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@HonoraryNerd:  I met my SO in my late teens, during a time when we were both trying to figure out our lives. Granted its not that many years ago, but I have noticed a HUGE change in the both of us. We are more mature, driven and compassionate.

Being with him inspired me to become the best that I could be for myself. I started my own business, began to work out/eat better and just all around believe/embrace myself. In turn, he began to finally dream, love (others and himself) and strive.

We are both very strong individuals, who would do anything for the other, and together there is nothing that we can’t accomplish. Outside of my mother, he is my biggest fan, and I am his.

Sometimes it blows my mind how we went from being teenagers to adults in the blink of an eye. Makes me excited to see how much more we can grow together 🙂


Wishing you and your SO many many many more happy years together! (and those HS pics are too cute lol)

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Darling Husband and I met in high school and dated for 2 years. Then I dumped him when he was at college– he was very nerdy in hs and didn’t have many friends which made him elitist and arrogant  but he was nice to me- he became really controlling though so I dumped him.

Fast forward 10 years he is super laid back and charismatic and social, haha.

I was really shy in hs, I am still pretty detached but much more confident and bold. I remain suuuuuuuper stubborn though!

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Well our story is a little different… I was 27 and he was 32 when we met. We both had been living alone for about 2 years. We’re definitely the same people but we’ve learned a lot of things together. We’re both definitely MUCH better communicators. He’s also taught me a lot about doing the responsible thing instead of the fun thing. I guess the main thing is we’ve each learned to give up a tiny bit of our independence to learn to work together and be a team.


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I was working nights when I met my Fiance. I was in a depression, living night shift every day, even on days off. I’d sleep all day, be up all night. I was lonely and came so close to just moving somewhere new.

Fiance saved my sanity. Without him, I don’t even want to think of where I’d be.


Since meeting him, I’ve built up a savings account, I’ve become healthier, I’m happier, I CARE about things, I get things done. He is so motivated and determined in everything and I was not at that point. He was probably the most amazing thing to happen to me. He saved my mental wellbeing in a way. We now own a house,  I work dayshift, we have savings, I have motivation to take care of myself and him. It’s night and day.

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Oh man.

20 year old BrandNewBride had depression, lived in a mobile home, drove a broken-down Pimp-mobile (gold rims and gold convertible top), was struggling with her degree while working at Denny’s as a waitress and was a size 10-ish.

23 year old BrandNewBride hasn’t had a depressive episode in 2 years, is a landlord, has a BA in Early Childhood Education, and had a full-time position as an infant room teacher before getting pregnant and quitting, and was a size 2 pre-pregnancy (size 4 at 14 weeks)

I’m not sure if Darling Husband is my Prince Charming or my Fairy Godmother sometimes!

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The first time SO and I met was at my sister’s engagement party. I was a naive 16-year-old girl, and he was a 20-something with a beard (and a girlfriend btw ¬¬).

At that time, I considered myself pretty gorgeous and he was just one of my sister’s friends (with girlfriend included!) so I didn’t pay him much attention until 5 years later!

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I no longer have life crippling anxiety. and I went from someone who had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, or when I was going to graduate (I kept changing my major/didn’t have prereqs done, etc.), to someone who is set to graduate at the end of Spring 2014 with a bachelor’s in Economics. :3


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I am happier in my skin & less anxious. I also now love Marvel films…my film tastes have really changed. I’m also more motivated with life goals – work, travel, marriage & children. 

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I feel much more adventurous than I did before my Darling Husband came into my life. We’ve travelled together, moved, and taken a few risks along the way. He even convinced me to try sushi for the first time and now I’m hooked. I love that he brings out that side of me. Before meeting him I always played it safe and now I realize just how much I would have missed out on if he wasn’t by my side!

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Well, we met just a little over 2 years ago, at 25 and 2 weeks shy of 23. At the time, he’d started the best paying job of his life, and I’d been hired part time in my field, admittedly for peanuts. I left my job that October for something that didn’t work out, and around the same time, his company went bankrupt. So, we were unemployed together and had to start from scratch. I took a babysitting job, and he worked at a video game store. We’re slowly emerging from that, though. He landed a great job, and I have 25 hours between my 2 jobs and just started grad school.

I think we’ve become a little jaded since then. We were a couple years out of college and had done all the “right” things: hard work, school, etc., and we had nothing to show for it. But things are improving for us and we’re hopeful for the future.

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SO and I met at 18 (we lived next door to each other in our freshman dorm) and because we were young, most of the changes we’ve encountered have been simple side effects of growing up. 

Then, he was a boy interested in only one thing (and it wasn’t finding his future wife). He didn’t take school all that seriously (good thing he’s a smarty pants) and cared much more about spending time with friends and drinking than he did about having a girlfriend.

Now, he’s a 1L at an excellent law school who just finished his MS in Computer Science. Somewhere along the way he figured out that he wanted to be an IP lawyer and has morphed into the most driven and ambitious person I know. He’s also much more interested in staying home with me than drinking with his buddies.

I would say I’ve gone through some of the same changes – although I don’t have it all quite figured out like he does. I love that we’ve grown into real adults together – I think it’s really shown that we are a truly compatible couple.

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My mum was friends with his dad, and we met when we were kids. When we were older, his best friend began dating someone I knew. I used to be very down on myself, and emersed myself into a depressive lifestyle, but now, having met him, I’m on the right track. I’m better now than I was 5 years ago.

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I would have to say hardly at all. I am a very strong-willed and opinionated person and while I consider what he has to say, I always do what I want anyway. He knows who he is marrying. If anything, I have rubbed off on him! I noticed that he now has incorporated many of my favorite sayings into his coversations and I do believe I have been a positive influence on him.


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I met my Darling Husband while playing an online video game: World of Warcraft, to be exact.  While it’s only been four years since we first met, I haven’t really changed much.  I still play video games, as does he!

However, we make one another better people.  We work full time now and go to class.  We put in hard hours and sincerely appreciate the other’s devotion to achieving our dreams to bring us more satisfaction in our marriage and our lives as individuals.  I feel that I have mellowed out a lot, and have been focusing on doing well in work and school.  My husband supports me 100%, and I support him entirely as well, and that is something that will never change!

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