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browneyedgirl86:  I think in your friend’s case, she really needs the approval from other people to make herself feel better about her situation. I can’t judge her based on that, I’ve never been where she is, but I can definitely see where are coming from. I know a TON of people who do this. To me, there is a difference between “branding” yourself online and straight up lying. Like for me personally, I don’t post anything negative or political, just as a personal preference. That doesn’t mean that nothing bad happens to me, I just omit it. Not to pull wool over anyone’s eyes, but just because my problems are my problems, and frankly no one gives a rat’s @#$ lol. 

I am very honest, but like most people there are certain things I just won’t touch on. I think your friend is in a really rough place in life and needs validation. Social media is different things for different people. I know some people who use it like a journal and write down every thought and others who post once a year…. 

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I would try to look beyond it and if it really bothers you, talk to her and make sure she’s okay, because it does sound like she’s overcompensating, and honestly, I think a lot of people who post a ton on social media do.

I honestly don’t post much at all on social media other than the select instagram photo. There are a few people I want to keep in the loop so I do post pictures occasionally but besides that, I feel like those close to me know what I’m up to.

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I am definitely guilty of posting more updates about working out and progress shots when I am being more active. I definitely am not posting lately about binging on junk food so I guess I lie by omission. 

Its very easy to get caught up in wanting to put our best self forward on social media. I would reach out to her as well, to try to start an honest conversation with her so she has someone she can confide in. 

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Wow, that’s really sad. Making up these stories isn’t going to make her real life any better.

The few things I do post are true, but I keep a lot of everyday life for myself and not for facebook.

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I see this all the time. I got girls who treat their BFs like their personal servants and then posts excessively on IG about how their boyfriends are their “saviors”, and the “best”, and how Monday is #mcm (man crush Monday).  Then I hear that those same girls’ boyfriends talk to my BF all the time, complaining about those girls.  ^_^ It’s very interesting to me and my BF. 

I never post FB status anymore–I stopped doing this years ago when I started my third year in college.  I fixed my wall to see only news feed articles from local, busines, and international news–this is why I never see my friends’ FB statuses.  So, I think I’m just one of those “unknown” people on social media as I barely post anything. 

I would, honestly, ignore this.  One, there is a backlash against people who post honestly on their social media–if you post about you “being in a relationship”, people assume you’re compensating.  When you post about sadness, you become a fodder for gossip, and you start getting unnecessary “oh noooo how are you” messages from many people–sincere or not–who just wants the juicy details. 

It’s like the ONLY post that doesn’t get too much unwanted and unnecessary opinions are the happy posts.  So, I don’t blame people for posting happy posts–it’s the easiest one. Plus, focusing on the happy part of your day, even though 80% of it is sad, makes you kind of happy anyway.  It’s a coping mechanism, and as a brand new mom, she deserves any coping mechanism to get her through the day.  I don’t see the point of embarassing her by pointing out inconsistencies of her story when you know she’s trying to get by on a daily basis.  As a friend, I’ll let her be and be happy for her posts because I’m sure even if her day is 90% crappy, she had a smile posting that one line on her status.  Don’t ruin it. 

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Honestly why do you care if she embellishes/lies on social media.  You are not her mother/sister.  It is her social media to do as she pleases.  I look at this way, it is the interenet take it with a grain of  salt.  

As for your question, I have no desire to lie on my social media pages.  

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browneyedgirl86:  I post a lot of comments on other people’s stuff, but rarely post anything other than reposting funny animal videos. When I do post, it’s mostly positive type stuff (posted a couple pics of my baby bump the other day). I will complain in the comments or whatever, but even then I feel like I have to be really positive about it because it seems like people just expect you to be all rainbows and sunshine all the time. Like lately when people ask me how I’m feeling during pregnancy, I’m like “I’ve definitely been having crazy symptoms, but as long as baby’s healthy I’ll power through” which is the truth, but if I could just post “I feel like shit and can’t wait to have my body back” it would be a more realistic representation, but I think most people would find it off-putting. I would never go out of my way to lie though…I find it odd for sure that your friend is posting anything at all. 

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I definitely know people like that. The thing is, at least for me personally, I just automatically assume when people are always posting how “great” and “perfect” everything is, that they are lying. It just comes off like trying to hard. 

Personally, while I try not to post personal negative stuff (really the only negative stuff I’ll post about is opinions on news stories), I don’t try portray my life as perfect either. I’ll talk about movies or books that I’m reading that I really enjoy, in case other people are interested in reading/watching them. I’ll post about vacation I’m about to go on and how I’m excited about it. Just things like that. I never lie. I don’t see what the point is. But I realize a lot of people do lie outright. 

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No I don’t lie but I generally don’t post negative things either, only because it’s private to me. The people who are always all drama on social media seem just as bad as the ones trying to look perfect.

Honestly I almost never post at all on fb, only what I consider important life events that I think my extended family and friends may be curious to know about and sometimes that includes not so great stuff as well. I only really regularly use Instagram and I’ll just post whatever is interesting to me at the moment. I know several people who definitely lie or exaggerate on social media though. 

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I don’t post a lot on Facebook anymore but when I do it’s all positive. I don’t like sharing negative things. I used to, but I’m not that kind of person anymore.

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browneyedgirl86:  Making your life look awesome on social media seems to be the norm. 

I personally wont air dirty laundry on twitter and facebook (I learned my lesson after some serious reprecussions when I was 18). I only post good things, but they are REAL things. People who follow my feeds must think I don’t have a life :-p

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browneyedgirl86:  I was just having a conversation along these lines the other day with a group of friends.  I think people put their best highlights on social media, most people would leave the mundane stuff off.  “Crappy morning, alarm didn’t go off, woke up to a mountain of dirty dishes in my about to foreclose home and seriously doubting if I can get through the workday without a drink.  Yay me!”  I am exaggerating but who would post that?  No, we post our highlights “Enjoying champagne at the Champs D’elysee on our way to London”.  But when I look at the totality of our media exposure – Real Housewives, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Facebook/Twitter highlights, movies, People magazine, etc, etc I worry that we spend the majority of our time in carefully staged and edited “reality” of uber glamorous and rich or outrageous while our true reality passes by.  I wonder if all of this is skewing our baseline definition of what life should be like in an unrealistic way.  Too deep for a Thursday morning and I don’t have the answers.  Hoping that we can all find the ability to find the joy in our lives as they currently are – the good and the bad.

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