How has your Pave/Halo held up?

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3.5 years, knock on wood so far so good. I had it custom designed and made by my best friend’s dad who is a very experienced jeweler. I never take my rings off, except for travel. 

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My friends and I had no issues with JA, you will find nightmare stories about any brand

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My pave halo was made by David Klass. I’ve been wearing it for several years and have never had any issues. I’ve banged it against things occasionally, dropped it on pavement and haven’t lost any stones. However, I mentioned on another thread that I’m relatively gentle on my hands, take my rings off when I get home and get my prongs checked and tightened twice a year.

David assured me that if I lost any diamonds, he would replace them at no cost. Glad to say I’ve yet to take him up on his offer.

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@Brittydagal:  pave should be on a band of 2mm or wider. Anything thinner risks the integrity of the band whether from JA or a local jeweler. Thin bands are trendy so I’m not surprised people are saying their diamonds are falling out. I’m also not surprised there are people saying their diamond are fine, because they are trendy so there are a lot of people that have them. The thinner the band, the more likely the pave diamonds are to fall out. Period. 

JA and BN are completely fine (I have a pave engagemt ring from BN and a pave wedding band from JA) but I would recommend getting a halo from either. Their rings are all presets and you run the risk of the diamond not fitting exactly into a preset halo as they pick the closest size. It won’t be super obvious but might be noticeable. Halo can be beautiful but you should go the custom route for them.. A custom halonwill be designed with your exact stone in mind. 

Good luck! Your ring sounds great! 

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I have a RHR from Macy’s given to me as a graduation present, the band is probably a 1.5mm wide pave and I wore it only on special occasions. I am naturally very careful with my rings and a stone fell out within months. I don’t think I’d ever choose a forever ring with a thin pave band, maybe 2mm or wider? 

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I have large and intricate halo with a triple split pave shank (99 small melee diamonds) I’m rough on my hands and usually forget to remove my jewelry when I should. I’ve worked out, stacked wood, cleaned, etc with my ring on. I have worn it almost every day since I got it (mother’s day 2019) and so far so good 🙂 I do try to remove it when I know I could damage it, but I’m clearly not very disciplined when it comes to this.
however, I did buy a lifetime warranty from the jeweler (covers: any such issues, any stone damages or loss, sizing, etc) I just have to have them check the ring twice a year (which is not much of a hassle)

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My engagement ring has a micropave band, and I have a RHR with a micropave halo and band. I take them off for the obvious things like showering, doing dishes, putting on lotion, walking the dogs, handling raw meat, exercise, etc. but otherwise wear them all day every day. So far no issues at all. Sometimes when a pave stone falls out, it’s because there’s a structure problem, so even if they replace the stone, it could fall out again because the root cause hasn’t been fixed. That’s why you see a lot of repeat missing stone stories.

I think as long as you aren’t crazy rough on your rings (like weight lifting with them on), you won’t have problems. Also, if a stone does fall out, you can get it replaced by a local jeweler for pretty cheap. At my jeweler I think it’s around $60 including labor (and depending on what size diamond you need to replace).

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I got a ring designed and made by EJ collections on Etsy. I’ve had that ring for a few years now and it’s in great condition. He also guarantees his work and will tighten prongs for free etc. it’s a 10×8 morganite in a diamond halo with a pave hand. 

I have a diamond ring from James Allen with 3 mm pave (or shared prong?) and it’s perfect. I’ve had it for over a year and I’ve showered with it, worked out with it (although I recently stopped doing that), slept in it etc. James Allen has a pretty good reputation I think. I wouldn’t go with some off seller on Etsy if I were you. When I get more diamond rings it’ll be thru James Allen as I’ve had a great experience with them.

I’ve had pave bands in the past too that have never lost diamonds. Those were from jewelry stores.

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Mine is from Verragio through James Allen and it’s held up well so far (4mo). I think you should go through a retailer that has a good warrenty against mfg defects. That way, you can get the best price but also peace of mind. Though I can imagine it would be annoying to get it fixed frequently but I would probably trade having to fix it twice a year for $3k discount hahahah – you have to find your threshold! 

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Between two marriages I’ve worn halo e rings with pave bands and pave wedding rings for 10 ish years and I am rough with them. I believe if I pay thousands of dollars for a piece of jewelry it should stand up to be worn for my life. So I work out, shower, garden, do home improvements, walk the dogs, drop it, sleep in it… I  paint with it on.. The only times it comes off are for lotion and handling messy stuff like raw meat or dough. I forget it’s even on so I in no way baby it. I have never had a stone fall out! And I rarely get the stones checked, like maybe three times in 10 years. I have never had a loose stone.

But these rings were all custom designed to the center stone. I ordered from two different local jewelers that went through Ritani and Simon G.

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@Brittydagal:  5 years.  No diamond loss.  Local retailer.

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@Brittydagal:  9 years and all good on the pave front. It’s honestly more about how it’s made. My pave on the band of my engagement ring and my actual pave wedding band  is also on the  super thin side as in 1.7. No bending or warping and I’ve hit it and caught it on something a fair few times in the intervening years. The thing with my rings is that the pave band might be thin from the top but they added enough gold under the pave to create some structure so if I catch it, it’s solid enough to not bend.

My rings weren’t expensive either. My set would have cost in the ballpark of $1200. So price doesn’t necessarily dictate a quality made product. When looking at settings with pave, take into consideration the gold weight in relation to the setting and look at the overall design. A big old honking diamond on a super thin light weight band with one single bead point attaching the diamond to the band likely won’t last and will bend. Rings designed like that are probably a good indication on who made them and they went for easy and quick as opposed to solid and long lasting. Their pave setting skills will probably match the quick and easy motto too.

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@Brittydagal:  I have had my pave halo since October and haven’t had any issues yet. I was also nervous about this because I wanted a small halo and everything I read said it wouldn’t be a great idea..but I did it anyways lol I had it custom made by an Etsy seller that does replace stone free with free shipping both ways if any diamonds were to fall out…,however I would probably take it somewhere local just to get it back sooner. The ring feels super well made and sturdy and all the diamonds seem to be set really well so I don’t even think about it while I’m wearing it. The halo is a 1mm so it’s tiny but I think it’s okay and will hold up (fingers crossed) 


I did have a 1mm pave setting years ago and no sooner than I had it made diamonds were falling out daily! I felt like my ring was at the jewelers more than on my finger! After months of this I told the jeweler…it was a local jeweler I had a custom setting made by…this isn’t working for me. He did let me exchange my setting even though it was custom and I designed another with 1.5mm pave, I wore that one for 10 years with not one diamond fall out. 

Ive heard great things about JA and think you will be suprised how little chance there really is for stones to fall out if you just take care of your ring. Take it off while doing anything with your hands that could damage it and you should be fine. GL

I attached a pic so you can see how small my halo is for reference.

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I’ve had my french pave ering and wedding band from JA for almost 4 years. I wear them everyday for everything except showering and putting on lotion or when doing messy cooking.  I have never had the prongs checked and have never lost a stone.

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