(Closed) How have your eating habits changed since becoming pregnant?

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@hspw714:  I eat the same or more. I was instructed to up my calories by 300-500, so I did that, but I don’t force myself to eat if I am not hungry. 1st trimester I was actually pretty hungry, but lost a pound. I am 16 weeks, and last night was the first night since entering the 2nd trimester that I felt hungry a half an hour after supper. I have had hardly an appetite this trimester. I went from about 1600 calroies to 2000, and I don’t even break 1300 somedays because I am just full from a little bit of food.

I’m sure if I continue this way and lose weight they will put me on some sort of diet and tell me what to eat so I gain weight for the baby, but I am crossing that bridge when I get to it. Perhaps, in your case, what might help is to eat high calorie healthy foods like peanut butter, nuts, popcorn (make yourself like a trail mix), and proteins like chicken and beef.

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My eating habits were very different in the first trimester due to aversions and nausea mostly.  Normally I eat pretty healthy and made all of my own meals.  I still did that somewhat during the first trimester (not near as much), but I had a lot of cravings for fat and carbs!  So I basically wanted anything “bad”: wings, pizza, fast-food, nachos, restaurant food!  And carbs.  So many carbs!  And a lot of milk.  I never really drank much milk, but it settles your stomach so I drank a lot.  I didn’t want anything to do with vegetables and fruit was hit or miss.

Luckily I’m a little more normal now (I’m at 18 weeks tomorrow) and I don’t have as many aversions.  I am back to drinking smoothies everyday (make my own with banana, yogurt, and lots of other fruit) but I haven’t put the green (spinach, kale) back into them yet.  I still want fatty fried things (wings are my favorite) but not near as much as before!  I can eat salads again.

I feel like I eat a lot more, but I’ve only gained 7 lbs (? I haven’t weighed myself for the week yet so just guessing).  I used to drink wine every night and multiple glasses on the weekend so now I get to eat those calories instead in addition to the extra 300 you need during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.  I didn’t eat much additional calorie wise during the 1st.  My stomach isn’t any bigger so I can’t eat much more than normal without feeling stuffed.  I just get hungry more often.  Until about 14-15 weeks…if I started to get hungry I had to eat something.  Otherwise I would get sick.

Just eat when you’re hungry.  If you feel like you’re not eating enough add some higher calorie foods like PP mentioned.  PB, trail mix, nuts, add avocado to things, olive oil, etc.

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@hspw714:  I spent most of my first trimester grazing & not really eating full meals. I keep food with me at all times, eat what sounds good and only when I’m hungry. During my first trimester this meant I ate a LOT of bean & cheese burritos. Now a days, while experiencing the “2nd trimester miracle” I’m enjoying carbs for breakfast, bagels, waffles, oatmeal & a glass of orange juice. (Pre pregnancy I didn’t drink juice on a regular basis but like getting my vitamin c everyday from the yummy juice!) – I’ve noticed this past week if I eat too much or too fast I get terrible painful toxic gas. It’s comedy (because we think farts are funny in our house) – but still super annoying! 

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My eating habits at the moment are completely different from normal. I’m 6w5d so I’m having full blown MS (morning my ass) and basically eat whatever I can manage, which means mostly carbs, and mostly dry things, i.e. crackers, nuts, trail mix, rice cakes blah. It’s making me feel full and bloated and gross. My normal diet doesn’t include many carbs and we eat a lot of lean protein, salads, and veggies. I am just counting down and hoping for the day to come where I can eat more normal again. And I”m sure it won’t take long before my husband get’s sick of getting himself subway every night for dinner either!

If I have to keep eating like this people are going to know something is up just because I’m going to be so effin bloated!

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I have had to eat less per sitting and often softer foods. I thought I was craving carbohydrates at first but it turns out I just need more easily digestable protein and vegetable as well (like a soft simmered beef stew versus steak and potatoes). My appetite returned when I hit 11w, but I still find I am uncomfortable if I eat a proportionate amount to my hunger. Instead, I am splitting my meals up throughout the day. It’s like sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. My blood sugar seems to drop every few hours versus keeping a more sustainable level pre-pregnancy. I think it’s only in the last two weeks (I’ll be 13 weeks this saturday) that I have started consuming more food than I did pre-pregnancy, and I think overall I’ve been consuming fewer daily calories due to a much smaller alcohol intake.


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I am 12 weeks and definitely eating less, due to all day morning sickness. Nothing that I used to eat sounds good, I was always eating chicken, salads, veggies etc. Now I want nothing and have to force stuff down. Mostly eating crackers, fruit, string cheese, nuts, PB&J sandwiches, and crap like grilled cheese sandwiches. I cant wait to feel better and start eating a balanced diet again!

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