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    While the stomach bug is not awesome, it IS awesome that you’re cutting sugar! I’m doing the same…after a terrible eating week last week (travelling to a tiny little town with very very few food options!), I’m back to eating as healthy as I can! I’m dairy free currently for Lent, but plan on trying to continue with the lifestyle (for the most part! I still love froyo sometimes and the occasional pesto and feta pizza ). I’ve cut out red meats for the most part as well, although the Southerner in me loves some BBQ on special occasions. I try to limit the amount of sweets I eat to one or two days a week. It doesn’t help that Oreos and some Pop-Tart flavors are vegan…my sweet tooth loves those!

    Otherwise, having a very physically intense job works well! I work with horses, which involves a lot of barn chores and working/riding horses on a daily basis. With summer coming up, I hope to lose quite a bit of weight in the next few months! I also run as much as possible (former XC and track athlete!!) and would love to get back into half marathons and road races. I’m currently doing 5-6 miles on the treadmill, but my speed needs some work!

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    congratulations on cutting down on the sugar! I must admit that’s my guilty pleasure lately, mainly because I need the sugar kick for energy, I need to stop!

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    Hi bees, I’m just curious – what are the health benefits to cutting out diary? I love cheese but I eat it very sparingly… but greek yogurt is a staple in my diet. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

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    senoritafancypants:  What helps me is logging everything I eat, I was using my fitness pal but I like calorie counter wayyyyy better. I avoid dairy and red meat. My diet is lots of “raw” foods and lean meats like chicken. I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last two weeks 🙂 I completely cut out sugar and the cravings have gone away!! 🙂 I drink black coffee in the am (I cut out the cream and sugar but I will not give up coffee for anything) lots of water and maybe something like crystal light if I need some flavor. My clothes already fit better and I feel healthier. Sure, wanting to look my best for my upcoming wedding is a hell of a motivator but I started this just to be more comfortable in my own skin again 🙂

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    Raw foods have definately been helping me.  You can essentially eat all the carrots, salad and apples you want without sacraficing major calories.  During the week, I eat almost exclusively fruits and veggies during the day with a small portion of cheese or bread to help fill my tummy.  I make sure I only select really high quality produce even if I have to pay more.  I will eat something bad for me, if I only bring an mealy apple to work.  I feel comfortably full even when I’ve only eaten about 500 calories by 5pm.  I also give myself cheat days on the weekend and save a little more calories for dinner.  My SO would not put up with a dinner of raw salad greens with no dressing.  And I miss delcicous fatty foods.  I’ll eat something a little less healthy for dinner, but I control my portion sizes strictly.  Also, the burger and fries I scarfed last weekend did not hurt my weight loss at all.  

    With regular running and biking sessions, I’ve been loosing weight quite steadily.  Watching my tummy pooch go down while making small sacrafices is definate motivation.

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    Definitely cutting out sugar! I did a sugar detox in Feb 2012 (I did this one, http://www.rosecole.com/handouts/21DaySugarDetox.pdf, but basically just cut out all sugar, carbs, and dairy) and then slowly added back in fruit, dairy, and whole grains (and booze… that one maybe not so slowly haha). I also ran or swam about 30-45 min 3x a week. Between Feb and June I went from 200 lbs to 155 lbs.

    Better than that, however, was how AWESOME I felt. Obviously results will vary from person to person, but I seriously felt like a whole new person. It completely cured my mild depression and serious allergies. Also, I had had crazy sleep problems since I was a child- falling asleep in less than an hour was a miracle and it generally took me 2-4 hours to fall asleep at night. After about a week of the cleanse was I was falling asleep in about 30-45 minutes (so, still not great but SO MUCH better). 

    I have definitely been slacking over the last year. Mostly because I’ve been busy with school and options are limited if I forget to pack my lunch (which I pretty much always do). But even with very lazily following this plan I’m still at about 165, so I’ve kept the majority of the weight off. School finishes up in a couple weeks, at which point I’ll have more time and plan on doing the full detox again and keeping up with it better! 

    Oh, I forgot to mention– best part of this “lifestyle change” (I hate that term, but I also hate diet, so what’s a girl to do?)? No calorie counting whatsoever! 

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    Among a couple of other things – like filling up my office fridge with good food – I have found adding more protein to my diet, particularly in the morning, has reduced cravings for carbs.  I am seeing my weight to done!

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    daysiee:  Dairy is super fattening.  Its purpose is to turn baby cows into big fat cows.  Yes, 2%, 1%, and skim milk are less fattening, but it still is completely unnecessary for us to drink.  Cheese is coagulated cow milk.  Super fattening!  

    Humans were never meant to drink cow’s milk, we were meant to drink human milk when we’re babies and then get weaned.  We are the only species that continues to drink milk from any species after weaning.  Because of that, tons of people are lactose intolerant (which, really, we should all be. We’ve just grown accustomed to drinking something we shouldn’t).  Lots of lactose intolerant people eat dairy anyway and deal with the issues that come with it, or don’t even realize they’re lactose intolerant.  That was me.  Once I went vegan, I stopped getting stomacheaches and “bathroom sessions” after certain meals, and dairy was the culprit.  I just thought that’s how people felt after eating sometimes.

    There are dairy free alternatives to all dairy products.  Try Daiya cheese, Tofutti sour cream and cream cheese, Earth Balance margarine, So Delicious ice cream, etc.  They’re less fattening and taste just as good.  Plus, your body will thank you if you have any sort of intolerance.  

    However, even better than swapping out alternatives is just to eliminate/cut back on any sort of dairy.  Imagine the difference between getting a Chipotle burrito with all that cheese and sour cream (yuck) and just focusing on the beans, vegetables, etc., in them?  It saves so many calories!  Once your tastebuds adjust to not having food drown out with cheese and other dairy, you can actually taste and appreciate the other food better.

    If you’re worried about calcium, there are tons of sources of calcium besides milk. Beans, green vegetables, orange juice, etc. are all good sources.  Check out http://www.pcrm.org/health/diets/vsk/vegetarian-starter-kit-calcium for a list.

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