How has the government shut down affected you?

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Pardon my lack of empathy, but at 15, I was a homeless teenager. I managed to support myself and my brother , finish school, buy a house at 20, become a single parent, go through divorce, etc. I have been through all the major stresses, a few several times

I have never had a high salary, yet I have managed to save an emergency fund and put more than 20% down on a house. I did it,  so I know it is possible. While certainly not easy, it is doable.

Horseradish :  

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penny1403 :  supporting a child without child support

Darling, you have several threads about how you PUBLICLY hound your multiple baby daddies for their child support. This doesn’t ring true. 

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penny1403 :  Congratu-f*cking-lations for you

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happiekrappie :  Girl, yes. 🙌


ETA: That was in response to your first post in the thread. I don’t know what transpired after that with penny or anyone else.  Though I’m sure I’ll agree with you when I get to those parts! 

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penny1403 :  Penny, do you not think that demoralization of a large & extremely varied workforce that we ALL depend on is a bad thing?  With bad consequences?  How about the negative effects on the economy?  National security? Does any of that move you or cause you concern?

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I don’t know how so many people are surprised that this shutdown is of serious financial burden to many employees affected by it.  Is it not common knowledge that the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck?  

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penny1403 :  this is why you’re perpetually single and cannot keep a relationship. Because you lack empathy and you are tunnel visioned. Because you think if you can do whatever in your own situation, everyone else should be able to as well. Except, you’re not entirely truthful. And everyone’s situation is different, everyone is not penny1403. No one ever helped you? Ever? I call BS on that. You don’t know how many children a person has, their bills, their medical expenses, if they are contributing financially to a family member…you have NO IDEA.

I too am against the wall, regardless of the cost. However, people’s paychecks should not be held hostage in order to resolve this issue. Maybe since you are *so financially secure* you could find a way to help others instead of sitting up all high and mighty on your soap box.

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lack of compassion and empathy is what got our country into this state in the first place. it’s time out for the “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” bullshit fallacy in 2019.


Trump is PROUD of this being the longest government shutdown in history. He is PROUD of the fact that he’s keeping working, productive memebers of society from getting their earned paychecks. You’d think that as a civilized society, we would dig deep and strive to change the situations that cause so many people to go without, rather than brag about how we came out on top in spite of the shitty conditions 

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Thank God I am not affected and the only government workers close to me are state. However I am terrified for everyone who is on the brink because of this. I wish there was an easy way to set up a donation for local government workers, or to arrange free childcare services from volunteer babysitters for the duration of the shutdown. Churches, clubs, and other community areas could be good organizing points.

I’m honestly so disgusted that this is happening thinking about it makes me a bit ill. 

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penny1403 :  Putting aside the individual financial aspect, maybe you’ll care or have some empathy for the following points:

  • Law Enforcement has no operational funding stream to conduct criminal and national security undercover operations.  There is no money to do an undercover buy of drugs, or WMD material, or terrorism.  Without the ability to pay, bad guys will get away with more bad things.
  • The Lab in Quantico is operating on a skeleton crew.  That means matching DNA for a murder suspect is going to compete for priority over matching a fingerprint in a kidnapping.  How would you pick which crime is more important to investigate?
  • Missing payments on debts (mortgage, alimony, child support, credit cards – ANY debt) can jeopardize your security clearance.  Once the clearance is gone, you’ve lost your job, your livelihood, and you’ll have a damn near impossible time finding another law enforcement job when your security clearance has been revoked.
  • Morale is in the toilet.  How can you be expected to do your best work when you don’t get a paycheck?  Do you really want a disgruntled federal agent investigating a crime, screening passengers for explosives at an airport, screening foreign nationals trying to enter this country….when they’re not being paid for their hard work?

Any of these points show you an impact?

I’m really glad that you were able to support yourself on a low salary and buy all your fancy cars and your house and raise your kid without help (if any of these are true), but not everyone is you.  Having empathy even when you don’t understand how they’re in the sitution is an adult, mature response,  Your responses are petty, childish, and incredibly hurtful to people who are actually affected by this situation. 

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Sansa85 :  my dear–the bullshit level is so strong I can smell it thru my computer.

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sf618b :  that’s the thing, penny’s story never adds up.  I don’t doubt she has struggled & worked her butt off, and I aporeciate where she’s coming from.  But there are exaggerations & very slippery truths in her origin story. 

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penny1403 :


I can not believe what you are saying.


I am an air air traffic controller for the government. As is my husband. Which means we are a zero income family. We are absolutely fortunate that we have plenty of money saved. We are not hurting missing our paychecks. However- how dare you say that people should save and it’s their fault. There is another married couple at work who did save. Who had plenty in case of a rainy day. Guess what. Rainy day was last month.

It doesn’t matter what you think people should save because the truth is- if people are going to work every single day- it is illegal to not pay them for their work. Our union just sued the us government yesterday. Whether people have saved up is irrelevant. What is relevant is people need to be paid for their work. I miss time with my children- I’m working overtime. I’m not getting paid. Do I need the money immediately, no. But if I didn’t need money ever, I wouldn’t have this job. As much as I love what I do- I do it for the money.


And I can NOT believe the amount of people who are saying they have not been effected but are flying soon. If you fly- you are effected. Your airplane has not had a safety check.


Whatever people think that others should have saved- it is none of your business. People need to be paid for work that they are required by law to do.


And I saw one bee post about a strike. It is 100% illegal for us to stike. In 1981- air traffic controllers did stike. And every single one of them was fired.


The obly hope I had for the government shutdown to end was when people felt the impact. Whether that be flight delays or taxes, but now that trump has recalled employees to get stuff done (with no pay) I am incredibly less hopeful.


and to the poster who said her brother is a controller and in 2013 went 40 days without a paycheck that is false. In 2013 it was not a shutdown, we were sequestered. And that ended the second the east coast said F you and made huge delays to flights. This is the first time we have literally gotten a $0 paycheck. And I worked Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve and Day.

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