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That was very sweet of him!! Leaks are awful kill joys!

Well he hasn’t gone running since I have the “wedding virus”! :0)

Seriously though, we have been through thick and thin. Between my son being visually impaired and me recovering from a bad car accident, he stuck through when he could have ran. He also tolerates my mother, who is usually less than kind. To me, he’s my knight in shinning armor!

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When my step mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he just held me and let me cry. Everyone else was so afraid to talk to me, and he just let me come up to him and cry and talk and let our my feelings. 

When he first talked to her over skype, after she had lost her hair, and treated her with respect and called her Mrs LastName, and asked how she was feeling, and really cared about her, even though he never met her.

And then I called him the morning she passed, long distance, at 5 AM when he worked at 9, and he just let me cry on the phone to him, and he talked me through getting into the shower and having a cup of tea before trying to drive in the state I was in. And even though he was in a different country, he called me the morning of her funeral just to make sure I was ok.

That’s when I knew he was the one. He sadly never got to meet my step mom, but he knew I loved her, and was able to hold my hand through the hardest year of my life. And even now, as I’m greiving (she passed away just over a year ago), he’s holding me up as I work through this. He’s been amazing through this, and I knew from the first time he found out that I wanted him beside me through not only my worst, but my best. And now I’m bawling because he’s just so perfectly amazing.

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He is always there for me whenever! I love him so much and he supports me in what ever I do. I have too many examples, there so many qualities with him that I love so much and made me realize what a great man he is. 

I do remember when I had my disk hiernations, he took care of me and made sure I had good food (He is a great cook!) and always kept me company and took time off to see the doc with me etc… When it was at it’s worst, he had to help me in the shower, and bathe me…It was a very humble, but loving moment when you are immobile and dependent on others for a long time. But he was there, taking care of me, kiddo and made sure all was the best the situation allowed. 



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When we were looking for our first apartment and He asked what I wanted in one. I asked for a washer and dryer. He asked me what I REALLY wanted in one. I said a jacuzzi tub, a fireplace, a washer and dryer and a pool.

I never thought he would find one in our price range.

He did in less then 6 hours.


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After literally never being sick or having an injury in my life, the last 8 months have been full of medical issues for me. I had to have surgery and the recovery took SO long, then more issues after that.. I couldn’t do too much myself. He took care of the house & me when I couldn’t, all without complaint. He just did SO much for me.. I’m so grateful to him and it’s obvious how much he loves me πŸ™‚

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After our first week-long date, when it was time for me to drive home (5 hours), he put gas in my car, filled all the fluids and checked the tires, while I sat in the passenger seat with my mouth hanging open.  It was in such stark contrast to my ex, who never did a thing for my car, because it was “your car, your problem”.  When I asked Darling Husband why he had done that, he said “if I can’t drive with you, I can do everything to keep you safe on the way.”

Or maybe before that, when I got there for our date, and spent the night, I sleepily asked him around 3am to bring me home milk the next day when he went to work.  I figured he’d forget, because he was asleep when I’d asked him.  But he muttered “Okay honey”, and sure enough, when he came home, he had a gallon of milk in his hand.

Nice guy, that one.

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He’s done so many wonderful things, but I’ll share a recent one:

We are expecting our first child in the spring (yay!) but I’ve been feeling pretty awful lately (boo!).  One morning while he was in the shower in our master bath, I felt like I was going to be sick, so I went down the hall to the spare bathroom & knelt down in front of the toilet.  I stayed so long my legs went numb, but I felt like an idiot so I didn’t yell for help.  He eventually came to check on me, at which point I had a complete meltdown- snotty nose, ugly cry, the works!  He rubbed my back and helped me back to bed.  He even joked that “this must be the emotional part… I wonder what’s next?  I hope it’s not rage… I should really get that book!”  It made me laugh enough to snap out of it!  He’s been just fantastic  πŸ™‚

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The major one that comes to mind is when I was really sick and hospitalized. I had just started my first semester of engineering when I started feeling very, very ill. He drove me around to countless urgent care centers (one that was 2 hours away) because we had just moved to the area and I didn’t have a primary care physician. He took me to the ER at 3AM, stayed with me for three days. Eventually I was released to the care of my primary physician and he drove me five hours to my home and stayed with me the whole week.

Mind you he was working remotely this whole time, completely exhausted, knew I was going to lose thousands I had paid for the semester (huge financial burden having lived together for only 2 months at that point), the doctors had initially thought I might have hepatitis (of course that wasn’t it!), and I was house-bound for that entire semester- couldn’t work, go to school, couldnt do anything. He didn’t run once during that time.

Now, a year later, we are engaged and happily living together πŸ™‚

@pecanpie:  I can relate!

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I like this thread πŸ™‚ I’m seeing a lot of cute things!

A couple years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  As we were finding out, his concern for me was so real and strong that I felt bad for him!  I’ll never forget the way he kept saying “Oh, baby!”  It gets me emotional.

We are in a semi LDR right now, and when I told him I was particularly missing him he left directly after work to drive to see me, even if we only had a few awake hours together.  Even though he had to wake up super early to drive back the next morning.  Even though I would have seen him in a couple days anyway.

During the first year of our relationship, I heard his phone alarm go off.  I saw the screen.  It was announcing our 11 month anniversary, haha.

When one of my close friends has a rough day, he gives her one of his amazing hugs.  I love that he cares about my friends, too.

He worries about me when I’m driving long distances.  If he doesn’t hear from me around when I should arrive, he’ll call me to make sure I’m safe.


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I don’t really like going to the bar anymore, but I go very occasionally to support my best friend. Last night I REALLY didn’t want to go, and I was grumbling about it before I left home.

My friend and I got to the bar, and out walks my fiance! He absolutely hates the club/bar scene and I usually can’t even drag him there. He said wanted to surprise me and make my night better because he knew how much I didn’t want to go. <3 This was a wonderful surprise!

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