(Closed) How fluent is your dog?

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  • poll: How much does your dog understand?

    My dog only listens to food-related words

    My dog knows a lot of phrases and words and is super smart

    My dog is fluent and eavesdrops on my conversation regularly

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    @kgirl91:  Haha, I want to squeeze that dog’s face – he’s so cute!

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    @AllieANT:  We think border collie/blue heeler but it’s anyones guess.  We got him when he was around 1.5 yrs old, I wish we’d seen him as a puppy.  His fur is really soft like a border collie but he’s more built like heeler.

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    My dog is deaf, so he doesn’t recognize words being said (obviously); but he does recognize gestures, some trained some not…


    • Sit
    • Down
    • Off
    • No
    • Shake
    • Quiet
    • Good
    • Yay/Happy
    • Give Kisses
    • Roll Over

    Not Taught/Self Taught

    • Get your toy
    • Go potty (this was “taught” by accident)
    • Go for walk (anytime I put on running shoes or open the drawer with his leash in it)
    • Run Around
    • last out/bed time
    • Treat

    I feel like there are a lot more that he knows that I’m not thinking of right now… lol

    Here’s my boy:

    And just for fun, one of him as a puppy. 🙂

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    Lets see… Naya knows breakfast, dinner, pee pee, treat, walk, dog park, sit, lie down, off, jump, leave it, come on, look, wait, outside, ball, bone, she knew pig until she destroyed it and we threw it away. She knows daddy too.  I just told her daddy will be home soon and she perked up lol.  Yet we can’t get her to pee outside all the time.  She’s selectively smart lol.

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    @kgirl91:  I have been told by people that they understand my dog and I conversations. I talk to her like a human and she kinda talks back. She is very smart, we let her off leash all the time as she doesnt leave our hips, sits at every corner waiting to get the command to cross. She has even learnt the different names for people’s houses in other states and get really excited ti visit them. We did just adopt two new dogs so we hope she rubs off on them. They have all learnt to identify the different toys by types, different names for furniture/rooms. I’m so proud to be their mom as my future in laws hate dogs but some how are in love with ours because they dont act like typical dogs, no sniffing, licking, always sit on the edge of your bubble so you have to initiate petting and keep to there “locations” in each room.

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    @AllieANT:  mine might be his cousin!! 

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    Ours is pretty smart and can pick up new words/phrases fairly quickly if I make sure to use them as often as possible for a week or so. One of the best things she has learned in the past year is how to go out into our courtyard area for a quick pee without a leash. I open the door, tell her to “hold” at the doorway then go check to make sure there aren’t any other dogs around. She knows to only come out at “okay let’s go!” and quickly goes to her pee spot to “go pee pee!” Once she’s done, she looks to me for the next move. If it’s deserted out there, we can “go the long way” and jog through the parking lot (gated community, so no chance for traffic accidents). Otherwise, it’s time to “go inside,” and she runs straight for the door.

    She also understands, “Did YOU do this?” When I see some piece of whatever on the floor when it shouldn’t be, I’ll point and ask. If she didn’t do it then she just kind of ignores me, but ohhhhh man if it’s her, she totally does the shame-face and tries to slink away. 

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    My dog Wesley knows everything food related and is super food motivated. He knows dinner, food, breakfast, treat, and cookie. He also knows sit, down, stay (mostly), come (also mostly), and inside for when it’s time to put him in his crate. As far as phrases, he knows “let’s go to bed”, “get your toy/ball”, “what do good boys do” when I need him to sit for something, and “what do you need to be doing right now” because he tries to be in your face when you eat so I make him lay down. When it’s feeding time, he runs into his crate where I feed him because he’s food aggressive and the other dogs take their time to eat, and knows that when I put shoes on that he has to go in his crate. He’s also really good about it when I have my scrubs on for work, and will either go to the kitchen where the treats are (so he knows he’s not in trouble) or will go straight into his crate. He also learned how to use the bells on the door to let me know to let him out in like 3 days, mainly because he’s just that food motivated. My cat knows his name and that’s about it but he’s kind of a derp kitty anyway.

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    My puppy knows basic phrases, potty, outside, treat etc… But he knows we are talking about him when we spell words such as d-o-g p-a-r-k. Whenever we spell, he cocks his head and wags his tail, it is so funny!

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    My 7-year old rescue is so clever she knows to stop listening if I’m going to make her work for anything besides food! 🙂

    But seriously, she has picked up commands very quickly (she was a breeding dog before I got her). She actually responds to gestures and visual cues more than verbal commands. She even knows which suitcase I use to visit my Fiance with and will run to the car! The one time I loaded the suitcase in the car without her, I came back in to a very angry dog who put her paw on my leg as if to tell me I wasn’t allowed to attempt that again. 

    And because we all love pictures…  

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    A dog will become more ‘fluent’ the more you talk to him or her. Some dogs take more time, or have more subtle reactions.

    Fiance and I share two dogs (we met at a dog park). About a year after we started dating, long after we had moved in together, we were debating whether we should take the dogs to the grocery store while we ran an errand.  I asked Fiance to ask K (the dog I rescued) if K wanted to go on a car ride. Fiance was like, “K doesn’t know ‘car ride’!” “Ask him!” Sure enough, when Fiance asked K if he wanted to go for a car ride, K’s ears perked up and he ran for the door to the garage.

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    Haha I have had one of all three options! My (now gone) poodle was by far the smartest. She would even know that when the credits of a movie were rolling at night it was likely bed time. My Maltese though only ever really gets up for food or bed. 

    My cat knows many words too, but he is just stubborn. I even thought he was deaf at one point because he would flat out ignore any attempts to get his attention! Haha

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    Milo is pretty freaking smart! He knows lots of commands (sit, down, stay, stand, etc), tricks (shake, roll over, play dead, play really dead, high five, sit pretty, back up, bow, speak, take my socks off, help with the laundry, etc), agility stuff…but he also knows the names of about 10 different toys and will pick up the correct one and bring it when I ask. He’s such a good boy! We work together a lot though on learning these things…

    He’s also worldly! He’s been to 6 countries! haha

    Him at the Tulip Festival in Holland


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    My dogs (no longer on Earth) were super smart and were littermates. They must have realized what a “treat” was early on and every Christmas, if I mentioned ANYTHING about the Christmas TREE, they’d come running. After several years of this, I resorted to calling it the Christmas THINGY! I also couldn’t talk about any other trees at all ever again. 

    One of the dogs LOVED her toys and I named each one….I could ask her to get “toy name” and she’d dig through her basket and get it for me. I was never able to train her to put the other toys back in her basket though.

    They knew each of their doggie cousins’ names (they had 4) and which one they were. If I mentioned “bye bye”, “grandma/grandpa’s house”, “aunt so and so”, or “doggie cousins’ name”, one of them would run to get her leash and bring it to me. Meanwhile, barking up a storm. She was also the dog that I would mention “bath” even if I was going to take one and she’d run and hide. 

    My exH got them in our divorce b/c we didn’t want to split them up and I was moving back to the states to live w/my parents who have 3 dogs. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…and I still think about them daily. My exH told me that the one dog (who was technically his dog) sat by the door every night waiting for me to walk in…he would have to pick her up to take her to bed . She did this every day until she passed away :’-(

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    @kgirl91:  my cat is really smart and sweet, I think she understands me better then I understand her. I call her from the other side of the house, she comes, I make the shhh sign (finger in front of the lips) and she stops miauing that instance. I say  “lets go!” and she hides (lets go mean going to the transportantion box)… etc, I think she’s quite smart.

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