gave birth, haha.

I was on leave from work during my pregnancy because I work with chemicals, but I have a very active job, I never get to sit, and I take all kids of fitness classes, I even went to my ballroom classes up until the week before I deliverd, and I never had any trouble except putting my shoes on.

I didn’t get too big last time, and by 3 weeks post partum (I spent the first week and a half in the hospital, bleh, infection) I’d pretty much lost all my belly.    I have a strong core, and I’m hoping to get as lucky next time.

This time (still TTC, though) I’m even more active, I’m a Zumba instructor, and I take several other fitness classes during the week, I plan to pick up a few extra zumba classes to make a bit of extra cash during my pregnancy, and I’ll be on leave from work again.

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What work or regimen did you do prior/during pregnancy?

I normally worked out about 5 days a week, anywhere from 1 hour +. Mostly I do running (outside), running/walking (inside with incline), elliptical, or biking alongside weights. My longer weekly workouts were normally about 2 hrs were usually long runs or long bike rides. Short workouts would be 45 min-1 hour. So I have decent endurance and have done plenty of all day hikes, etc (like 14ers in Colorado).

I don’t think the very early weeks were much different. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until waaay later than most people so I didn’t notice fatigue or shortness of breath until maybe 7-8 weeks or so. And I attributed that (before I knew) to the heat.

Now I do 3 or 4 days a week for maybe 45 minutes. Honestly, it is a HUGE STRUGGLE. On a normal Saturday I would get up, jog 7 miles, come home and cook breakfast, clean the house, and then go about my day. Last time I ran (ran/walk) 6 miles I had to take 4 hour nap. Forget cleaning or anything else!

I feel like I can do about 30% of what I could do before. I didn’t have a problem with 7 miles at all…now it’s a struggle for me to do more than 1 mile (continuous jogging that is). After a mile I have to walk. Then walk/jog the rest. More than 4 miles is pretty tiring so I’ve been sticking with anywhere from 2-4 with a lot of walking in there. Also, more walks in general.

It was easy for me to bike 20 miles. Now I can get about 8 miles in.

It is VERY easy to get winded. I’m NOT used to it at all!

Are/were you mostly sedentary?
I have a sedentary job if that’s what you mean. But I’ve been working out regularly since I was about 20 (29 now). Home life is pretty sedentary other than cooking and cleaning though DH and I do bike rides or runs together.

Everything is about the same other than my workouts declining.

Did you feel your heart strain more than usual and/or shortness of breath?

Heart strain, no. But EXTREMELY fatigued and much easier for me to be short of breath. I’m not really fatigued during normal daily activites (I was for a few weeks early on) but it’s very hard to workout. Every workout feels like a struggle for me when it used to come fairly easily.  I will say I sleep normally 9-12 hours a night now though.

Honestly…if you’re not super active and fit before pregnancy, I don’t think you can get there while pregnant!

FWIW…all I can do is not give up. It’s really easy to want to do that when you’re tired all the time or headachy and when you are constantly starving at 5pm. Food sounds way more appealing than working out!  I just make sure that I keep doing something at least. I’ve only gained 5lbs or so (17 weeks today) so gain has been minimal, which is nice when you want to pig out all the time. I just try to do something and not quit completely because I want to be able to jump back into it afterwards.

So it’s been really hard on me to not be able to do what I normally have no problem doing.

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What work or regimen did you do prior/during pregnancy? I did crossfit 5 times a week before becoming pregnant. I have cut back to 3 days a week since about 3 months. I am now almost 8 months.

Are/were you mostly sedentary?
I work hard to not be sedentary. My job has me moving- think pharma rep- so I’m not at a desk all day most days. I walk my dog for 15-20 twice a day in addition to crossfit.

Did you feel your heart strain more than usual and/or shortness of breath?
Absolutely not feeling heart strain. I really modify what I’m doing a lot and try to be take a lot of breaks. Sometimes I have shortness of breath from just walking, though. It depends on where the baby is positioned.

I really advocate for moving while pregnant (as long as your dr approves). It is good for my mood and I don’t think I will struggle as after my baby is here in terms of recovery. That’s only based on the other mama’s at my gym tho. My outcome could be different!

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@cherrypie:  I would like to maintain my level of fitness to help me birth naturally if I can.



One of my crossfit buddies delivered at 39w4d in August. She was at the box on Thurs night, emailed me around 11pm. Next thing I know- 9pm on Fri she posted pics of her and baby. Her labor was a breeze! She only pushed for 6 mintues. She attributes this all to her maintained strength. Keep it up!!


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Not currently pregnant (as I’m sure you know from the Oct POAS board…), but one thing I keep telling myself each month it doesn’t happen is one more month to get in better shape. I currently work out 5 days a week. I do a mix of power yoga, group fitness (with strength and cardio), and running. I really want a super strong core for when I get pregnant (just a personal goal of mine). I do agree with your doctor, you gotta get moving. 🙂 You want to be in good shape for that baby! And it will make it so much easier on you. Find something you enjoy, you’ll be more likely to stick with it. 

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