How have you gone green, and how have you failed?

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A few things I’ve tried:


my girlfriends and so have tried a “clothes swap” dinner, where we bring clothes we aren’t wearing/are sick of, and see if anyone wants to trade. It was surprisingly successful- one of my girlfriends has 3 of my dresses I never even wore and some active wear that I bought online and didn’t even fit properly. I got a bunch of new work outfits with tags still on that I really like and wear. We are trying not to purchase ANY new clothes for a year!

I cut right back down on meat, but I’m very low in iron so I’ve upped it again…still going “meat free” twice a week. My husband feels like he is still hungry when we have meat free nights and then eats rubbish after dinner, so we aren’t going great with that at all.

we are getting way better at preplanning meals- on Sundays I do some cooking, and prepare one or two meals like lasagne or casseroles and freeze some portions, so we have built up a little stack of freezer meals which we can use during the week. It’s great later in the week when we no one wants to cook and we’d be tempted to order in. I find it way easier on waste when I have a bit of a cook up the day of my shop, rather than buying fresh produce for later in the week. 


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@katebluestone:  Do you have any recommendations for well-made, classic brands or stores? I’ve attempted to do the same by shopping at higher end places, but have often found they don’t last much longer than my cheaper items. I suspect I’m just going to the wrong stores, but it’s very expensive to experiment lol. 

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@tinytimbo:  It’s definitely not easy to find quality made clothes anymore! In general I dress pretty simply, staying away from trendy things and I inspect whatever it is I’m buying. Well made things use good material like 100% cotton that feels like cotton and you can’t see through. Somehow they have figured out how to make 100% cotton shirts that don’t feel right – knit cottons for t-shirts and tanks should be soft and but somehow they feel rough. I think it is the type of cotton they are using plus the manufacturing process that cuts costs but produces an inferior product. Oddly enough, I have found Nice well made tanks, t-shirts, and polos at Kohl’s!  My tank tops are Sonoma goods for life, and my polos are Croft and Barrow “the classic Polo”. I never thought I’d find something like that at Kohl’s haha.

I wear Levi’s which Kohl’s also carries. They fit me well and look good – I wear the classic straights. I also have a few pairs of Vera Wang jeans with embellishments, again from Kohl’s.

I used to shop at Macy’s a lot, but about 15 years ago they brought in a bunch of house brands which are poorly made. So they now offer overpriced crap and their higher end brand names are ridiculously overpriced. I’m not paying $90 for a top! They do have a really nice dress department with a lot of decently priced well made dresses, so that is my go-to if I can’t find anything in the second hand stores.

I hate malls and I haven’t ventured beyond Macy’s in years, so I don’t know if there are any decent stores, but honestly just looking at how something is sewn and if the fabric feels right is a good place to start. I know I did get some nice things at Ann Taylor and LL Bean in the past. You can also Google “women’s well-made clothes”  – there are some good articles, just make sure they aren’t ads haha.

My wardrobe probably sounds pretty boring, but I have an extensive vintage jewelry collection that makes things pop. For my nicer clothes I usually buy black pants and skirts because they go with everything. They look especially nice with a white top – a classic look that can be accessorized with jewelry and scarves if you like those. I also have some bright color tops and unstructured jackets. And really, check out some second-hand stores especially in nicer neighborhoods. I have gotten some fantastic things at reasonable prices. They were well taken care of and not worn often because rich people can afford to give away perfectly nice clothes I guess.

So I don’t know if this was particularly helpful, but it works for me. And I can’t leave this post without saying that the worst fashion trend I’ve seen in recent memory are those shirts with cut out shoulders. I freaking hate those!

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The Good:

– We have solar panels on our house (which helps negate the PlayStation and excessive AC use).

– We also have a brand new energy efficient AC. It’s a large open concept house, so I know our old busted AC unit was really doing damage to cool this house when it was 115 out. It broke while I was fully pregnant in August, not fun! 

– Don’t use paper towels, I have cloth diapers that we use as cleaning towels 

– I only wash my hair twice a week, and I haven’t dyed it in 10 years. I am pretty low maintenance and don’t use a lot of product or aerosols, just a cheap trim every few months. 

– Recycle a lot, our bin is often overflowing while our garbage bin is only at about half 

– Don’t drive much. Both our commutes are 6 miles but I’ve been working from home for almost 2 years now. Our cars are only 1 year old and have 6000 miles and 3000 miles on them. 

– We use a meat delivery service that freeze wraps them, and it’s free range grass fed meat 

– We do a lot of meal planning and prep to reduce waste, ensure leftovers are used properly and reduce the need for last minute takeout. This is something we used to be really bad at, and we’d throw away a lot of produce. But the meat delivery service and meal calendar helps, I shop every 2-3 days and only buy what perishables I need for those next few meals. 


The Bad 

– I still use pads and tampons, I can’t make the move to the reusable menstrual items. And due to a weak pelvic floor postpartum I wear a pad or panty liner every day, as I have embarrassing bladder problems. 

– Our baby uses disposable nipples for his bottles. We tried a ton of different nipple sizes and bottles, but the nipples that came with the ready to feed cans are all he would take, so I found them in bulk on Amazon. If anyone has ever dealt with colic or a picky eater before, they understand that you do what you can to survive and do not rock the boat on a product that works!! 

– Which brings me to my next point.. Amazon. It’s a problem, and where we buy most of our baby items (diapers, wipes, nipples, toys). And I fall into a lot of traps with baby items that I may not need. So much packing! But, it all goes in the recycle bin. 

– Baby toys/stuff. We have a lot of electronic toys, but he LOVES music toys and loves to dance and head bang to the songs. He’s a picky eater and in occupational therapy, so we’re always buying some new oral motor function item like the honey bear cup (and 5+ different kinds of cups / sippy cups cause we’re always trying to find what works). 

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