(Closed) How good looking do you think you are?

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  • poll: How I rate my looks
    1: I don't find myself good looking at all : (10 votes)
    2 %
    2 : (4 votes)
    1 %
    3 : (12 votes)
    2 %
    4 : (22 votes)
    4 %
    5: I'm pretty average looking : (79 votes)
    15 %
    6 : (93 votes)
    17 %
    7 : (154 votes)
    29 %
    8 : (121 votes)
    23 %
    9 : (39 votes)
    7 %
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    I would say 6.5.  I don’t think I’m confident enough to say 7.  If you would have asked me in college, I would have said 8. 

    I had ZERO self esteem in high school but when I got to college I got a LOT of attention from guys which boosted me up a bit.  Then I got together with my Darling Husband right after college and I feel a little like a frump a gump married woman!

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    Ok I’ll play. Since I’ve gained a weight over the last few years and am currently pregnant, I would say currently a 4-5. When I’m in my best shape body-wise, I’m probably an 8 or 9. My face really changes depending on my weight lol. 

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    I would give myself a 4. I am hypercritical of myself, so I analyze everything wrong with me and that’s usually all I can see about myself. I’ve also gained a bit of weight in the past 2 years and that’s definitely changed how I see myself.


    (DH gives me an 8.)




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    It’s interesting that there’s a perfect bell curve but instead of being centered around 5 (as it should be given a normal distribution), it’s centered around 7.

    Either WBers are a good looking group or we THINK we’re a good looking group!  Either way, good for us.

    (I’ll admit I gave myself an 8.)

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    Helper bee
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    it depends on the day…lol. sometimes i hate the way i look, but other times i think i look pretty darn good. i answered a 6 because in the scale of things, i think i’m pretty average….meaning i dont think anyone is going to stare at me for long periods of time because i’m either soooo beautiful or soooo hideous.

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    freaking 12.  lol   Yeah, I think I look good.  Maybe sometimes I think too highly of myself! haha  I think what helps me believe I look good is that I dont do my hair and makeup on a daily basis anymore.  I now only do it on the weekends and even then its natural but when I dress up I feel really really good about myself.  A guy at work sees me everyday looking like a bum (hair up and no makeup with my glasses on) and he saw a few of my wedding pictures and he didnt believe it was me!  Now he calls me Taylor Swift….Even though I have brown hair….and brown eyes…LOL

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    Gonna sound like self absorbed jerk but I voted 9. 

    I like my face just fine and have always received a lot of attention from men (most unwanted) Im a little thinner than i like right now due to some medical issues but I always seem to have a nice chest at any weight and when I gain it’s in the right places so right now I’m feeling like an 8. 

    as self absorbed as that sounds I feel this is a major accomplishment for me. After having an ED for 12 years learning to love myself was HARD. 

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    I’ve always been average.

    Somewhere more than Plain Jane but less than Gorgeous.

    So for the majority of my life I would give myself a 5 on this scale.

    Occasionally, if you caught me on a really good day mentally / emotionally, I might have topped out at a 6 or 7

    Now that I am older… and things are beginning to “go south”

    I would rate myself lower than a 5


    When you think that generally I have good emotional self esteem…

    But my looks are my weak area.

    I just have never felt pretty enough my whole life


    — — —

    Truth be told, Mr TTR feels the same about himself.  He doesn’t like looking in the mirror either.  Especially so now that he is getting older (we do seem to get more hypercritical the older we get… grey hairs, wrinkles, nose & ear hair, overweight, or no skin on the bones, knock knees, saggy boobs, chicken wings, rooster necks, double chins, funny bums, flat feet) you name it we can find it !!

    The only redeeming factor in all of this is… WE LOVE EACH OTHER

    So when I look at him I see an 8, 9 or 10

    And when he looks at me, he sees the same

    That truly is cause the “outside” doesn’t matter so much… in the end it is the inside that radiates and makes one truly beautiful on the outside

    Small mercy that it is.  I am truly grateful.


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    I’m completely average! But in my 30s, that’s completely fine with me. If everyone looked like a supermodel, no one would be beautiful. And I know that all the things I have gotten in my life are because I earned them. Not that beautiful people don’t have to earn things, but I would think the truly, insanely gorgeous would always wonder whether they got special treatment, promotions, etc. on their own merits, or because of their looks.

    Beauty fades, and for me it’s more worth my time, money and energy to work on my brains and talents than to Botox my way into keeping up with the Joneses. Especially since, with my build, there’s no way I would have been Miss America in the first place. 😉

    (Some days I am not so self-assured, but today is a good day.)

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    I’d say 2 – 3. I’m not an attractive person. Men basically ignore me; I can count on one hand the number of men who have seemed at all interested in me in the last 15 years. One was an absolute jerk (ex-boyfriend); one’s my husband; one was my mentor at an INTERNSHIP of all things. One was when I was in junior high. The last was a complete creep I met online; I met him twice in person because apparently I didn’t trust my gut the first time around when I was a teenager.

    I’ve always been the ‘ugly friend’ or the friend who is a gateway to her hotter friends. I ranged from morbidly obese when I was younger to about 35 pounds overweight. Right now, I’m around 50 pounds overweight, Size 14ish, 5’8″. I have an hourglass figure.

    When I put make-up on and put real effort into my appearance, maybe a 4 or a 5.


    For what it’s worth, all of this used to bother me more when I was younger. I realize that shy of some serious surgery on my face, there’s not much that can be done. Weight has been a lifelong struggle and I don’t believe I’ll ever be ‘thin,’ which basically translates to ‘ugly’ in American culture, in my experience. I try to just focus on other things – hobbies, interests, friendships, personality – because those are things over which I have some degree of control.

    If I sat around thinking about how ugly I am all the time, I’d be no where in life.

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    @Artificial-Sweetener:  This is interesting. If I am just voting on my face, I am confident enough to say 9. I used to do some modeling and I am often told, “you’re so pretty!” even by random strangers. However, I have recently gained weight and I don’t like my body at all. That would be in the negatives and your poll doesn’t allow that 😛 My weight does impact my overall “score” but I don’t want to focus on the negatives. I’m working on it and that’s all I can do.

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    i dunno. a 6? I’ve never had much of an issue picking up guys….but i got some junk in my trunk if you know what i mean. Lol 

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