(Closed) How has your body changed since the big 30?

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Bumble bee

I’m 36 now and turning 37 this year. My body still looks great and I don’t even work out. I have noticed some fine lines starting to appear around my eyes and that area in general is dryer. No gray hairs yet! I think I have good genes though because my mom is in her late 50’s and still looks fabulous.

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Helper bee
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More injury prone!  It bums me out bc I love to be active… 

@VikingPrincess:  I asked my parents to lay it on me straight about when things like gray hair would be starting and they said it didn’t start happening until their late 30s so I have a couple good years left! Although my sister says she’s finding grays now & she’s 4 yrs younger. Yipe!

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Busy bee
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@ShabbyChicBee:  Like you I’ve always carried any extra “junk” in my bottom and legs but I’ve noticed it creeping on to my belly as well 🙁

I always had slim arms but now even when I’m weight training, there’s no fighting the “bat wings” that are showing up.

On the plus side, I don’t have to worry about pimples too much anymore, only around a certain time of the month 🙂

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Bumble bee
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@ShabbyChicBee:  Ouch, I am 26 and noticing everything you posted plus horizontal lines along my forehead and crows feet along my eyes. I had my first grey hair at 19 so I’m all up in the hair dying already. 

My tummy always used to be flat, now I’m rockin’ some rolls that wont go away, even though my body fat % is pretty low. A bit more padding on my hips, too. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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my hair gets more and more grey strands, but every year i am in better shape.

i stepped up my triathalon training and every year i improve.


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Helper bee
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Grey hairs… Which is kind of inevitable… My Dad was grey by thirty. I am just glad I am mostly still dark haired. I have gained weight but that could also just be because I moved in with my SO!

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Bee Keeper
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@ShabbyChicBee:  Good topic!  I am 37 nd I have noticed more sun spots, like on my chin and chest.  I even use sunscreen like a pro since my mom had melanoma when I was a teen and my dad had squamous cell carcinoma.  So despite the skin cancer history and my efforts to use sunscreen all the time, I still have some sun spots.  They look like freckles but kind of big.

Of course some grey hairs.  They always appear to be right at the top of my head, short and wiry so they stick out. LOL  I pull them so far and get sublte highlights to blend in the rest.  No full on dye job yet.

Lastly, I am a pretty active person, I love running and biking.  I think I seem to get injuries more often now.  Or it takes longer to recover from an inury.  Like I’m going on 2 months of bursitis of the hip, but I overdid it which is what got me herein the first place.  I need to start very sowly with stuff even though I feel great doing them – it’s the aftermath!


So far I think the quality of my skin and hair are still the same from 30 to 37.

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Busy bee
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@kestane:  Same

I never used to gain weight on my belly but it started at 30

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Sugar bee
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I went up a size (if not two), and it’s a lot harder to go down a size without some ridiculous and unrealistically strict diet. In addition to that, I feel bloated and heavy all the time.

I can’t work out as much as I used to in my 20s b/c my joints hurt, so there’s that.

My smile lines are also more pronounced as well as the wrinkle between my eyebrows. They weren’t kidding that you have to start worrying about preventing aging in your teens/20s. 

It sucks. :/

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Definitely more injury prone and those injuries take much longer to heal. Also I can’t function on 5 hours of sleep like I used to.

Last year I pulled something in my back from getting up after sitting on the floor. Ugh I was in so much pain for weeks. That definitely would not have happened a couple of years ago.

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Sugar bee
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@ShabbyChicBee:  I started going grey in my late 20s.  My grandma was grey at 30, so I may be living on borrowed time.  My cycle changed, so weird.  It’s still regular, its just different.  The rest is still the same.  I’ll be 32 in March. 

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Busy bee
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@ShabbyChicBee:  I have a hard time losing weight since i turned 30.  I gained 5-7 pounds since my wedding and I am having the worst time shedding this weight.  I am also gaining weight in the stomach area which never happened before.  I only have a few grey hairs and I pluck them.  I am actually fighting a lot of acne as of late (face and back).  The acne is the cystic kind so zits take weeks to go away even with prescription medication.  My eyesight also seems to be worsening……

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Helper bee
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@ShabbyChicBee:  I turned 30 last year and my poor body has been through hell and back. I used to be a spry little thing, but due to a sedentary lifestyle  for the last few years, I’m heavier than I’ve ever been, and am carrying my weight differently than I used to.  Since trying to make some lifestyle adjustments the last few months, that spring in the step is coming back but it’s much harder to achieve.

I’m also in the boat of it takes much longer to heal now when I clutz up.  No wrinkles or grey hair yet, but I’m sure they’ll come along eventually.  Not really concerned with those two though to be honest.  Wrinkles are expression lines and if I have smile lines from laughing or smiling so much in my life then I’m tickled pink to rock that.  Grey hair not really a huge issue for me because I dye my hair all the time anyway. 

30 is kinda cool though because you’re  “old enough to know better but still too young to care”.  =)  

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